Thursday, July 30, 2015

Movement in Focus – Calibre OP 21/1-15 by Pecqueur Conceptuals

Developed by Switzerland based Noosphaire SA in 2014, this mechanical watch movement boasts a new GMT watch complication produced under the Pecqueur Conceptuals label.

Almost two centuries ago, watchmaker Onésiphore Pecqueur created a revolutionary Differential that was to lay the foundations of automotive development. The OP 21/1-15 movement thus represents a return to roots by providing an unprecedented interpretation of this mechanism providing a new take on the time-zone theme. As the key component of this patented horological complication, the differential heralds an exceptional approach to watchmaking, propelling mechanics into a whole new dimension.
The OP 21/1-15 movement with its differential device borrowed from that of watchmaker Onésiphore Pecqueur is a case of going back to roots. After laying the foundations of automotive development, this invention born almost 200 years ago now returns to its historical essence: horology.
While the principle of its differential goes a long way back, Caliber OP 21/1-15 from Pecqueur Conceptuals opens up whole new horizons in dealing with time zones. Rather than providing a 24-hour dual-time display with a central hand, it simultaneously indicates home time and that of an additional time zone on two dials – yet without involving a double mechanism. It also offers a rare and even unique watchmaking feature by displaying the GMT zone of the chosen second time zone.
The basic idea was simple: to perpetuate Pecqueur’s pioneering spirit through an innovative mechanism providing an intuitive dual-time reading, without needing to refer to a reference city nor to know how many hours need to be added to or subtracted from home time. The development team at Centagora was enlisted for this endeavor, because behind this apparent simplicity lies an impressive wealth of technical complexity involving no less than 118 parts including 20 jewels for the patented GMT module alone.
The differential is the core of this innovation. By means of a pinion, it effectively distributes the energy and the base movement information to the dual-time indications – GMT zone and hour display coupled with a day/night indication – via two entry wheels and a single exit wheel. The first of these two entry wheels serves to drive the function, while the second – a star-wheel placed at the base of the differential – enables adjustments in one-hour increments.

In keeping with Pecqueur’s original principle, the differential of the OP 21/1-15 caliber involves a layered construction rather than the flat version typical of classic horological differentials. This specific architecture based on a right-angle drive not only creates a light, airy aesthetic with elegant depth effects, but also offers appreciable functional advantages such as reducing friction and lowering energy consumption.
This remarkably functional patented GMT module enables users to make all adjustments themselves, without the help of a watchmaker. When initializing the watch, a corrector positioned at 10 o’clock on the side of the case serves to set the GMT zone indicator disk in relation to the owner’s place of residence. Using a push-button at 8 o’clock, the second time zone can then be adjusted, with each press corresponding to a one-hour increment. Since the GMT zone indicator disk and the display of the hour are perfectly synchronized, two different adjustment options are available, each of which automatically drives the other. If the user knows the time at a given destination, it can be directly set on the dial at 3 o’clock, while making any potential corrections relating to Daylight Saving Time (known as “summer” time) if it applies to that specific country. If the wearer knows only the GMT zone, the disk between 1 and 2 o’clock can be set and will in turn set the time of the destination. Thanks to the distinctive construction of the Pecqueur differential and contrary to classic GMT complications, the rate of the watch remains unperturbed during such adjustments.
As the key component in this unusual horological complication, the differential heralds an exceptional approach to watchmaking, propelling mechanics into a whole new artistic dimension. Its cleverly layered construction creates subtle depth effects that may be admired from the dial side. Right from the start of the project, the Centagora developers worked in close cooperation with the Peugeot Design Lab in order to define optimal volumes and ensure perfect harmony between the various displays of the future watch.

The differential bridge overlapping the local time subdial occupies a generous area, as if to invite the gaze to plunge into the very heart of the barely perceptible revolutions of this ingenious device. Along the same axis, an aperture reveals the disk indicating the GMT zone of the second time zone, of which the hour appears in an offset subdial at 3 o’clock, also bearing a day/night indicator. Meanwhile, the small seconds hand sweeps steadily around its own display at 6 o’clock.
An authentic mechanical symphony performed by no less than 311 parts, including 48 jewels, self-winding Caliber OP 21/1-15 embodies characteristically Swiss precision, with a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour). Developed on a VMF 3002 base movement, it is equipped with a twin barrel ensuring a comfortable 50-hour power reserve.

Technical details
Caliber OP 21/1-15
Mechanical self-winding, Caliber OP 21/1-15 on a VMF 3002 movement, with patented GMT module, 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour), twin barrel, Glucydur balance, flat balance-spring, Incabloc shock absorber, ceramic ball-bearing mechanism, 311 parts, 48 jewels, 37 mm in diameter, 8 mm thick, circular-grained baseplate, bridges adorned with Côtes de Genève, rhodiumed or engraved, beveled finish, circular satin-brushed wheels, 50-hour power reserve

Patented GMT module, developed by Centagora, 118 parts, 20 jewels, 4.3 mm thick

Hours, minutes, small seconds, dual-time display with day/night indication, GMT zone indicator
Display    home time between 10 and 11 o’clock
Dual-time display with day/night indication at 3 o’clock
GMT zone indicator between 1 and 2 o’clock
Small seconds at 6 o’clock

