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JS Watch co. Sif Volcano Edition

Iceland based luxury watch manufacture JS Watch co. unveils a special edition mechanical wristwatch which features a unique dial made of ash from the legendary Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull.
The Sif Volcano Edition, which displays a splendid face of Icelandic lava field with red decoration lava spew on the dial, comes with a Handmade Shark leather strap with red stitching.
The Sif Volcano watch comes with a hand-engraved decoration with 24k gold inlay of the Goddess Sif and her golden locks on the sides of the surgical grade brushed stainless steel case. The watch is also available without engraving.
The Sif N.A.R.T. Volcano watch is water resistant to a depth of 1000 meters with luminous hands and indexes and Swiss Made Mechanical movement “Execution Top” with Automatic winding, 25 jewels, Custom decorations, Blue screws and Rhodium plated finish. All decorations and craftsmanship is of the highest quality.
Technical details
Soprod A10-2 Swiss Made Mechanical movement “Execution Top”
Automatic winding
25 jewels, Custom decorations, Blue screws and Rhodium plated finish
38-hour power reserve when fully wound
Fine tuning: “Assortment Chronometer”
Shock protection: Incabloc
Adjusted to five positions

Surgical grade German Stainless Steel "316L".
Diameter: 40mm, height 13.5mm
Surface finish: Brushed Steel with hand-engraved decoration and 24k gold inlay
Sapphire Crystal with multi anti reflective coating on the inside
Solid Stainless Steel back
Screw down crown
Water-resistance: 1000 meters
Lug with: 20mm

Black dial made from volcanic ash with Arabic numerals and indexes
White Super-LumiNova material on numerals and indexes
Date display at six o'clock

Skeleton hands
Rhodium plated with white Super-LumiNova and Red tips and Red second hand

Handmade 20mm Black Shark skin with red stitching and JS Watch co. Reykjavik buckle or optional deployment clasp
Steel bracelet also available

SARCAR Goldfish

Goldfish is a domesticated freshwater creature well-loved for its colours and beauty appeal. It is the result of genetic mutations of the carp. Raised as highly prized rare pets by the rich and the noble, it was introduced by the Chinese to Japan then to Portugal and from there to other parts of Europe.

Treasured by the Asians and highly regarded in the Southern Europe as a symbol of luck and fortune, it was later introduced to North America and then to the United States. Known to have an average life span of about 10 years but with many having known to live over 25 years, this rare pet for centuries, had been embedded in the Chinese culture as a symbol of abundance of gold and harmony. Depicted in motifs in arts and crafts is the Japanese Kingyo culture, it subsequently found its way to aquariums of the noble families in France and are featured in the ponds of the famous Gardens of Versailles.

Taking more than four years of research and development involving many master artisans, designers and craftsmen, the Goldfish by Genève watch maker SARCAR is inspired by this beautiful creature.
Combining precious gems and ancient crafts by infusing age-old culture with traditional Swiss watch making techniques, SARCAR is set to surprise the whole watch industry with this most exclusive luxuriant timepiece. Apart from the designing of this exclusive luxury, it takes many hours of craftsmanship, utilising more than a thousand seven hundred precious gem-stones to bring it to reality and perfection.

The Baguette Blue Sapphires and the Emeralds, as well as the Diamonds are painstakingly selected for its colour, colour consistency, purity and cutting by master jewellers, a very costly process. The Blue Gold dial is the latest innovation involving a special technique by the most skilled jewellers, blending gold with a special material to deliver the highly expected ‘pond-like’ illusion. A hand-crafted rose and yellow gold twelve-leaf at the centre, each leaf denoting an hour of the 12-hour cycle brings the illusionary ‘pond-like’ beauty into a complete perfection.

The most out-standing feature is, of course the crafted diamond-set goldfish with its roving eye-balls that delivers a ‘blinking’ illusion. Swimming and hiding under the Emerald-set leaves and again out of the leaves involves a very unique mechanism that is created specifically by SARCAR’s craftsman, a technique that is yet unsurpassed.

Powered by an ultra-slim self-winding mechanism and with a most perfect matching gem-set bracelet completely hand crafted in gold, including the extraordinary screw-designed diamonds.

