Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ArtyA Brabant Tourbillon

Swiss luxury watch maker ArtyA enhances its Complications collection by unveiling Brabant Tourbillon, a unique horological art created in association with Bram Ramon, a specialist in conventional sculpture and engraving.

Ramon is Belgian, and comes from Flanders. With a background in conventional sculpture and engraving, he has once again used innovative techniques in watchmaking for ArtyA, coupled with the influences of Gothic art and the Belgian province of Brabant that have characterised his career. Bram Ramon has studied, assimilated and then transcended them all in a new, unique timepiece: the ArtyA Brabant.
Bram Ramon has dubbed his very own technique the “Prisma cut”. It involves the material being especially deeply chiselled (thereby combining sculpture and engraving) to reveal both shape and colour. Another new feature is that the cut is triangular, bringing to life sharp angles capable of catching the light. The ArtyA Brabant exudes historic style notes, a Gothic spirit, a hint of religion, and a Flemish touch –and the whole is far greater than the sum of all these parts.

Pushing the envelope still further, ArtyA and Bram Ramon have added 24-carat gold inserts to the composition. Slipping gold leaf into the recesses of key sculpted motifs adds exceptional depth to the Brabant, whose colours range through every shade of grey to black and gold.

Technical details
Case: High-grade 316 L steel
Dial &Bezel in Titanium
Exclusive ArtyA flying tourbillon manual winding
19 Jewels
Open Back
Two non-reflective sapphire crystals, front and back
Hours, minutes, seconds on tourbillon
Case dimensions: 44mm
Frequency: 21,600 vph
Power reserve: 100 hrs
Unique Piece 1/1
Price:  160’000 CHF

Design characteristics
Lateral insert in black PVD treatment
Dial and bezel are Hand engraved with 24cts gold inlay
Gothic-inspired engraving made by Bram Ramon using a new technique, the “Prisma Cut”
Deep chiselled who reveal both shape and colour
Triangular cut, bringing to life sharp angles capable of catching the light
Crocodile strap

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