Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hong Kong Based Watch Group Time2U to Unveil Its New Brands at Basel 2016

Based in Hong Kong, the watchmaking group Time2U, which presently owns Time2U Color and Jonquet watch brands, was founded in 2010 and is firmly rooted in the company’s fascinating ability to discover, create and innovate. At Baselworld the company will present their new watch brands -: EXTREME, M.O.D. and Nordic Design. In addition, new models from the existing watch brand will be showcased.

In 2015, Time2U group was successfully listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange Hong Kong (Stock code: 1327). Repeated investments in the research and development are the key points of the successful creation of appealing products. In a short span of time, Time2U has expanded its qualitative distribution in all regions and increased market share further by implementing a strong marketing strategy and increased visibility.

CONFIDENCE, FRIENDLINESS and ACCESSIBILITY are the DNA of Time2U watches. Their exceptional price-performance ratio steadily developed a customer base. Media and users from their key markets have greeted Time2U watches with great enthusiasm. This clearly demonstrates the company’s strong expertise and potential.

The diversity of the Time2U management team’s background enables them to envision and implement their works with international standards, without compromise. They are committed to combine knowledge, insight and techniques of both East and West in their planning and approaches. Their global market senses form the backbone of their strategic thinking.

The Time2U designers are committed to their customers for the most wearable and functional watches. Subtleness, minimalism and chic are the key design elements. The stunning designs of the watches connect the wearers to joy and positivity, while expressing self-confidence and enthusiasm. With the in-house design team based in one of the most dynamic cities in the world - Hong Kong, the innovative minds transform trends into durable and tangible wearing experiences.

At BaselWorld 2016, together with the media and clients, Time2U will celebrate the 6th anniversary of its establishment. At this special occasion, the company proudly presents its new brands: EXTREME, M.O.D. and Nordic Design, as well as new line enhancements to their existing brands: Time2U Color and Jonquet.

Time2U is endeavoured to establish a creative platform for design talents across the world to express the same passion they have as Time2U. Alongside its current development, Time2U will connect with designers from different parts of the world to extend its boundaries of creativity and innovation, integrating the essence of different cultures. The new Cross-over collections will be the result of absorbing and integrating inspiration from different dimensions.

The heart of all Time2U timepieces is the perfect fusion between fine quality and modern design. Each Time2U product represents strength and reliability with beautiful iconic design, providing profound pleasures to the wearers in any occasions.

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