Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Claude Bernard Lady Mini Powder

The Lady Mini Powder models are a dainty 24mm in diameter - dazzling creations that perfectly embody joie de vivre, with an ultra-accurate quartz movement beating at their heart.

With a range of case designs (circular, oblong and tonneau), the Lady Mini Powder collection’s golden hues reflect the timeless elegance that graces all of Claude Bernard’s range of expertly crafted watches.
That craftsmanship is evident in the tiny details, from the sweeping sun-dial pattern at the heart of the dial, or the sparkling stones set around the bezel that seem to make the watch “dance” in the light. The subtle sizing, too, makes a Lady Mini watch the ultimate, affordable fashion accessory.

Technical details
Quartz and mechanical Swiss-made movements
Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Genuine structured leather strap
Diameter 24mm, 21 x 30.5mm, 21 x 24.5mm
Water resistance: 30 meters

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