Friday, September 4, 2015

Frédéric Jouvenot INTI Automatic

Independent Swiss watch brand Frédéric Jouvenot re-launches the iconic INTI as a limited-edition self-winding model. The INTI, named after the Incan sun god – and now available as a self-winding model – is a fine example of his ambitions. A paragon of craftsmanship, the watch lives up to its promises in every respect and transports the beholder into the fascinating realm of the Inca civilization. The engravings on the bezel portray elements of Incan culture and reflect the typical, geometrically arranged edifices that can still be admired in Machu Picchu today. To intensify the depth of focus of the bezel ornaments, the engravings were created from a bird's-eye perspective.
The dial accommodates 12 Inca pyramids and the same number of rays; they originate from the center where the minutes are indicated. A remarkable mechanism in the middle of the dial controls the manner in which the hour rays display the elapsed time. The hub of the watch also incorporates a jumping 24-hour ring developed by Frédéric Jouvenot; it is composed of nearly 100 parts. Integrated within a diameter of less than 1 centimeter and a height of 5 millimeters, this complication represents a formidable challenge of similar intricacy as the making of a tourbillon cage.

At noon, all sunbeams are bright and gradually become dark as the evening progresses. Thanks to this ingenious design, Jouvenot's watch needs no hands but lets the owner vividly observe the passage of time.

The self-winding movement presents the full spectrum of watchmaking artistry: It features a screw balance, chamfered and polished bridges decorated with Geneva striping, diamond-polished jewel sinks, and a rotor decorated with the depiction of a stepped Incan pyramid. The heavy case and the clasp with Incan motifs are crafted from high-grade pink gold.

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