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Calvin JR VELOCITA Chronograph Collection

Today we introduce Calvin JR., a young and innovative watch brand that recently storms into the world of online crowd funding with exceptional chronograph watches. Head quartered in Hong Kong, the brand was established in 2014 by Kalvin Ng, a manufacturing engineer in order to create a unique brand in the watch industry by offering are bold and original timepieces.
CJR employs unconventional design concepts and utilize cutting-edge materials for producing timepieces that offers uncompromising quality and affordable to pocket. For its debut collection VELOCITA, the brand took inspiration from triangular geometry of iconic architectural structures and motorcycles chassis. Featuring fresh and innovative designs, every timepiece from VELOCITA collection combines originality, boldness, and fashion without sacrificing quality.
With this collection, Calvin JR re-interprets one of the most sought after complications: Chronograph.  The exterior of VELOCITA boasts skeleton wall design patterns. The skeleton wall is cut and polished from 316L stainless steel, and then assembled in excruciating detail to ensure a precision fit for every watch. The stainless steel case measures 45 mm and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The case and the dial of VELOCITA are purposely positioned at a 30 degree upper angle at the 12 hour position for an ergonomically time read while showcase the unconventional appearance that differentiates VELOCITA.
Crown and pushers are positioned on the top of the watch, like a classic pocket watch. This bold design, referred by watch connoisseurs as ‘bull head’ and incorporated by many iconic brands, gives the VELOCITA timepiece an outstanding look.

The VELOCITA Collection of chronograph timepieces offers 3 series with 2 options in each series. A total of 6 timepieces are offered each incorporating unique design elements, materials, and visual features. Timepieces are available in both quartz and automatic variations.

The VELOCITA collection is comprises of:-
  • VELOCITA Automatic Series: 2 Versions
  • VELOCITA Series 1 (Quartz): 2 Versions
  • VELOCITA Series 2 (Quartz): 2 Versions

For VELOCITA Automatic Series, Calvin JR has picked up the ETA 7750 movement, a Swiss made high precision chronograph movement renowned for its reliability and performance. CJR Automatic Series are available in two models: C3P0-1 & Carbon model. The Automatic Series is highlighted with a skeleton sidewall that is precisely machined and polished with the utmost attention to detail and clean, polished finish.
 VELOCITA Model C3P0-1 Automatic
Model C3P0-1 Automatic comes with yellow gold plated case, yellow gold plated dial with sand dust finish, blue accent colour and dark brown leather strap. VELOCITA Carbon Automatic model features black plated case, carbon fibre dial, red accent colour and black leather strap.
 VELOCITA Model Carbon Automatic

Other features of the automatic models include skeleton side wall designing, sapphire glass and see through case back. Both automatic models carry prestigious SWISS MADE label.

Chronograph watches from Series 1 and Series 2 incorporate the highly reliable Swiss Quartz Chronograph Ronda 3520D movement. Timepieces from VELOCITA - Series 1 features a precision machined sidewall with a fine polished and platted skeleton side structure. Series 1 are available two models: Spacecraft & USO.
VELOCITA Series 1 (Quartz) Spacecraft
The Spacecraft model features grey case, grey polished dial, green accent colour and grey leather brand. The USO model comes in blue coloured case, blue sunray horning dial, red accent colour and navy blue leather strap.
VELOCITA Series 1 (Quartz) USO
The Series 2 timepiece features a solid skeleton sidewall with sandblasted finish. It is available in two versions: Army & Fire Red. The Army model features silver coloured case, matte black dial, green accent colour and green leather strap.
VELOCITA Series 2 (Quartz)Army
The Fire Red model featured black plated case, black dial, red accent and dark brown leather strap with red stitching. The Fire Red model's solid sidewall will be filled with red enamel. All quartz models are fitted with sapphire crystal and solid steel case back.
VELOCITA Series 2 (Quartz) Fire Red
Each VELOCITA timepiece will be shipped in a customize design black case, which will both protect the product and convey the sense of style for the timepiece within.

Calvin JR has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote the VELOCITA collection. The backers can pre order the watches by visiting the following Kickstarter page:-

Price details
  • Quartz Series 1 – Spacecraft: $399 (Early bird price: $299)
  • Quartz Series 1 – USO: $399 (Early bird price: $299)   
  • Quartz Series 2 – Army: $249 (Early bird price: $199)
  • Quartz Series 2 - Fire Red: $299 (Early bird price: $239)
  • Automatic Carbon: $1299
  • Automatic C3P01: $ 1299

From Safes Hidden From Human Sight to Secret Building Sites -BUBEN&ZORWEG Breaks the Boundaries of Interior Design

Whether customizing a safe to fit alongside the Lamborghini in the living room of a city penthouse, soldering metal skulls to a safe door, or undertaking an ambitious building project in One Hyde Park in complete secrecy, BUBEN&ZORWEG are shattering the boundaries of interior design.

