Friday, July 17, 2015

Resounding Success for the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition London 2015

The Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition London 2015 was a resounding success. Open to the public from May 27 until June 7, 2015 at the Saatchi Gallery, the event attracted more than 42,500 visitors over the course of 12 days. It was a great opportunity for the public to learn more about the history of watchmaking and the world of Patek Philippe.

Watch enthusiasts were able to deepen their knowledge of fine horology and the general public had the opportunity to ignite their passion for watchmaking and artisanship by completely immersing themselves in the world of the last independent Geneva watch manufacturer.
Visitors had access to over 400 exceptional timepieces, including more than 100 historical watches from the Patek Philippe Museum collection, and the Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175, the most complicated wristwatch ever created by Patek Philippe, to celebrate the company's 175th anniversary in 2014. To mark the event, a special limited edition series of watches for men and ladies were produced, based on the very British concept of an officer’s style case: a simple Calatrava and models with complications including a perpetual calendar and minute repeaters.

Amongst the 21 themed areas, the Royal Room was the most popular. For the first time, the London public admired the open-face, key winding and hand-setting pendant watch which belonged to Queen Victoria, the open faced, keyless-winding and setting pendant watch with its matching brooch which is said to have belonged to Queen Victoria, as well as the Ref. 4975/1G belonging to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who graciously gave her permission for it to be exhibited at the Grand Exhibition.

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