Saturday, August 29, 2015

Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Capless Rollerball

Montblanc introduces the new Capless Rollerball completing the Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912, a line of writing instruments that pays tribute to the innovative spirit of Montblanc. Inspired by one of the Simplo Safety Filler pens, a small hard rubber fountain pen with a retracting nib mechanism that became one of the Maison’s early breakthroughs over 100 years ago, the collection is defined by innovation, absolute attention to detail and the dedication to perfection that have become the guiding principles of Montblanc.

With its minimalistic purity of form, the Heritage 1912 Capless Rollerball begins a new wave of innovation. While the mechanism is based on the first version of the Montblanc Stylo, otherwise known as “Tintenkuli”, Montblanc delivers perfect functionality with a new refill designed to not dry out. The writing instrument can be used with a simple twist mechanism without the inconvenience of having to open a cap. The new technology of the Heritage Collection 1912 Capless Rollerball not only brings more convenience to the writing experience; it also ensures that the unique feeling of writing with ink is maintained. This result is achieved with a refill system that is new to Montblanc, developed to prevent the drying of the real ink inside.
The Capless Rollerball is available in black precious resin for a sleek look or in stainless steel for a minimalist industrial feel, enhanced with platinum-plated fittings for an added touch of sophistication. The Montblanc emblem, symbol of the Maison’s pursuit of perfection and fine craftsmanship is crafted from mother-of-earl lacquer encased in a transparent cap top.

The final addition to the Heritage 1912 Collection is yet another feat of engineering and design, made possible through Montblanc’s relentless quest to constantly rethink the writing experience by delving into a long tradition of pushing boundaries. Evoking the heritage of the Maison, the simplicity and purity of the writing instrument are thought fully paired with innovation.

The Montblanc Heritage 1912 Capless Rollerball in both black and steel is available from Montblanc boutiques worldwide.

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