BUBEN&ZORWEG combine state of the art German engineering technology, perfect hand craftsmanship, forward-thinking design and security systems originally masterminded for Swiss bank vaults to conceive and manufacture their world-class luxury safes and private museums. Fully customizable masterpieces and private museums co-exist harmoniously with any living space – from a safe incorporated into a walk-in wardrobe, to a bespoke commission 18 months in the making.
While a Sicilian villa, a Manhattan penthouse, a Middle Eastern palace and a 100 metre yacht are all long term investments, the same is true of a safe intended to house a person’s most treasured possessions - it is likely to stay within a family for decades, maybe even generations. In any such interior, planning a high security area where valuables are located is a logical consideration.
BUBEN&ZORWEG takes its aesthetic inspiration from early 20th century art deco, a period when purveyors of luxury combined sumptuous materials to result in extravagant, timeless objects of beauty, embodying the decadent lifestyles of the world’s richest men. In its very 21st century take on art deco, BUBEN&ZORWEG are committed to limitless customization and to achieving a seamless fit with any environment. Responding to every whim and request of their clients, the company often marries high technology with high craftsmanship. Take for example the handiwork involved in embroidering an entire bullet proof safe with crocodile leather stitching.
The company’s latest challenge involves fulfilling a client’s request to hide three sizeable BUBEN&ZORWEG X-007 safes under the floor of his home, only allowing them to come into view when they dramatically elevate at the touch of a button. This requires a double lift system, because the bullet proof glass interior of the X-007 is already designed to elevate independently, but in this case an extra strong system is required to raise each complete 580kg safe.
Even this is hardly the first time BUBEN&ZORWEG have been pushed to what seems like the limits of their capability. One client requested a high security fence outside his villa plus two high-security, double-lock doors leading up the room where his three safes are located. Another client with a residence in London’s One Hyde Park apartment block wanted reassurance that the team installing his safe would never know the floor or number of his apartment. A top secret installation saw every last inch of the lift at One Hyde Park covered up with cardboard throughout the installation process.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stuckx Watches "The Bull"

Netherlands based micro watch brand has launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to promote "The Bull", its new wristwatch inspired by the iconic Bullhead chronograph watches. Available in mechanical as well as mecha-quartz versions, the Stuckx Bull chronograph boasts a vintage inspired style with a uniquely designed case, dial and hands.
"The Bull" mechanical model features 2 counter chronograph with automatic winding featuring a smoothly running seconds hand at the 12 position, chronograph minute counter at the 6 position and central chrono seconds hand. This model is powered by the Seiko/TMI NE-88 chronograph with column wheel and vertical clutch running at 28.800 bph.
 This version comes with a see-through, display case back. Pre order price stares from Euro 699 incl worldwide shipping.

Two models are available in mecha quartz: 2 counter and 3 counter versions. The  "2-Eye" Mecha-quartz chronograph has a running seconds hand at the 3 position, a chrono minute counter at the 9 position, a smoothly moving central chrono seconds hand and instantaneous fly-back reset. It also shows the date at the 6 position. This model uses the VK series mecha-quartz movement by Seiko/TMI.
 The   "3-Eye" Mecha-quartz chronograph has 3 subdials. It exchanges the date at 6 for a chrono hour counter. This model also uses the VK series mecha-quartz movement but in a different configuration. Pre order price for both mecha-quarts models is Euro 250 including worldwide shipping.
Equipped with a uni-directional ceramic bezel with 120 clicks and tested for 200 meters water resistance, the Bull is not only a reliable stopwatch but also a perfect accessory for professional marine activity, serious surface water sports and scuba diving. The Bull will be available in 9 variations: 3 colours for each movement variation.

Technical details
CaseBullhead design, 316L Stainless steel case
The case measures 42mm from left to right
Height is approximately 13 mm for the quartz model and 14,8 mm for the mechanical model (measured mid-watch)
Brushed surface on top and the sides with polished edges
Water resistance: 20 ATM/200 meters
A uni-directional ceramic bezel with 120 clicks
A flat Sapphire crystal
Swiss Luminova lumen on bezel triangle, indices and hands, orange and even black lumen where required

A German-made strap from soft, supple shrunken leather

Custom made watch box with space for additional straps

24 Months international warranty

And here is the Kick-starter link:

BOVET Amadeo® Fleurier VIRTUOSO V (Jumping hours, retrograde minutes, reverse hand-fitting and double co-axial seconds)

In 2015, the BOVET Complications Collection is being completely renewed with the arrival of the Virtuoso II watchmaking specialties caliber, developed and manufactured by the Maison’s artisans to power a multitude of watchmaking complications useful to collectors. At the same time, the Virtuoso II caliber meets the specific and unique requirements that characterize BOVET timepieces, such as the reversibility offered by the Amadeo® convertible case system.

All of the timepieces in the collection provide information on both sides of the movement. One face displays hours, minutes, and seconds as well as the power reserve and allows the movement’s characteristic architecture to be admired. The other side repeats hours, minutes, and seconds and adds information related to the specific complications of the timepiece, which are jumping hours with retrograde minutes in the instance of the Amadeo® Fleurier Virtuoso V.
The single barrel of the Virtuoso V’s movement enables the oscillations of the balance wheel to be maintained at a frequency of 21,600 vib/hour for a full five days. One side of the timepiece presents an off-centered traditional display at 12 o’clock, which accommodates the hour and minute hands and allows the movement’s atypical structure to be admired. The various bridges present voluptuous shapes and the concentric curves of the dial that they seem to embrace. Once again, balance and symmetry bring graceful harmony to the whole timepiece. The seconds cage positioned at 6 o’clock completes the vertical axis with a triple hand, each arm of which successively covers 120° of the scale on its dial. The center wheel and its bridge, visible at 4 o’clock, mirror the balance wheel-hairspring and balance cock, while the power reserve indicator is located at 10 o’clock.
The other side of the timepiece presents a complication that is quite literally on show. Here too, the seconds are displayed at 6 o’clock and reveal the transparency of their cage. Patent No. 0169-DI-CH refers to this precise double co-axial seconds display mechanism. The seconds are shown on both sides of the movement and share the same axis, even though their direction of rotation is reversed. The true merits of this technical feat are revealed when it is applied to an Amadeo®convertible case.

