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Novelties 2015
Jacob& Co. the Billionaire
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Art Deco D-Flawless
Jacob & Co. Caligula Tourbillon Baguette
Jacob & Co. Caviar Emerald Tourbillon
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Arlequino
Jacob & Co. Epic X Diamond Tourbillon
Jacob & Co. Palatial Classic Manual Big Date Mineral Crystal
Jacob & Co. Palatial Flying Tourbillon Minute Repeater
Jacob & Co. EPIC SF24 (New Models)
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Mystery Pavé Diamonds
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Rainbow
Jacob & Co. Palatial Classic Manual Big Date

Novelties 2014
Jacob & Co. EPIC SF24 - New Black PVD/Blue Version
Jacob & Co. Palatial Tourbillon Collection: Palatial Manual Jump Hour Tourbillon, Palatial Minute Repeater & Palatial Hand‐Wound Tourbillon
Jacob & Co. Epic X Racing
Jacob & Co. Epic X Tourbillon Baguette
Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera Flying Tourbillon
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Skeleton Baguette
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Arlequino Flying Tourbillon
Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillion

Novelties 2011
Jacob & Co Cyclone Tourbillon

Novelties 2010
Jacob & Co Crystal Collection
Jacob & Co Epic Collection

PRODUCT GALLERY : A. Favre & fils

Novelties 2015
A. Favre & Fils Phoenix 10.3 (Twin Regulator with Differential Gear)

Novelties 2010 - 2011
A. Favre & fils Phoenix 10.1
A. Favre & fils Phoenix 10.2


Novelties 2015
De Bethune DB27 D Polo edition
De Bethune DBSW Unique Piece Only Watch 2015
De Bethune DBS Tourbillon (10th Anniversary of DBS) Limited Edition
De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl
De Bethune DB28 Maxichrono Titanium (Ref. DB28MCTN) Limited Edition
De Bethune DB28 GS
De Bethune DB25T Zodiac

Novelties 2014
De Bethune Dream Watch 5.2
De Bethune Dream Watch 5
De Bethune DB28 Digitale
De Bethune DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon
De Bethune DB28 Dark Shadows
De Bethune DB28 Maxichrono

Novelties 2013
De Bethune DB28 Skybridge
De Bethune DB16 Tourbillon Regulator
De Bethune DB25 Imperial Fountain Limited Edition
De Bethune DB25 LT Tourbillon
De Bethune DB28 Black Collection

Novelties 2012
De Bethune DB28 "Aiguille d'Or" Limited Edition
De Bethune DB 25 s Jewellery
De Bethune DB27 Titan Hawk
De Bethune DB 28 ST
De Bethune - The ninth Mayan underworld – Limited Edition

Novelties 2011
De Bethune DB28
De Bethune Tourbillon Regulator DB25T
De Bethune DBM Hand-Wound Mechanical Fob-Watch
De Bethune Perpetual Calendar DB 25 QP
De Bethune DB28T (Tourbillon)
De Bethune 08-01-1297 DB25 Special Edition for Only Watch 2011
De Bethune Dream Watch IV

Product archives
De Bethune DB25 Collection
De Bethune Dream Watch One
De Bethune Dream Watch Two
De Bethune DB 21 Maxi Chrono
De Bethune DB 22
De Bethune DBL

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Novelties 2015
Milus Zetios Automatic (Reference: ZET200)
Milus Zetios Chronograph Edition M2
MILUS Tirion Triretrograde TIRI200

Novelties 2014
MILUS Tirion Triretrograde (Stainless Steel Black DLC Case, Reference number: TIRI022)
MILUS ZETIOS Chronograph

Novelties 2013
MILUS Cufflinks Collection (2013)
MILUS Zetios Chronograph – New Dial Versions
MILUS TirionTriRetrograde 42 mm – New Models (TIRS010 & TIRS016)

Novelties 2012
Milus TririonTriRetrograde Seconds Collection – New Models
Milus MereaTriRetrograde Steel - New Versions

Novelties 2011
Milus Heritage Kit : Snow Star Watch
Milus Herios TriRetrograde Classic

Novelties 2010
Milus TIRION Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde
Milus Key Holder “Répétition Minutes”
Milus ZETIOS Regulator
Milus MEREA Quartz
Milus TIRION Classic 
Milus TIRION TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton TIRI014