Technical details
Reference: A13008.Z01G
Model: The Goldfish

Vaucher Automatic (self-winding)

White Gold 18K
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Case diameter: Round 42mm
Back case: See thru Sapphire crystal
18K White Gold bezel set with invisible-set Baguette Blue Sapphires, 18K Sculptured Yellow Gold leaves with Emeralds and a central 0.70ct Cabochon Emerald
Diamond-set side case and lugs
Crown: Invisible-set Baguette Blue Sapphires with a diamond Solitaire

A handcrafted rose and yellow gold 12 leaf hour-marker on a Blue Gold ‘pond dial’ with a hand engraved yellow gold diamond-set Goldfish with roving diamond eyes.

Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald

Bracelet / Strap
18K White Gold set with Baguette Blue Sapphires and diamonds with four specially-designed diamond screws
Replaceable by a dual-sided alligator strap

REBELLION Sapphire 540 Magnum Tourbillon

This exclusive edition of REBELLION 540 Magnum Tourbillon boasts an incredible rectangular watch case crafted out of sapphire. Incorporating the state of the art diamond grinding techniques, the independent Swiss watch brand has extracted the eight elements that make up the transparent case of the 540 Magnum Tourbillon from specially cut sapphire blocks.

It all began with a mad challenge uttered in a defiant and passionate tone of voice. Some master watchmakers are plainly and simply masochistic. When taking up the insurmountable challenge announced by REBELLION TIMEPIECES, David Candaux had no idea what to expect. The task facing him was to make a case of sapphire crystal imagined by the designer Eric Giroud, which would already be complex enough as it is when made of steel, gold, titanium, or carbon. Armed with all the confidence of a true pioneer, somewhere between unawareness of danger and the wish not to disappoint anyone, he produced something that qualifies as a world premiere.
Inside this virile timepiece in XXL size is an extreme mechanism also developed by David Candaux, a recognized maker of movements.  The rectangular architecture of the REB T-14, with a double spring barrel, immediately catches the eye due to the large size of the tourbillon cage. Here, the mechanism devised by the brilliant watchmaker and physicist Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823) has been interpreted in a most original manner, with finishing and subtleties that testify to an extreme mastery of horological complications. With its 540 tenths of a millimeter circumference and a diameter of 17.2 millimeters – hence the name of the collection, 540 Magnum – the tourbillon pervades the entire dial from its magnesium cage, like a kinetic crater topping an active volcano.
Another thing to note is the world's smallest chain, to give legroom to the regulating ten-day power reserve indicator with conical gears. It’s a little reminder of the world of mechanical sports.

In order to optimize the visual impact of this piece, which is destined to be visually undressed, the mainplate was made of carbon fiber. The high-tech materials used, like the special aluminum alloy, provide the mechanism with the necessary rigidity and lightness. They also offer some dark and racy views composed of subtle interplay of shadows and light. Synergies that are now exposed to the fullest extent, in mysterious watch style thanks to the total transparency of the sapphire crystal.

Technical specifications

Features and functions
Openwork dial showcasing movement
14-day power reserve, conical gearing
Black-carbon Super-LumiNova tipped central hours and minutes
Black-carbon Super-LumiNova tipped skeletonized retrograde seconds hand at 6 o’clock
Chain-driven, arrowhead power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock
Roller-borne precision power reserve indicator at 7 o’clock
17.2mm 60-second tourbillon escapement at 4 o’clock, crenelated
Two relief-engraved mainspring barrels in series at 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock

Dial and hands
Open-work dial showcasing movement
Central skeletonized hour and minute hands
Double-braced ARCAP hour markers
Chain-driven, arrowhead power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock
Skeletonized titanium bridges

REB T-14
Proprietary movement developed for REBELLION Timepieces by David Candaux/Du Val Des Bois
Movement dimensions: 36.7mm x 36.7mm x 9mm
490 components
Materials include: titanium and carbon fiber
Tourbillon cage in special aluminum alloy
Tourbillon diameter: 17.2mm
Three-quarter back plate in carbon fiber
Two relief engraved mainspring barrels in series
Each barrel engraved with inspirational words
Barrel 1: “Passion” “Speed” “Rebel”
Barrel 2: “Extreme” “Victory” “Glory”
10-day regulating power reserve
Power reserve mechanism features high-efficiency conical gearing
Power reserve chain visible through case band window
Double-braced titanium bridges
Movement back engraved with “REBELLION 540 Magnum”; “38 Jewels”; “REB T14”; “D Candaux”;“Swiss”