The movement’s architecture displayed on the other side of the timepiece is evoked by plates that are alternately lacquered and hand-engraved, then harmoniously staggered in a series of layers until they reach the top dial indicating the hours and minutes. The jumping hour display appears in an aperture in the center of the timepiece. This complication enables quick and intuitive reading of the time in complete simplicity and creates a privileged place for the expression of watchmaking decorative arts.
To further refine the space attributed to the time on the Virtuoso V, the minute hand points towards the center of the dial and repeatedly covers a segment of 160° before retreating in a semi-instantaneous leap each hour. The combination of these two types of displays is particularly rare, as it requires perfect synchronization between the jump of the hour disk and that of the retrograde minute hand. The artisans of the DIMIER 1738 Manufacture have mastered this technical feat to perfection.

Pascal Raffy designed Virtuoso V to offer a space that artisan dial-makers, hand engravers or miniature painters could personalize to meet the desires expressed by collectors. Be it the dial displaying the timepiece’s various indications or the different decorative plates, there are no fewer than eight dials each requiring more than 10 hours of work, carried out on each timepiece by the artisans of the DIMIER 1738 Dial Manufacture. Elegant, delicately hand-engraved surfaces are inserted between the dial and the lacquered or painted plates.
The perfect symbiosis of technical watchmaking expertise and decorative arts makes the Amadeo ®Fleurier Virtuoso V a true masterpiece. The two sides of the timepiece and the convertibility of its Amadeo®system enables it to be transformed into a reversible wristwatch, a desk clock or a pocket watch without the need for any tools. For even greater ease of use, a corrector enables the hour disk to be adjusted independently of the reverse hand-fitting positioned on the other side of the movement.

Technical details

Type: Amadeo® convertible
Diameter 43.5mm
Thickness (With Glasses): 15.70mm
Thickness (Without Glasses): 11.80mm
Gold Weight: 83.06gr (red gold) / 86.05gr (white gold)
Case Material: 18K red or white gold
Bracelet Full skin alligator
Buckle 18K red or white gold ardillon
Chain Rhodium-plated silver chain
Water Resistance: 30m

Calibre Virtuoso II à spécialités horlogères DIMIER 1738
Type: Hand-wound
Diameter: 13 ¾’’’
Frequency: 21’600v/h
Power reserve: 5 days

Black or white polished lacquered with Roman applied numerals

Jumping hours, minutes retrograde, sub-seconds (patented co-axial seconds), power reserve indicator, reversed hand-fitting (hours, minutes and seconds)

Limited edition of 100 Timepieces per color of dial and of case

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bulova announces integration of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movements in its timepiece collections

World renowned watch brand Bulova has continued their technological expertise with the expanded use of its high performance UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement. The heart of the Bulova manufactured movement is the unique three-prong quartz crystal (torsional resonator), producing a oscillating frequency of 262 kHz, eight times greater than a standard quartz crystal. Providing accuracy to seconds a year and featuring a signature continuously sweeping second hand, this exclusive movement, first introduced in 2010, and now incorporated into the Bulova Accutron II and Precisionist collections, will be extended to additional new Bulova collections including the upcoming Sea King and Military collections.  As a unifying feature, starting this year, all watches featuring Bulova UHF will be identifiable by the frequency of 262 kHz badge printed on the dial.
Bulova Sea King Limited Edition – Water resistant to 1,000 meters and crafted in titanium, the Sea  King limited edition with automatic movement and helium release valve, will be available in a numbered, controlled production run of 500, and will come in special Sea King packaging, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The Sea King Collection, in 316L stainless steel with Bulova’s exclusive, manufactured UHF (Ultra High Frequency) high-performance quartz technology movement, includes chronographs and  timeonly designs, and features unidirectional elapsed time bezels, locking crowns and pushers, sapphire glass, and super luminous hands and markers.

Bulova Military Collection – Reflecting actual watches from Bulova’s archives developed for the U.S. military during World War II, this distinctive new collection,  in 316L stainless steel, features easy-to-read minimalist dials, full Arabic numerals, red-tipped signature continuously sweeping second hands, and Bulova’s manufactured  UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement.

Bulova Accutron II Lobster Watch – Designed from an early-1970s Accutron sports model, this timepiece adds a unique new profile to the Bulova Accutron II collection. This retro-inspired style is crafted in 316L stainless steel with mesh bracelet, luminous hands and markers, and water resistance to 100 meters. The Bulova Accutron II Lobster Watch features a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) manufactured movement. Available for spring 2015 in two time-only versions, including an on-trend version in black ion-plated finish, with two chronograph models slated for the fall.

