Saturday, October 3, 2015

Glashütte Original unveils IMPRESSIONS, the first manufactory book from the Glashütte based watch manufactory

On September 29, 2015, Glashütte Original presented the watchmaker's first manufactory book. As is often the case, Glashütte Original strikes out in new direction with this project as well. Instead of a classic chronological presentation of the company's history, IMPRESSIONS brings together a multifaceted collection of personal anecdotes, well-researched professional articles and historic snapshots focused on the manufactory and its uninterrupted history of 170 years.
The book traces not only the development of the local cottage industry to today’s manufactory Glashütte Original; it also describes vividly the impact of the various political and economic changes in Saxony and Germany on the watch industry in Glashütte. Several articles in the book are dedicated to the proud people of the region and the workforce of the company that preserved traditional skills and precious know-how during the GDR era and overcame together times of hardship, including natural disasters, after the German reunification.
As is generally the case at Glashütte Original, one set about work on this new challenge with commitment and great care. The project took more than a year to complete: watch experts, business partners, friends of the company and contemporary witnesses around the world were invited to contribute their memories and knowledge and participate in the publication. The response was overpowering: A diverse team of authors from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Sweden, the USA, Canada, China and Russia answered the call with great enthusiasm.

Among them we find such noted contributors as the ice skating legend Katarina Witt,  Hollywood actor Joel McHale, the vice president of the Saxon state parliament, Andrea Dombois, and the captain of the German research ship "Polarstern", Stefan Schwarze. All of them, with their words, help to compose the mosaic of an internationally oriented and yet deeply rooted watch manufactory that is passionately dedicated to its art.
 The book IMPRESSIONS makes its approach to the soulof Glashütte Original by way of a kaleidoscope of twelve facets. Under the chapter headings Originality, Community, Excellence, Consistency, Creativity, Resilience, Flexibility, Beauty, Devotion, Balance, Heritage and Perspectives, the timepieces – and the people behind them – are lit from the most diverse angles. These "impressions" are presented in a large-format, exquisite and richly illustrated volume whose modern, clear layout, elaborate details and refined tactility mirrors the identity of the brand, in some 250 pages.

The numerous guests at the festive premiere in the heart of the manufactory on September 29, 2015 – journalists, business partners, current and retired employees and friends of the brand – were not only treated to the pleasure of exclusive readings in which excerpts from the book were read aloud by the authors themselves, but were able to form very personal impressions in viewing a special exhibition organised for this occasion.

The manufactory book IMPRESSIONS will be available in all Glashütte Original Boutiques worldwide from the beginning of December 2015.

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