Case and strap
Modular construction     
Case material: sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystals: Compound curves, beveled edges, anti-reflection treatment on both faces; case band window; display back    
Dimensions: 46mm x 56.7mm x 19.6mm    
Water resistance: 30m

Maîtres Du Temps - Fine Arts Pocket Watch Collection (12 Unique Watches Each Representing One of 12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac)

Maîtres du Temps continues its cultural approach to the conception of superlative timepieces with a merging of fine watchmaking and artistic expression. The next stage in the journey of Maîtres du Temps is the creation of a series of pocket watches, each a unique piece representing one of 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Dog
By manufacturing wristwatches embodying the aspirations and talents of the world’s finest watch makers, Maîtres du Temps demonstrated its commitment to technical excellence.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Dragon
In the Fine Arts Chapter, the collaboration embraces the aesthetic elements, looking to the Far East and using the Chinese decorative arts to complement a decidedly Swiss entity, realizing the essence of an objet d’art.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Goat
Blending the two cultures, the Asian and the European, demanded a second, simultaneous blend, that of Art and Mechanics.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Horse
The pocket watches embody the notions of both “Maîtres des Arts” and “Maîtres du Temps,” while also voicing a tenet close to the heart of Maîtres du Temps founder, Mr. Steven Holtzman: “Culture is like a bridge, one that connects the disparate elements of a civilization.”
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Monkey
For Mr. Fan Zeng, the artist undertaking this challenge, the occasion to work with Maîtres du Temps calls on his myriad talents as a renowned author, humanitarian, poet, and painter.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Ox
12 original paintings have been produced by Mr Fan Zeng to adorn the white onyx dials of watches that complement his technical specifications. It is yet another blend, one of simplicity and complexity.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Pig
The watch devised for this project shows only the hours and the minutes, yet its back reveals a power reserve indicator and a one-minute tourbillon.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Rabbit
Each dial highlights both the animal and the personality traits of the zodiac sign it represents.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Rat
Mr Fan Zeng also includes human beings in the design, to better convey the spirit of each sign, from the delightful Year of The Pig and Year of the Rabbit, to the majesty of the Year of the Dragon.
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Rooster
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Snake      
Maîtres Du Temps Fine Arts Pocket Watch Pièce Unique: Tiger
Technical details
Pièce unique – each piece representing one of 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac

Caliber SHC08
Manual winding mechanical movement
Dimensions: 32.8 mm x 6.36 mm
Number of components: 207
Number of jewels: 33
Power reserve: 60 hours
Tourbillon rotation: 60 seconds
Balance frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
Finishing: Côtes de Genève, perlage, hand beveling, polished screw heads, straight-grained steelwork

18K Red Gold
Number of components:  23
Diameter: 46 mm
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Display back: sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
High polish and satin finishes

Miniature hand painting on white Onyx

Central hour and minutes hands
Power reserve indicator on the back side
One-minute tourbillion on the back side

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Collection

In the 1990s, Maurice Lacroix had an iconic quartz watch, the Calypso that graced the wrists of many style conscious wearers and proved very successful.

In 2016, Maurice Lacroix, has updated this iconic watch, aptly named the AIKON; a timepiece with a new, contemporary design, honed to modern tastes. Each element of the AIKON's specification exudes luxury with fine quality finishing and a high precision quartz movement. The new AIKON is available in three distinct models, AIKON Ladies 35mm, AIKON Gents 42mm and, the ultimate expression of sportiness, the AIKON Chronograph 44mm.
AIKON Ladies 35mm
The round case of the new AIKON features a prominent bezel, incorporating six 'arms' which embrace its form. This aspect of the design confers a unique contrast. On one hand, the arms represent strength and robustness while, conversely, they characterise a caring and loving embrace.
AIKON Ladies 35mm
In watchmaking there is a long tradition of companies offering 'his' and 'hers' timepieces where couples choose to be reminded of each other by wearing a similar watch. The AIKON upholds this tradition. However, whilst both male and female watches share a strong likeness, there are subtle differences.
AIKON Chronograph 44mm
The case and bracelet of the gents’ AIKON models incorporate assertive, sharp, strong lines, whilst the ladies’ AIKON models feature smoother, gentler, curving details. Clearly, both male and female models share a strong likeness to each other. However, through its design expertise, Maurice Lacroix has refined the small details of the timepieces created for both genders, leading to the AIKON perfectly meeting the needs of stylish wearers, now and in the future.