Bulova Diamonds - Maiden Lane Collection – Bulova will be adding a new collection of ladies’ diamond watches.  Among the highlights of the 2015 introductions are timepieces featuring a unique diamond setting process to intensify the brilliance of each stone. Crafted of 316L stainless steel, in both chronograph and time-only styles, the watches feature hand-set, prong settings on bezels and dials, many in mother-of-pearl, with each design providing a brilliant combination of feminine details and sport styling. The name is inspired by the original location of the first Bulova store on Maiden Lane in lower Manhattan, then the center of New York’s jewelry industry.

Bovet - Amadeo® Fleurier Lady BOVET for Only Watch 2015

To support Only Watch charity auction, luxury watch manufacture BOVET 1822 has created Amadeo® Fleurier Lady BOVET for Only Watch 2015 edition, a unique timepiece based on a previously unreleased model that will appear for the first time in 2016.

This unique piece is animated by the Virtuoso II watchmaking specialty caliber developed by Manufacturer DIMIER 1738.The exemplary chronometry of this movement is glorified by irreproachable finishings and seven days of power reserve for absolute comfort.
This timepiece is beautifully set in a convertible Amadeo® case, allowing the timepiece to be easily transformed from a reversible wristwatch to a table clock to a pendant necklace without the need for a single tool. By virtue of its reversibility, this piece boasts two very distinctive faces. One of the faces features pink-hued mother-of-pearl guilloché dials, whilst the other offers a miniature painting of a pair of doves. This painting is a reproduction of the grand feu enamel case back of a BOVET pocket watch that was manufactured at the turn of the 19th century.
Technical details
Model: Amadeo® Fleurier Lady BOVET for Only Watch 2015
Unique Piece

Type: Amadeo® convertible system
Diameter 39mm
Thickness (With Glasses): 11.80mm
Thickness (Without Glasses): 9.25mm
Gold Weight (Case only) : 67.76gr
Case Material: 18K white gold
Setting: Case-side, bezel, bow and lug set with 236 diamonds for ~3.92 cts
Crown: and strap-bolts set with 5 briolettes diamonds for ~1.00 ct
Water Resistance 30m

Caliber Virtuoso II à spécialités horlogères DIMIER 1738 - 13BM08AI
Type Hand-wound
Diameter 13 3/4 ‘’’
Frequency 21’600 vph
Power reserve 7 days

Front dial: Pink-hued mother-of-pearl guilloché with 12 diamond indexes for ~0.22 ct
Back dial: Pink-hued mother-of-pearl with a miniature painting of a pair of Doves

Hours, minutes, sub-seconds, power reserve indicator, reversed hand-fitting

Full skin alligator
Buckle: 18K white gold ardillon
Chain: Rhodium-plated silver

IWC Schaffhausen Inaugurates Its First Boutique in Baku

The 77-square-metre boutique comprises a 47-squaremetre sales area and a sophisticated lounge with a library. The central element of the boutique is a stunning wall of smoked glass. It divides the space into two parts and separates the showroom from a spacious yet intimate lounge to create a relaxed ambience for guests to further explore the watches in depth.

Developed exclusively by IWC’s in-house team of architects and designers, the boutique reflects IWC’s corporate design philosophy with shades of white and brown. It is fitted with wood finishes, high-quality fabrics and custom-made furniture, creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.
Guests can discover the fascination of aviation through the Pilot’s Watches, then plunge into the world of the Aquatimer, travel to the Italian seaside with the Portofino and Portofino 37 mm timepieces and feel the spirit of performance engineering with the Ingenieur collection. Each product family has a dedicated space decorated with carefully selected accessories, such as books and pictures, inspired by their unique universes. In addition to the vast collection of IWC watches, visitors will also find a wide range of Boutique Exclusive Editions, available only at the worldwide retail network of IWC boutiques.

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen opened the doors of its first boutique in Baku in the largest and most luxurious shopping mall in the Azerbaijani capital – Port Baku Mall. The boutique invites visitors to explore the world of haute horlogerie through IWC’s iconic timepieces, from the most exclusive complications, such as the constant-force tourbillon, tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar, to the most revolutionary materials, such as carbon, ceramic and silicon nitride.

Boutique Address
IWC Boutique Port Baku Mall
151 Neftchilar Avenue
Baku, Azerbaijan

IWC Schaffhausen Opens Its First Boutique in Qatar at the Lagoona Mall

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has announced the opening of its first boutique in Qatar, in collaboration with its authorized retailer in the country, Al Majed Jewellery. With the opening of this new boutique in Doha’s upscale Lagoona Mall, IWC Schaffhausen now has nine boutiques across the Middle East.
Among the timepieces on display at the new boutique, some of the highlights are examples from the brand’s Portugieser collection, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Building on the watch family’s rich heritage, and in keeping with its jubilee, the new Portugieser collection comes with a host of technological and design modifications as well as several new features.

Fitted with newly designed calibres while maintaining a sense of tradition, the Portugieser timepieces, along with the other collections on display, make a visit to the boutique an absolute must for the watch enthusiasts of Qatar.