Milus Tarasea
Milus Monocera Haute Joaillerie Enamel & Diamonds
Milus Herios Automatic
Milus Agenios Automatic
Milus Apiana
Milus Herios TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton
Milus Zetios Automatic
Milus Zetios Classic
Milus Zetios Chronograph
Milus Zetios Chronograph Joaillerie
Milus Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919
Milus Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Titanium
Milus Merea TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Joaillerie
Milus Eridana Joaillerie Pearls in Red Gold
Milus Apiana Chronograph Haute Joaillerie
Milus Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton

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Novelties 2015
Novelties 2014
Novelties 2013
Novelties 2010
Novelties 2009
Novelties 2008

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Novelties 2014   
DELANEAU RONDO ICON (Made-To-Measure Creations)

Novelties 2013
DeLaneau RONDO Translucent Champagne
DeLaneau Flower Fields

Novelties 2012
DeLaneau Tourbillon Collection
DeLaneau Cerisier Collection (Four Seasons theme)

Novelties 2010   
DeLaneau "Atame" Ladies Automatic Watch

Novelties 2009
DeLaneau 1608 Watch collection: Magnolias

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Novelties 2015
BALL Watch Engineer II Magneto S Automatic
BALL Watch Engineer Master II Super Navigator
BALL Watch Engineer II Volcano
BALL Watch Engineer II Green Berets
BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Aero GMT
BALL Watch Trainmaster Moon Phase
BALL Watch Engineer Master II Skindiver II
BALL Watch - The BALL for BMW TimeTrekker
BALL Watch Trainmaster Kelvin
BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Lady Glow
BALL WATCH Engineer Hydrocarbon Arctic Chronometer Limited Edition
Novelties 2014
BALL Watch Engineer II Pioneer
BALL Watch Engineer II Marvelight

BALL Watch - Fireman Storm Chaser Pro
BALL Watch Trainmaster Celsius Automatic Limited Edition

Novelties 2013
Ball Watch - Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Captain Poindexter Limited Edition

Novelties 2012
BALL Watch Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph Automatic Series
BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU
BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic Midsize
BALL Watch Engineer Master II Skindiver Automatic Series

Novelties 2010
BALL Watch New Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster

Novelties 2009
BALL Watch Fireman Storm Chaser
BALL Watch Engineer Master II Aviator Dual Time

Novelties 2008
BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph
BALL Watch Engineer Master II Diver GMT
BALL WATCH Trainmaster Five Time Zone
BALL WATCH Trainmaster Moonlight Special Automatic Limited Edition

Novelties 2007
BALL Watch Fireman Skylab

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Novelties 2015
JEANRICHARD “Blue” Terrascope 39 mm
JEANRICHARD Bronze Terrascope
JEANRICHARD Blue Terrascope 44 mm (With blue textured dial)
JEANRICHARD Terrascope Chrono Carbon Limited Edition

Novelties 2014
JEANRICHARD - Nocturnal adventurers Collection: 1681 with black DLC case, Terrascope with black DLC case & Terrascope bi-colour with black dial
JEANRICHARD Aquascope Rubbergator
JEANRICHARD Terrascope “Special Nik Wallenda Edition”
JEANRICHARD “Limited Edition Terrascope for Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber”

JEANRICHARD – The All White Collection
JEANRICHARD All Dark “New Year’s Eve Black Tie Selection”

JEANRICHARD Terrascope Chrono Carbon Arsenal Limited Edition
JEANRICHARD Terrascope 39 mm

Novelties 2013
JEANRICHARD - Terrascope for Ladies
JEANRICHARD - Neroscope Limited Edition  

JEANRICHARD Terrascope - Black Dial, Black Rubber Strap
JEANRICHARD Aeroscope Chronograph in Titanium
JEANRICHARD Aquascope - New Models
JEANRICHARD - Terrascope - Blue Lacquered Dial
JEANRICHARD - 1681 Central Second - Rhodium dial
JEANRICHARD Limited Edition Terrascope Racing Metro 92
JEANRICHARD – Autumn Collection
JEANRICHARD Golden Eagle Terrascope & Jaguar Terrascope
JEANRICHARD - Terrascope Patrouille des Glaciers 30th Anniversary Limited Edition 
JEANRICHARD Aquascope Boat Race Limited Edition 

Novelties 2012
JEANRICHARD Aquascope Collection
JEANRICHARD Highlands Collection: Highlands Big Life
JEAN RICHARD - New Aquascope (New Model Featuring Black PVD-Coated Stainless Steel Case & Aluminium Bezel)
JEANRICHARD – Highlands (New Model in Sand-Blasted Stainless Steel Case)
JEANRICHARD 1681 Ronde Collection

