Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rado unveils new TV Commercial featuring Tang Wei

Swiss watch brand Rado has launched its new TV commercial, featuring glamorous brand ambassador Tang Wei. This stunning new video shows the magical creation of the Rado HyperChrome Diamond in plasma ceramic, with Tang Wei as a mythical muse looking on as it takes shape.
The elements around her defy gravity and unite to create a beautiful HyperChrome  Diamonds in plasma high-tech ceramic. This scene symbolises the magical process used by Rado to create eye-catching plasma high-tech ceramic. Once created, the watch mysteriously gravitates towards Tang’s wrist and slides on, enveloping it perfectly—as perfect a match as Cinderella and her glass slipper.  The TV commercial ends with the brand ambassador sitting on a sofa in a modern and serene space, reading what appears to be a screenplay. She closes the script and smiles, having fantasised about a new role, with her trusty Rado by her side.
This intriguing new TV commercial underlines Rado’s mantra that “Time is the essence we are made of”. Rado’s materials are mysterious and magical, perhaps none more so than plasma high-tech ceramic. Rado watches are the result of extreme conditions. Ceramic starts as a granular compound, is injected at high pressure into high-tech molds, and then subjected to extreme temperatures. The  result are objects of subtle and everlasting beauty.

The plasma carburising process, first used by Rado, consists in loading finished white ceramic pieces into an oven, where the ceramic heats up to a temperature of 900ºC and gasses activate at 20,000ºC, changing the molecular structure of the pieces and producing a cool grey metallic colour. Remarkably, this colour is achieved without the use of metal, and though it changes only on the surface of the piece, it will not fade over time. As the benefits of the ceramic do not change through this process, it retains its scratch-resistance, adding depth to the metallic shine of this ceramic. However cool plasma ceramic may be, it adapts to skin temperature, making this timepiece undeniably luxurious and unconditionally comfortable.

For those who appreciate the lustre of diamonds, the Rado HyperChrome Diamonds collection now offers a limited edition model featuring the unparalleled high-tech shine of plasma ceramic.
The Rado HyperChrome is well known for its sporty sophisticated look, seen on the wrist of movie and tennis stars alike. No model is more refined than this new addition with 56 glittering diamonds on the rose gold coloured bezel, encircling the dial and making it a pleasure to check the time.

The perfect watch for a stroll in the city or down the red carpet, a masterful monobloc case houses an automatic movement which brings the watch to life with every move you make. The cool metallic shine of the plasma high-tech ceramic sets the rose gold colour of the bezel, side inserts and crown ablaze. With its cool and warm tones this timepiece is the ideal finishing touch for any outfit.
Tang Wei is one of China’s most celebrated and recognisable actresses. She made her film debut in 2007. Throughout her career, her outstanding performance has earned her worldwide acclaim and over 30 international awards, including the 47th Korea Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress of Film Class (2011), the 12th Busan Film Critics Award for Best Actress (2011), the 22nd Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actress (2013) and the 5th China Film Directors’ Guild Award for Actress of the Year (2014).
 As one of China’s leading actresses she is recognised for her creative talent, her acting ability and her bravery in her selection of roles.  Tang Wei herself studied to become a film director at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing before finding her calling on the other side of the camera.

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