Boutique Address
Lagoona Mall
The Avenue, Level 1, Lagoona Mall
Bay District, Doha, Qatar

Friday, July 24, 2015

AkriviA Tourbillon Regulator

Crafted by Swiss watch maker Rexhep Rexhepi, the AkriviA Tourbillon Regulator successfully alliances minimalist exteriors with an haute horlogerie complication. The broad lugs are chamfered in a manner reflecting the bevelling on the calibre; the grey dial features a “polished-matt” finish that is both vintage and innovative. While it recalls the sandblasted bridges of pocket watches, the AkriviA “polished-matt” effect differs from habitual sandblasting in terms of its means of application: the crushed stone is mixed with vegetable oil and applied using a new handcrafted technique.

The only fanciful aspect of the dial is the regulator-type arrangement of its indication, with the hours counter at 12 o’clock, the central axis bearing the minutes hand only, and the seconds hand fixed to the tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The latter is indeed the only clue to the exceptional nature of this timepiece: the austerity of the exterior finishes highlights the wealth of finishes lavished on the movement. This simple dial opening reveals a bridge featuring eight inward angles and which bears the escapement block.
The latter is composed of a 13.7mm carriage revolving in one minute and housing a Breguet balance-spring connected to the “AkriviA” balance wheel oscillating at the rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour. The 100 hours of autonomy is supplied by a single barrel. The 11.6mm “AkriviA” balance wheel features four spokes forming a “Quadriskell”, with four fine-adjustment inertia-blocks at the end of each. The purpose of putting in place these various devices is to have the Tourbillon Regulator certified by two institutions: the COSC and the Poinçon de Genève.
With this in mind, the elaborate nature of the movement finishes is the exact opposite of the outward austerity: the movement features 50 inward angles and is entirely decorated on both visible and hidden parts: domed chamfering, handcrafted Côtes de Genève, circular graining, straight graining. This AK-04 calibre was both developed and finished entirely by Rexhep Rexhepi and his team.

One of its major characteristics is its complete symmetry: it nobly comprises two third wheels so as to ensure optimal visual balance. This rare construction, combined with a high level of finishing, reflects Rexhep Rexhepi’s perfectionism: nothing is left to chance and nothing is done just because it has to be.

Technical details

Manually wound movement
Diameter: 30.00mm
Thickness: 7.60mm
Power Reserve 100 hours
Nb of components 229
Nb of jewels 22
Balance Wheel Diameter: 11.60mm
Frequency 21’600 vph
Tourbillon Diameter: 13.70mm - Weight: 0.36g – Swiss anchor escapement – 60 seconds rotation
Decoration: Inward angles, black polish, côtes de Genève, hand graining, hand polishing, rhodium finishing, manual circular graining, hand engraved

Hours located in the small dial at 12h, central minutes hand, small second at 6h
Chiming at every hour and silence function on/off by 3h monopusher

Diameter: 43mm
Thickness: 12.90
Case composed of 30 parts
Front and back sapphire glass crystal with anti-reflective treatment
Water Resistance 3 ATM

Grey steel «mat-polish» dial
Hand Steel bleui hands - “AkriviA” special design

Hand-sewn leather blue strap
Clasp: Clasp/deployment with hand-engraved AkriviA logo

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Paris Saint-Germain

Hublot and Paris Saint-Germain, the world-renowned French Football Club, debuted the Official Watch of Paris Saint-Germain, Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Paris Saint-Germain, in celebration of the team’s North America summer tour. Hoton the heels of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™, where Hublot served as the Official Timekeeper, this partnership and timepiece are another example of Hublot’s love for global “football” and ongoing support of the “Hublot Loves Football” campaign launched during FIFA World Cup Brazil™ last summer.
Hublot’s U.S. Managing Director, Jean-Francois Sberro, hosted an exclusive cocktail event with the team at a private rooftop garden atop the historic Rockefeller Center to launch the Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Paris Saint-Germain timepiece. Star players in attendance included Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Blaise Matuidi and Thiago Silva, as well as Kevin Trapp who officially joined the Parisian Club last week.
The timepiece unveiling was hosted by former New York Giants’ Quarterback and Friend of Hublot, Jesse Palmer, and included VIP attendees, including New York Giants’ star Victor Cruz, New York Knicks’ basketball player Lance Thomas, FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015™ champion Kelley O’Hara, and LVMH USA CEO, Pauline Brown.
The Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Paris Saint-Germain – Hublot’s second timepiece with the French football champion – is limited to 100 pieces and features a 45.5mm titanium case with a sapphire anti-reflective treatment and the Paris Saint-Germain logo printed on the case back glass. Inspired by the iconic team colors, embellishments of red, white and blue are reflected throughout the dial, hands and strap. Manufactured with Hublot’s in-house UNICO self-winding bi-retrograde movement and designed to time two halves of a soccer match, the sleek and sporty timepiece will be available exclusively at Hublot boutiques around the world.
As the first luxury watch brand to become involved with European football in 2006, Hublot has since built a strong presence in the world of football. Hublot’s relationship with the French Club began in 2013 when it became the Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the team and introduced the first timepiece known as the King Power Paris Saint-Germain.
Technical details
Reference: 413.NX.1129.LR.PSG15 - Limited to 100 numbered pieces