Novelties 2011
Jean Richard Diverscope Titanium
JEANRICHARD Aquascope Lady Day

Novelties 2009
Jean Richard Bressel 1665 Chronograph Rattrapante Foudroyante Ago
Jean Richard Chronoscope M V Agusta Brutale Nera
Jean Richard Paramount Tourbillon Linear Power Reserve
Jean Richard Bressel Lady Juliette
Jean Richard New Bressel Lady Small Seconds
Jean Richard Paramount Time Square
Jean Richard 2Time Zones
Jean Richard DIVERSCOPE JR1000

Novelties 2008
Jean Richard-"Bressel Classic Chronograph for Juventus"
Jean Richard-Paramount Time Square
Jean Richard-GMT “2TimeZones”


Novelties 2015
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Novelties 2012
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Novelties 2015
Novelties 2014
Novelties 2013
Novelties 2012
Novelties 2011
Novelties 2010

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Imperiali Genève – Introduction

Imperiali Genève is much more than a brand; it is an art of living. Driven by a love of beauty and an uncompromising desire to innovate by playing with and overcoming the laws of physics, Imperiali revisits and reinterprets everyday objects, transforming them into true masterpieces. The technological complexity of these creations – which are entirely produced in Switzerland – is only equalled by the degree of attention paid to their every detail.

These unique pieces are simply extraordinary. They are the fruit of two to three years of diligent work carried out by a hundred professionals, from the research and development phase to the final, often personalised, adornments. These are products of supreme exclusivity, designed, developed and produced for the most discerning connoisseurs, enlightened aesthetes and admirers of human ingenuity.

Behind Imperiali is the long-standing friendship between David Pasciuto and Stéphane Nazzal. Genevois by adoption, they share a passion for fine mechanics and for seeking new challenges that they make a point of taking up. When faced with ever-increasing obstacles, they never lower their sights, giving rise to unprecedented developments that are patented worldwide.

David Pasciuto
Born in Geneva in 1979, David Pasciuto is committed to hard work. He accumulated much professional experience during his studies at the Haute Ecole de Gestion (HEG) in the canton of Geneva, whilst earning a degree in Business Economics. He is proud of his Italian roots and the values and traditions they represent, which are the source of his strong personality and his insatiable desire for success.

The independent and enterprising Pasciuto stood out from the crowd during the two-year period he spent at Publigroup as a travelling technical salesman, winning the title of best salesperson in French-speaking Switzerland. He continued his career as Corporate Manager in a family office. He held this role for six years before devoting himself fully to his own entrepreneurial projects. With a passion for high technology, cinema and cultural immersion travel, David Pasciuto is a thrill-seeker who loves to push back conventional boundaries.

Stéphane Nazzal
Ambitious young entrepreneur Stéphane Nazzal was born in 1986. His mixed European and Middle Eastern roots are the origin of his open-mindedness and his remarkable ability to adapt to change and new circumstances. He began his career at an early age, holding the position of Corporate Manager at a family office for three years while successfully developing a number of property projects. Today, he devotes himself full-time to various entrepreneurial ventures.

His academic credentials include a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Hospitality Management from the Glion Institute of Higher Education and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the Institut de Finance et Management Genève (IFM). He is particularly interested in watchmaking, motoring and travel. Proud of and close to his family and friends, Stéphane Nazzal is a loyal, honest man with the drive to achieve his ambitions.

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IWC Schaffhausen - News & Articles

IWC Schaffhausen Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Collection -Special Report
IWC Schaffhausen 80110 calibre -The new mechanical movement of the Ingenieur line
IWC Schaffhausen Ingenieur Watch Collection -Special Report

IWC Schaffhausen - Archives

Novelties 2007

Novelties 2006

Novelties 2005

Novelties 2003

Novelties 2002


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2008


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2009


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2010


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2011


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2012


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2013


IWC Schaffhausen - Novelties 2014


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PRODUCT GALLERY : Dussert Watches

Novelties 2015
Dussert Watch Automatic Chronograph Special Edition

Novelties 2013  
DUSSERT WATCH DW306-2 Limited Edition

Novelties 2010
Dussert Tri Zone Watch Ref DW400

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Vacheron Constantin Watches (Novelties 2002 - 2006)

Novelties 2006
Novelties 2005

Novelties 2003

Novelties 2002

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2007

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2008

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2009

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2010

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2011

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2012

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2013

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2014

Vacheron Constantin Watches - Novelties 2015

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For more than 130 years, BVLGARI has been creating jewellery and watches whose aesthetic is pervaded by its Roman origins. These creations have been inspiring women around the world for more than a century. Collections surrounded by an aura exalted by the actresses and celebrities who have worn them and which prove as enduring as the great cinema classics.

