Saturday, December 19, 2015

Buben&Zorweg ONE Dual Time

After the Perpetual Calendar and the Tourbillon, the ONE Dual Time is the latest creation in the Buben&Zorweg wristwatch collection.

Launched at Baselworld 2015, the ONE Dual Time is the most recent creation in the BUBEN&ZORWEG wristwatch collection and also the thinnest in the family. This time the manufactory decided to honor the traveller with a special timepiece by adding a second time zone at 6 o´clock to the local time display indicated by the central hands. The complication of choice for every busy traveller, the second time zone indication is an indispensable tool that is frequently difficult to read in many wristwatches. The ONE Dual Time by BUBEN&ZORWEG uses a clear and very readable 24-hour display that globetrotters and world travellers alike will appreciate for its ability to distinctly show the local time and the time of a far-off location, simultaneously.
As much as one loves elaborate complications, above all else, it tends to be the most basic features of a watch that appeal the most for their utility. In this sense the new ONE Dual Time is unquestionably a statement of usability that carries the power of innovation, aesthetic design and master craftsmanship of the BUBEN&ZORWEG manufactory to new heights.
The ONE DUAL TIME is available in stainless steel or rose gold case versions and with a dial either in champagne with golden indexes or in anthracite with silver indexes.

Buben&Zorweg Wristwatch Collection
The idea of having a wristwatch collection under the name of BUBEB&ZORWEG was a dream that founders Christian Zorweg and Harald Buben pursued with the same passion and commitment that elevated the German manufactory to the very top in terms of luxury watch winders and safes. Three years ago, Baselworld was the right place at the right time to present the first wristwatch designed and manufactured under the same maxim of condensing innovation, design and perfect craftsmanship found in every BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece.

The ONE collection debuted with a magnificent perpetual calendar movement produced by renowned international master watchmaker Martin Braun. The mechanical hand wound MHO caliber was modified to create the BZ01, whose  312 components are unquestionably an ode to traditional watchmaking. With it, BUBEN&ZORWEG also presented the Time Mover® Handwound, the most advanced watch winder for non-automatic wrist watches in the market. It was the perfect complement to the ONE and, truly, a piece of inspired technology that set a new standard in the field.

The success of the ONE Perpetual Calendar heralded the creation of the next chapter in the BUBEN&ZORWEG wristwatch collection, the ONE Tourbillon. A watch with a spectacular 14.1 mm flying tourbillon, oscillating at 18,000 vph, which produces a remarkable statement on the dial of this complicated watch.

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