“Big Bang Unico” – Diameter 45.5mm
Polished and satin-finished titanium
Bezel: Polished and satin-finished titanium with 6 H-shaped titanium screws
Glass: Sapphire with anti-reflective treatment
Bezel Lug: Blue composite resin
Crown: Black rubber and satin-finished Titanium
Pushers: Titanium with red and black rubber
Case back: Titanium, satin-finished and “100 NUM” engraved
Case back: Glass Sapphire with interior anti-reflective treatment and Paris Saint-Germain logo printed
Water Resistance: 10 ATM (100m)

Metallic blue multilayer dial
Red retrograde minute hand
White retrograde second hand
Satin-finished and micro-blasted rhodium-plated minute, hour and small second hands with white luminescent

HUB1261 UNICO Manufacture self-winding Bi-retrograde movement with central chronograph and column wheel
Components: 385
Power Reserve: 72 Hours

Black rubber and blue alligator strap with white stitching
Buckle: Titanium deployant buckle clasp

HUBLOT Classic Fusion House of Mandela

In collaboration with the House of Mandela foundation created by the family of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Hublot has decided to pay tribute to him by unveiling the Classic Fusion House of Mandela. It is a homage both to his exceptional character, and to the legacy that he has left to not only his family, but humanity as a whole.

The House of Mandela aims to commemorate the life and philosophy of Nelson Mandela. Amongst its many charity projects, the Mandela family contributes to the education of South African children. A portion of the profits generated by the sale of these timepieces will also be donated to help the foundation achieve this goal.
Crafted in 18K King Gold, the Classic Fusion House of Mandela is available in two models: a 45 mm diameter men's model and a 42 mm diameter women's model with a bezel set with 35 diamonds (totalling 1.15 carats). This special edition is limited to 95 pieces – a reference to Nelson Mandela's age at the time of his death. The dial bears the totem of the Mandela family, a bee with outstretched, branched wings which symbolise the various branches of the Mandela family tree.
This insect was not chosen at random: it is inspired by Nelson Mandela's Xhosa name, Rolihlahla, which translates as "he who is brave enough to fetch the honey from the honeycomb" or "challenge the status quo". The bee also represents courage, sharing, and compassion, which are values shared by the family. The piece is completed by a black alligator strap.

Technical details
Model: Classic Fusion House of Mandela

511.OX.0200.LR.MDL15 (45 mm version)
542.OX.0200.LR.1204.MDL15 (42 mm version with diamonds)
Special editions limited to a total of 95 pieces

"Classic Fusion" - 45 or 42 mm diameter
18K King Gold, polished and satin-finished
Bezel: 18K King Gold engraved with the “Mandela” signature, 6 polished and locked titanium screws, and 35 diamonds (1.15 carats) for the 42 mm version
Crown: Polished 18K King Gold with Hublot logo
Crystal: Sapphire with interior/exterior antireflective coating
Case-back: Satin-finished 18K King Gold engraved with the words “Special Edition, 1 OF 95” and the African continent, as well as “It’s in our hands” on the sapphire crystal with an interior antireflective coating
Water resistance: 5 ATM or approximately 50 metres

Satin-finished 18K King Gold engraved with the “House of Mandela” logo

Indexes and hands: 18K King Gold and polished and faceted 5N Gold

HUB 1112 Self-winding mechanical movement (45 mm)
HUB 1110 Self-winding mechanical movement (42 mm)
Date: Date situated at 3 o'clock
Power reserve: Approximately 42 hours

Semi-matt black alligator leather with black stitching and black rubber
Polished and satin-finished 5N gold
Clasp in polished and satin-finished 5N gold with deployant buckle in black PVD coated steel

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Unique Piece for Only Watch 2015

For Only Watch 2015, Frederique Constant has created a totally unique Horological Smartwatch. After three years of research and development, Frederique Constant was the first Swiss watchmaker in the industry to unveil to the world the first model of its Horological Smartwatch model powered by MotionX-365® end-to-end solution, created by Silicon Valley’s Full power Technologies, Inc. This incredible timepiece possesses the precise style and finesse of a classical luxury watch, added to its ability to record activity and sleep.
The Only Watch unique model is displaying central hours and minutes hands, with a smart counter positioned at 6 O’clock.  Equipped with activity and sleep patterns, the watch will become an integral part of your life. As you wear the watch, the data accumulated in the model is synchronized to the app on your handheld device.
The “Only Watch 2015” model, created in unique piece, is a Horological Smartwatch with an elegant 18 carat rose gold case, combined to a unique dark green dial and with a delicate hand-engraved reminder of the reason of the watch on its caseback. The watch is delivered into a unique luxury gift box, together with an Apple Iphone 6.
Technical details
Reference: FC-285DG5B9
Polished 18K rose gold 2-parts case, diameter of 42 mm
Convex sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 5 ATM

MMT- 285 quartz caliber
+2years battery life

Always on time & date
MotionX® activity tracking
Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring
Sleep cycle alarms
Get-Active alerts
Dynamic coaching
MotionX® cloud backup and restore

