Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From Safes Hidden From Human Sight to Secret Building Sites -BUBEN&ZORWEG Breaks the Boundaries of Interior Design

Whether customizing a safe to fit alongside the Lamborghini in the living room of a city penthouse, soldering metal skulls to a safe door, or undertaking an ambitious building project in One Hyde Park in complete secrecy, BUBEN&ZORWEG are shattering the boundaries of interior design.

BUBEN&ZORWEG combine state of the art German engineering technology, perfect hand craftsmanship, forward-thinking design and security systems originally masterminded for Swiss bank vaults to conceive and manufacture their world-class luxury safes and private museums. Fully customizable masterpieces and private museums co-exist harmoniously with any living space – from a safe incorporated into a walk-in wardrobe, to a bespoke commission 18 months in the making.
While a Sicilian villa, a Manhattan penthouse, a Middle Eastern palace and a 100 metre yacht are all long term investments, the same is true of a safe intended to house a person’s most treasured possessions - it is likely to stay within a family for decades, maybe even generations. In any such interior, planning a high security area where valuables are located is a logical consideration.
BUBEN&ZORWEG takes its aesthetic inspiration from early 20th century art deco, a period when purveyors of luxury combined sumptuous materials to result in extravagant, timeless objects of beauty, embodying the decadent lifestyles of the world’s richest men. In its very 21st century take on art deco, BUBEN&ZORWEG are committed to limitless customization and to achieving a seamless fit with any environment. Responding to every whim and request of their clients, the company often marries high technology with high craftsmanship. Take for example the handiwork involved in embroidering an entire bullet proof safe with crocodile leather stitching.
The company’s latest challenge involves fulfilling a client’s request to hide three sizeable BUBEN&ZORWEG X-007 safes under the floor of his home, only allowing them to come into view when they dramatically elevate at the touch of a button. This requires a double lift system, because the bullet proof glass interior of the X-007 is already designed to elevate independently, but in this case an extra strong system is required to raise each complete 580kg safe.
Even this is hardly the first time BUBEN&ZORWEG have been pushed to what seems like the limits of their capability. One client requested a high security fence outside his villa plus two high-security, double-lock doors leading up the room where his three safes are located. Another client with a residence in London’s One Hyde Park apartment block wanted reassurance that the team installing his safe would never know the floor or number of his apartment. A top secret installation saw every last inch of the lift at One Hyde Park covered up with cardboard throughout the installation process.

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