The DIVA jewellery and watch collection carries all the design codes referencing the dazzling history of BVLGARI. A nod to the famous Roman mosaics and the iconic fan-shaped motifs of the Caracalla thermal baths, it embodies a collection with a distinctive character, an alterable source of inspiration and admiration. The four new creations are now available  in BVLGARI boutiques and in its exclusive retailers.
Inspired by the diversity of modern-day beauties, BVLGARI has created a collection of watches that evokes the personality and the history of women, at once unique and universal. These Jewellery timepieces come in a variety of styles expressed by juxtaposing colours and materials. The DIVA collection honours women in all their uniqueness, their strength and their greatness, by revealing their incomparable assets, identity, glamour and charisma.

Born from the Italian jeweller’s passion for coloured stones, DIVA watches reflect the iconic BVLGARI rainbow, an arch composed of multi-coloured gems nestling together like petals and creating an authentic corolla of precious stones dancing around a gem-set bezel. These sensual and elegant creations embody the fascination and the mysterious attraction exercised by stones, combining the depth of precious gems with the intensity of their semi-precious counterparts.
These stunning gold-smithing feats testify to the expertise and the jewellery-making savoir-faire fostered by the Maison and echo its famous 1960s floral brooches with their spring-mounted mobile flowers. Playing on a subtly musical theme, BVLGARI perfects the art of entremblant setting, since each of the small fans and stones composing the corolla of the watch is delicately assembled, set and adjusted in such a way as to gently quiver in step with the wearer’s every move.

Diva High Jewellery
In the two new High Jewellery versions, the pink gold interpretation is adorned with the warm shades of coral as well as the timeless hues of onyx and diamonds. Its corolla composed of eight coral-set fans and eight onyx-set fans is punctuated by two rows of eight claw-set round diamonds totalling almost 3.5 carats. The bracelet consists of a succession of fans instilling the model with a resolutely Art Deco cuff-watch spirit.
The other version offers a variety of baguette, brilliant, round and buff-top cuts set with diamonds and emeralds on white gold– an  aesthetic evoking the DIVA High Jewellery Emeralds watch that won the “Jewellery Watch” prize in last year’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, an accolade rewarding the 130 years of creativity cultivated by the Rome-based jeweller.

  • 39 mm pink gold case set with 116 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.5ct), 16 round-cut diamonds (3.4cts) and 10 coral elements
  • Snow-set pavé dial
  • Pink gold bracelet set with 154 brilliant-cut diamonds (3.7cts), 10 onyx and 8 coral elements. Pink gold folding clasp set with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds
  • Quartz movement, Bulgari customized and decorated with Bulgari logo (B033)
  • Water-resistant to 30 m

  • 39 mm white gold case set with 42 baguette-cut diamonds (2.47cts), 8 round-cut diamonds (1.96ct), 80 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.71ct), 74 buff-top cut emeralds (1.75ct) and 8 round-cut emeralds (1.05ct)
  • Snow-set pavé dial
  • Grey satin strap with white gold folding clasp set with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.34ct)
  • Quartz movement, Bulgari customised and adorned with Bulgari logo (B033)
  • Water-resistant to 30 m

Diva Jewellery
The Jewellery version comes in the form of two new models fitted with a refined satin strap. Its gemstone rainbow combines the fruity colours of mandarin garnets, tourmalines and opals, or the heavenly hues of tanzanites and turquoises.
The DIVA collection exalts women, highlights their strengths, participants in their accomplishments. It rewards the blossoming of these talents. It reflects the radiance of contemporary feminine icons, the fascination of rising stars and the appeal of up-and-coming women. It evokes dreams to be fulfilled, success stories to be written and victories to be won.

  • 39 mm pink gold case set with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.75ct), 8 mandarin garnets, 8 tourmalines and 16 pink opal elements
  • White mother-of-pearl dial
  • Brown satin strap with pink gold folding clasp set with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.34ct)
  • Quartz movement, Bulgari customised and adorned with Bulgari logo (B033)
  • Water-resistant to 30 m

  • 39 mm white gold case set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.97ct), 8 tanzanite and 8 turquoises
  • Snow-set pavé dial
  • Grey satin strap with white gold folding clasp set with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.34ct)
  • Quartz movement, Bulgari customised and adorned with Bulgari logo (B033)
  • Water-resistant to 30 m