Green dial with hand-applied rose gold plated indexes   
Rose gold plated hands

Green alligator with white stitches
Folding buckle 18k rose gold

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Star of Infinity

Manufacture Roger Dubuis has announced its third consecutive participation in Asia’s most prestigious Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, running from September 30th to October 3rd in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Roger Dubuis will display its latest creations centred around the Astral Skeleton theme, as well as its inimitable theatrical brand-setting talent embodied in its cutting-edge World of Roger Dubuis. It will also be premiering the Excalibur Star of Infinity. Like several of this year’s releases, this latest jewellery timepiece to be exclusively unveiled at Watches& Wonders 2015 from Roger Dubuis reflects the Astral Skeleton principle.
The concept is based on the unique star-shaped design of Roger Dubuis contemporary skeleton movements, borrowed from nature and its heavenly constellations. In the Excalibur Star of Infinity, formal aesthetics meets functionality, since the tips of the RD01SQ skeleton double flying tourbillon ‘star’ point to several hour-markers and thus enhance clarity. This luminous interpretation glows with the fire of 312 baguette-cut diamonds totalling approximately 14.93 carats and adorning the full-pavé white gold case, the flange – as well as the star itself, which sparkles with 34 of these gems (0.96 cts).
The pristine radiance of the precious stones admirably complements the rhodium-plated charcoal grey of the calibre with its finely circular- grained plate and illuminates the twin Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon carriages.

This shining example of the two-fold jewellery and watchmaking expertise cultivated by Manufacture Roger Dubuis bears the Poinçon de Genève certification and is fitted with a hand-stitched black alligator strap creating a striking contrast, secured by an adjustable folding buckle also glittering with 32 baguette- cut diamonds (approx. 1.33 cts).

Technical details
Model: Excalibur Star of Infinity
Production: 28 pieces
Certification: Poinçon de Genève.

Ø 45mm, white gold, fully paved with baguette-cut diamonds
Thickness: 15.50 mm
Water Resistance: 3 BAR (30 m)

Skeleton, flange and star set with baguette-cut diamonds

312 baguette-cut diamonds in total, 34 baguette-cut diamonds in the star shape, 246 baguette cut diamonds on the case, 32 baguette-cut diamonds on the buckle
Carats: 14.93 carats approx. in total, 0.96 carat approx in the star shape, 12.64 carats approx on the case, 1.33 carats approx on the buckle

RD01SQ Calibre: Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon
Features: Double Flying Tourbillon with differentialat 4.30 and 7.30 (one rotation per minute for each),Hand-wound mechanical calibre, Finely adjusted in six positions
Functions: Hours and minutes
Decorations: Skeleton calibre, charcoal grey rhodium plated, circular-grained plate, tourbillon carriages in the shape of a Celtic cross, “Poinçon de Genève” finishings
Number of parts: 301 components
Jewels: 28
Diameter: 16 3/4’’’
Thickness: 7.67mm
Frequency: 2x3Hz (21,600 vph)
Power-reserve: 50 hours

Black strap, genuine alligator, hand-stitched
Clasp: White gold adjustable folding buckle set with baguette-cut diamonds

ANPASSA Watches - Introduction

ANPASSA is a young haute horlogerie brand which offers exceptional and highly exclusive mechanical wrist watches that are solely created and designed in Hong Kong.

Fitted with complicated mechanical movements like Tourbillon, every piece of ANPASSA watch is hand-crafted, and with the use of various materials such as leather, hand-painted techniques, gemstones, 18K gold inlay technology, will inject a special spiritual charisma and create excitement to its amazing and complexity work.
18K White Gold Tourbillon watch with 511 diamonds (approximate weight of 3.5ct). The case, bezel, buckle and lug are paved with diamonds, together with the blue sapphires on the dial and the buckle, the timepiece epitomizes a level of elegance. Fitted with a blue aligator leather strap, it is an exquisite testimony to Anpassa's excellence.
ANPASSA takes the name from the Swedish word for "custom-made" and "adjusted", thus tactfully implying the concept of the brand. Its watchmakers are specialized in hand making of exquisite craftsmanship in wristwatches, strive to pursue for its customers in accomplishing their personal and cultural tastes in life.
Customers can also create his or her ANPASSA watch by putting together materials according to their personal preferences. The watches can be mixed & matched from inside out based on customers' personal choice.
ANPASSA's custom-made this marathon concept watch with having the sand from Sahara put into the watch as well as the winding crown. Furthermore, with the photo placed in the back marks the uniqueness of the watch. 
The concept of the dial came from the medal received from the participated marathon at Sahara in April, 2015, together with their personal name attached to the tourbillon, which trusted to be the world's most unique and thoughtful design.
The ANPASSA watch brand was founded by Mr. Gary Ching and Mr. Frankie Lam. Gary, was one of the winners in the 2010 WPPI International Photography Competition, striving to integrate the advanced photographic art with personalized watch together and through its individualized design, bring out the uniqueness of each watch. As such, everyone will have a personalized watch, each displaying their own personal preferences.
With profound understanding on diamonds, gemstones, pearls, jade and watches, Frankie served mainly in the retail operations and staff training in the jewelry industry for over two decades. Frankie started his own business in 2007, specializing in Jewelry, Watches and Diamond business and with his own workshop, providing services in Jewelry design, mosaic setting, watch repair and GIA trading.
Hand-painting dial of "Peony" together with 36mm stainless steel case set with Zirconia, winding crown set with 0.5ct ruby fitted with white alligator leather strap.
Frankie and Gary jointly established ANPASSA, their own brand watch. With the hope of making a breakthrough in the conventional horology industry, they put the concept of merging the design of watch with personalized jewelry together thus creating a unique and individualized product for each of their clients.


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