Friday, February 19, 2016

TEMPTION CGK205 (Featuring an Improved Integration of Steel Bracelet and Leather Strap)

CGK205 models by Germany based watch brand TEMPTION are available for quite some time and contain a stunning feature not achieved by anyone else. This feature is the precise and aesthetically perfect integration of both the steel bracelet and leather strap into one watch case – making it a precious time piece not achieved by the industry. This integration has been improved to an unbeaten level.

This timepiece houses a movement based on the legendary Valjoux 7751 calibre. The cabochons are made out of black onyx. Of course, like any other TEMPTION model, the readability is outstanding. Pushers and crowns are screwed; bottom and band links are screwed as well and so on. It comes with scratch resistant sapphire glasses both on top and bottom.
The diameter of the watch (43mm) pleases the masculine attitude for large watches, which are easy to wear without being oversized. Its weight is 190gr with SST bracelet and 129gr with rubber/leather strap. The watches are no mass production at all but handcrafted in small dedicated firm.

Industry standard is a watch case dedicated for a leather strap (strap horns). In order to use a SST bracelet for these cases adapters are needed. These adapters are sometimes made of solid steel, sometimes (even for very sophisticated watches) made of sheet metal.
CGK205 offers a unique solution unmatched within the watch industry. Both SST bracelet and leather strap are mountable to the case in an absolutely perfect and aesthetically stunning way. They are integrated into the case without any compromise. No slots, gaps or recesses appear.

CGK205 is always delivered with bracelet and strap in one box as well as tools to change.

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