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Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona - Introduction

Established by three passionate horology industry specialists, Atelier de Chronométrie is a young independent watch brand that operates from Barcelona, Spain.

In 2015, after more than 5 years of hard work, Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona made debut in the independent watchmaking by launching its first timepiece: a vintage inspired classic handmade chronometer.

The Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces are exclusively created by hand, using traditional ancient watchmaking techniques, without the use modern machines, such as CNC. With an aesthetics influenced by the glorious times of the watchmaking - the 30's and 40's, the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces are characterized for  its  simple  and  minimal  case  shapes  that  enhance  the  beauty  and forcefulness of the dials. The manufacture of all the components such as the cases, dials, straps, buckles, boxes, etc. are also made by small artisanal companies, located in Barcelona and Meyrin.
All Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona wristwatches are made to measure at buyer´s request. Customers can choose the case material, type of dial design, overall a wide range of options to customize the calibre, etc.

The main idea is to create a unique piece for each customer. Each wristwatch is designed exclusively for a client and will not be duplicated for another customer. In addition to this, during the wristwatch creation process, customer will have an opportunity to check its evolution and exchange opinions with the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona’s team.
The company is led by a small team which is passionate about the artisanal and traditional watchmaking. Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona is composed of three members:
  • Santiago Martínez: Collector and a vintage watch dealer expert in Patek Philippe, co-Founder of  Mim and croket  Vintage  Watches  in  Barcelona,  specialized  and  focused  on  important  vintage  timepieces  and  minor  brands  such  as  Longines,  Movado,  Omega, etc. Co-Founder of Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona, responsible of the watch design and sales.
  • Moebius Rassmman: A master watchmaker with more than 20 years of experience specializing in the restoration of complicated timepieces. Co-Founder of Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona and responsible of the calibre creation.
  • Montse Gimen: Expert in marketing, advertising, communication and financial issues, co-founder of Mim and croket Vintage Watches in Barcelona. Responsible of the communication and administration.
Debut collection from the brand, the Observatoire Chronometer has been certified by one of the world’s most prestigious observatories. Over a number of years, based on the hefty experience of the team, Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona has developed their own requirements and standards to create and execute unique artisanal timepieces.
Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona´s main drive is to return to artisanal ways of  crafting  timepieces,  and  therefore  demonstrating  that  in  the  XXI century  it  is possible to creating  handmade  wristwatches  without  renouncing the  quality  and the accuracy.

The  design  is  characterized  by  a  minimalist  shape  case  that  focuses  the attention  on  a  two  tone  Sector  dial that offers  an  easy  and  precise  time measurement  and  big  sub-seconds  such  as  the  antique  competition chronometers. The hypnotic blued steel hands - an essential part of the time indication, which enhance the whole concept of the chronometric look.
Technical characteristics
Observatoire Chronometer

The calibre of Observatoire Chronometer is based on the legendary Omega 30mm, Calibre 266. It has been chosen because of its parts´ durability and stability. The master watchmaker can reinvent it  creating  a  unique  calibre  each  time,  changing  the  aesthetical appearance and also technically. Taking as a base a simple Omega Cal.266 the atelier has crafted a chronometer. The  calibre  has 23  pieces  completely  handmade (the bridges are made  of  German  Silver,  rachet  click, balance  stud  plate, hands,  etc.) The  rest  of  the  calibre  parts  are  completely  modified  and decorated by hand (the wheels, the teeth, pinions, anchor, etc.).  The calibre finish includes techniques such as handmade "frosting", not sandblasting. As well as hand beveling and black polish.

The calibre (13 lines and 4mm height) includes:
3 superior bridges made of Arcap entirely crafted and decorated by hand using artisanal methods.
The rachet click, inspired by the antique high-grade pocket watches, is completely handmade in one unique piece and finished by file. Although its delicacy, it offers high reliability and excellent sound; the typical “click” that characterises the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona chronometers. This rachet click is greatly appreciated by the “connoisseurs” and can be modified at buyer´s request.

The  rachet  and  the crown wheel are black  polished, the crown  wheel core  is  fully  handmade.  Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona offers a choice of mate finish and/or combined with polished detailing. There is also a possibility to change the quantity of the screws of the crown wheel core as well as the finishes.

The balance is a "free sprung balance" regulated by inertial screws and two "massellottes" made of 18k white gold. The shock system is the three points contact KIF. Customer can also choose between Incabloc or non shock system similar to the antique pocket watches.

Train wheel: Original from the Omega cal. 266, reformed and improved. The brass wheels are golden to avoid corrosion. The customer can choose the color for the train wheel. Anchor  escape  original  from  the  Omega  calibre,  remade  to  get  the maximum efficiency.

On completion of assembly, each calibre will gone through strict quality inspection procedures before chronometer certification by l’Observatoire de Besançon in France.

The Case
Its handmade 18k gold, measures 37'5mm (without crown). It is available in 18k yellow, rose and white gold as well as combined, for instance, case in white gold with bezel and crown in rose gold.  Also available in stainless steel. The diameter can be adapted from 35mm up to 38’5mm as per customer request. The chronometer comes with two case backs: one see-through back and one snap on back. The  option  of  snap  on  back  instead  of  screw  back  is  as  a  part  of the Atelier  de  Chronométrie Barcelona philosophy.  The movement beats at 18.000 vph just like in the old times.   This wristwatch has this amazing possibility to be heard, this slow hypnotic tick tack sound makes the piece alive, which would be impossible with the waterproof case.

The dial
There are 3 dial options: silvered two tone, rose two tone  and  gilt  glossy  black  dial  (with  silver  signature  and  scales).  All the dials have engine turned sub-seconds and are "galvanic" like in the 40's. There is also the possibility of create a cloisonné dial.  As all the parts of the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona wristwatches, the dials can also be made to measure at customer’s requests.

Straps and bracelet
The  leather  straps  are  handmade  in  Barcelona  and  come  with  18k handmade buckles in yellow, rose, white gold and stainless steel. There is  a  wide  variety  of  leather:  reptile  leather,  oak  leather, ostrich leather, etc. There is also the bracelet option. It’s a “beads of rice” bracelet entirely hand made in 18k gold. The customer can choose the material; 18k white, rose or yellow gold and also combination of both. The finish can be high polished or satin.

Delivery time
The delivery time for the chronometer is approximately 8 months.

Customer services
All Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces have 5 years warranty and lifetime free services (periodical time service predetermined by the team).

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