The AIKON Ladies 35mm
The AIKON Ladies 35mm exudes femininity while offering the convenience of a quartz movement. The beauty of the stainless steel case is heightened with the choice of three dial options, silver, black or mother of pearl.
The mother of pearl is paired with sumptuous diamond-set indexes. Choice is a key aspect of AIKON ownership and prospective wearers can choose from a luxurious 5-rows stainless steel bracelet or high quality, calf-leather strap.

The AIKON Gents 42mm
The AIKON Gents 42mm is a resolutely masculine watch. The angles on the case, bezel and bracelet are assertive and sharply defined. This timepiece has a neat, flat sapphire crystal, allowing it to reside tidily beneath a fashionable shirtcuff. The dial is available in galvanic silver or galvanic black options. The premium quality calf leather straps, offered in various optimally matched colors, proffer warmth.
Alternatively, highly practical metal bracelets are available in either plain stainless steel or steel and2N gold. These bracelets are of high quality construction, incorporating double folding clasps, delivering a comfortable and secure fit. This feature is available on the other models within the AIKON collection.

The AIKON Chronograph 44mm
The AIKON Chronograph 44mm offers superb wrist presence, exhibiting a strong character and confident persona. Similar to other AIKON watches, this timepiece provides excellent legibility and, courtesy of its thoughtful case design, delivers exceptional wearer comfort. This is a watch equipped with a convenient stop- watch complication, proving ideal for measuring elapsed periods of time when vital seconds matter.
Available with a choice of silver, black or cool blue dials, the AIKON Chronograph 44mm harnesses the greatness of an iconic watch from the past whilst delivering a new look for the future.

Maurice Lacroix - New Eliros Collection : Eliros 40mm Gent, Eliros 30mm Lady, Eliros 40mm Chrono & Eliros 40mm Moon

The Eliros is a classically designed watch which graces the wrists of stylish wearers, imparting time with precision and reliability.

In 2016, Maurice Lacroix, consistent with its culture of continuous improvement, has revisited its Eliros collection. The latest models incorporate numerous specification improvements, including a higher level of finishing typically only found on more expensive timepieces within the Maurice Lacroix family of models.
The new case design features additional curving edges and a new convex profile to the sapphire crystal. The lugs incorporate new curved, optimally balanced contours, delivering improved ergonomics. Gracing the vertical plane of the crown, the brand's 'M' logo is more defined and sits adjacent a frosted surface, also conferring improved tactility. The caseback of the new Eliros is flatter, proving neater and delivering improved wearer comfort.
Eliros 40mm Gent & Eliros 30mm Lady
New three-dimensional indexes have been introduced to the dial, delivering a sumptuous depth to the face of each model. Dial clarity is improved with the addition of an anti-reflective treatment on the sapphire crystals of all models.
Eliros 40mm Chrono
The new high-grade calf-leather straps, available in a range of exciting shades, prove softer to touch and feature the ‘easy strap exchange' facility, allowing the wearer to alter the appearance of their watch in seconds.
Eliros 40mm Moon
Some models are also available with a choice of a Milanese bracelet, with its notable flexibility, or an elegant 9-rows metal bracelet. At the heart of each Eliros model is a high quality, Swiss quartz movement, delivering superb precision and requiring little input on the part of the wearer.

The Eliros 40mm Gent
The three hands of the Eliros 40mm Gent communicate the prevailing time with stylish ease. A date display completes the inventory of functions presented. There are no confusing details to distract the wearer; everything is clear and simple to interpret. Now delivered in a new, larger case this watch provides impressive wrist presence, whilst proving slender and comfortable to wear. It is offered in a steel or 4N gold plated case, in a choice of five different dial colours.
A new selection of straps is offered, including interesting calf leather options which acquire an attractive patina over time. The pin buckle gracing the new Eliros 40mm Gent, in common with all new Eliros models, has been upgraded and now features exquisite detailing, seldom seen at this price point.

The Eliros 30mm Lady
Choice is a luxury everyone appreciates and Maurice Lacroix offers many options with the new Eliros30mm Lady. Stainless steel cases are partnered with a choice of white lacquered, black gold or black sun-brushed dial options.
For ladies seeking the ultimate expression of Eliros ownership, a mouth watering chocolate sunray dial with gemset bezel is offered. This timepiece is presented in a 4N gold plated case, paired with Maurice Lacroix's unique regal strap, evincing a stylish, silk-like appearance.

The Eliros 40mm Chrono
The calm, relaxed temperament of the Eliros collection provides an interesting contrast with the notion of recording elapsed time where speed is critical and fractions of a second matter. However, the Eliros 40mm Chrono simultaneously combines both characteristics in one harmonious composition. This year's interpretation of the Eliros Chrono features a date aperture at 4:30. It is also presented with a breathtaking selection of dial options.
Further choice is provided with the option of steel or, for the first time, a 4N gold plated case. Once more, in common with other Eliros models, subtle details heighten ownership delight. The mixture of satin brush and polished surfaces exploit ambient light to eye-catching effect.
The Eliros 40mm Moon
Maurice Lacroix has a tradition of offering watches equipped with a moon- phase indication. It was therefore inevitable that the company would ultimately bring this enchanting complication to a new audience by housing it within the accessibly priced Eliros collection.
The Eliros 40mm Moon is equipped with both a moon-phase indication, located below noon, and a date display. The timepiece still retains the clean, simple to interpret expression of time common to all Eliros models, whilst bestowing the romantic allure of a nocturnal sky adorned with the moon and the stars.

Maurice Lacroix - New Pontos Collection: Pontos 41mm Day Date, Pontos 41mm Power Reserve & Pontos 43mm Chronograph

Over the last 20 years, the Pontos collection by Maurice Lacroix has subtly evolved, continuously improved and become, unquestionably, an emblematic model for this dynamic Swiss watch brand. All models within the collection succinctly converse with the wearer, imparting information in a simple to interpret form.

This year, Maurice Lacroix has released three new versions of the Pontos, each upholding the model's enviable reputation for legibility whilst delivering more; much more in fact.

Maurice Lacroix, consistent with its culture of innovation and underlying 'passion for progress', continuously seeks to enhance its timepieces and this is perfectly illustrated with the release of the new Pontos models. The changes for 2016 incorporate numerous specification improvements whilst the model range still remains recognisable as the Maurice Lacroix Pontos, sporty and elegant timepieces, emblematic of the forward-thinking culture of this dynamic brand. Each component is the result of prolonged consideration, delivering the maximum aesthetic and functional merit.
Pontos 41mm Day Date
A key aspect of the new Pontos collection is the design characteristics shared with each new model, including a new, enhanced case design delivering improved aesthetics, feel and wearer comfort. The curving lugs feature a stepped profile adding to the allure of the case. The crown protectors fuse with the case band more harmoniously, extending outwards to the sunbrushed sides of the lugs.
Pontos 41mm Power Reserve
The finish of each element has been upgraded, conferring a sumptuous feel to each Pontos model. There is an increased interplay of polished and brushed surfaces, heightening the sense of luxury.

The dial of each model is new and includes applied, faceted indexes, luminescent treatment and stylish sun-brushed detail, offered in an array of eye-catching shades. Water resistance of the new Pontos models has increased to 10 atm and each watch is now fitted with a screwed crown. The double folding clasp with push buttons is a further enhancement, according a superior fit and proffering greater wearer comfort. A new range of high quality, luxurious calf leather straps complements the Pontos models, conferring greater softness and improving the wearer's experience.
Pontos 43mm Chronograph
The double folding clasp with push buttons on the buckle of all the new Pontos models features perlage, a decoration synonymous with high-end watchmaking and intended to induce a smile of appreciation on the wearer's face.

Each Pontos model is equipped with a high quality, automatic mechanical movement, delivering precision and reliability while harnessing fine Swiss craftsmanship.
Pontos 43mm Chronograph
Indeed, the new Pontos Collection is so emblematic of Maurice Lacroix's brand values that the brand's 'M' logo adopts greater prominence on the dial, calf leather strap and crown.

The Pontos 41mm Day Date
The new Pontos 41mm Day Date is slightly larger and features a new case design employing more curves. The case is finished to a higher standard, delivering greater ownership delight and value.
Maurice Lacroix has delivered a breathtaking choice of 11 different variants, including five different dial colours, a new 3-rows metal bracelet and a selection of colour coordinated calf leather straps featuring the company's 'M' logo. But perhaps most importantly, the newly designed dials enhance ease of read- off, proving user-friendly and stylish in equal measure, upholding the reputation the Pontos has for its clarity of purpose.
At the heart of the Pontos 41mm Day Date is an automatic mechanical movement, the ML 143.

The Pontos 41mm Power Reserve
The Pontos 41mm Power Reserve, whilst equipped with an automatic movement, may require winding if the watch has not been worn for several days. A power-reserve indicator, located at 8 o’clock, informs the wearer when it is necessary to manually wind the watch, effectively refilling the fuel tank. However, beyond the functionality of the power-reserve indicator, the Pontos 41mm Power Reserve offers much style.
Available in a choice of silver or black sun-brushed dials, offered with a 3-rowsbracelet or contrasting calf leather strap, it is the attention to detail which distinguishes the Pontos 41mm Power Reserve as exceptional within its market segment.

The Pontos 43mm Chronograph
The dial of a chronograph, by virtue of the quantity of information it presents, can potentially appear overwhelming. It is therefore the task of a skilled design team to create a watch which converses with the wearer simply, with clear and precise dialogue. Consistent with the reputation of the Pontos
collection for succinct communication with the wearer, the new Pontos 43mm Chronograph imparts information in a user-friendly form.
Two chronograph registers are arranged along a north to south axis, a 30-minute subdial below noon and a 12-hour chronograph counter above 6 o'clock. The latter subdial incorporates a date display. A small second’s display is also presented at 9 o'clock.

The elegantly sporty, Pontos 43mm Chronograph is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, the ML 112.

Maurice Lacroix - Masterpiece Skeleton & Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton

This year, Maurice Lacroix reveals two new models which provide a fascinating glimpse into the microscopic world of horology, the Masterpiece Skeleton and the Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton.

The Masterpiece Skeleton
The Masterpiece Skeleton does not use a conventional dial, instead the wearer is presented with the main bridge arranged in several spoke-like elements. The large spaces in between each double spoke allow the numerous movement parts to be seen.
The wearer is indulged with a spectacular view of the mainspring, the balance, the winding stem and many other movement parts normally hidden from view. The skilled team of watchmakers at Maurice Lacroix ensures that each component is executed to a blemish free standard.
At the heart of this watch is the Maurice Lacroix Manufacture movement ML134. This hand- wound movement features grand colimaçon and sandblasted detail on the main bridge, delivered in a choice of black gold or blue CVD.
Fine Swiss craftsmanship is much in evidence and sits side by side with the contemporary design. The case measures 43mm in diameter, delivering much wrist presence. The hour and minute hands feature luminescent coating, enhancing legibility at night. A small second’s display is located adjacent 9o’clock, floating above the open- worked main bridge.

The Masterpiece Skeleton Chronograph
The Masterpiece Skeleton Chronograph combines the technical demands of an open-worked movement with a highly useful complication, the chronograph. The 45mm diameter case is offered in three options; steel case with silver toned dial, black PVD case with matching dial and, lastly, a luxurious steel cased option pairing a silver dial with a 4N solid gold bezel.
The case on each model masterfully blends contrasting polished and satin brushed surfaces, delivering a sumptuous, highly attractive appearance. Moreover, the arrangement of the various parts of the movement delivers a fascinating array of depths, inviting the wearer to look at each element of the watch.
Appearing for the first time is a new automatic chronograph movement, produced exclusively for Maurice Lacroix. This movement features high-end finishing, including Côtes de Genève motif on the bridges and oscillating mass.

The hour and minute hands are diamond-cut, lined with luminescent coating, delivering a green emission in restricted light. At 3 o'clock, a 30-minute chronograph is presented, whilst opposite, at 9o'clock, a small second’s display resides. At the heart of the small seconds display a revolving 'M' logo rotates with absolute precision, providing a fitting signature for this latest Masterpiece from Maurice Lacroix.

Avenir Métiers D’art First Prize INMA 2015 Won by a Watch Presentation Box Created For Vacheron Constantin

Within the context of the partnership between the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Vacheron Constantin and École Boulle, Corentin Ollivau and ClémentDemarson, two students at the school, created a watch presentation box. This unique objet d’art won first prize in the Avenir Métiers d’Art – INMA 2015 (future of artistic crafts) national award.

The Avenir Métiers d’Art – INMA (French National Institute of Artistic Crafts, Paris) prizes reward young people in training, future stakeholders in the economic life of these professions driven by passion and creativity, and encourage them to highlight their creativity as well as their knowhow. This year, the first prize in the Avenir Métiers d’Art (future of artistic crafts) competition was awarded to the graduation project of the young engraver Corentin Ollivau and wood turner Clément Demarson, two final-year students at École Boulle.
Within the framework of the project jointly undertaken by Vacheron Constantin and École Boulle entitled “Métiers d’Art et design: échange d’expertise et de compétence” (Artistic crafts and design: sharing expertise and competence),  the two students created an exceptional presentation box intended for a Vacheron Constantin watch, crafted in the purest artisan-style traditions of their respective arts: engraving and woodturning. Inspired by the city of Paris, the presentation box created by the tandem is made from multi-layered chequer tree wood (a cousin of the pear tree) and features a circular shape displaying an exceptional engraved map of the City of Light at its centre.
The sides of the presentation box conceal a drawer serving to store various tools, while the watch is revealed by means of an ingenious mechanism created using gear trains. The watch is thus highlighted on a platform at the centre of the presentation box, positioned above the engraved map of Paris. This one-of-a-kind model will be exhibited at the Vacheron Constantin boutique onthe Rue de la Paix in Paris.

The partnership between Vacheron Constantin and École Boulle, one of Europe’s largest art and design schools, provides an ideal framework for promoting and sharing competence in the domain of artistic crafts, and exchange competencies in the field of artistic crafts. The “Métiers d’Art et design: échange d’expertise et de compétence” (Artistic crafts and design: sharing expertise and competence), programme scheduled to run until 2017 consists in entrusting students with creative projects supervised and supported by the designers and craft masters of the Manufacture. The goal is to accompany future craft masters of fine artisanship in their education and training, and to initiate them into the world of Haute Horlogerie.

This partnership with École Boulle is part of the mandate of the Vacheron Constantin Institute for Human Capital and Crafts Development. Created in 2013, the Institute is designed to safeguard skills and attentively follow the work of the men and women who daily strive to perpetuate a name that has been writing some of the finest chapters in Haute Horlogerie for more than 260 years.

Tissot T-Race MotoGPTM Automatic Limited Edition 2016

The Tissot T-Race MotoGP TM Automatic Limited Edition 2016 proudly portrays the depth of the partnership between MotoGP TM and the Swiss watch brand. It features a carbon effect dial, on top of which various anthracite details give it its rich design.
The two partners are reflected in the watch. It has the precision of the Timekeeper and the illustrations of the bikes with the counters that resemble the bike dashboard, a brake-disk bezel, tyre tread on the back of the bracelet all the way to a rear suspension rode in the bracelet’s attachment to the case.
A see-through caseback with the wheel shape means the inner workings of the well-crafted Swiss timing can be easily admired. The indices and Super-LumiNova® on the hands keep the sporting theme strong, while the flashes of red in the stripes and on the chronograph hands hint at the passion that goes into every single Tissot watch and the racers on the circuits.
Technical details
Swiss made
Automatic movement
316L stainless steel case with black PVD coating and see-through caseback
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Water resistance up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)
Synthetic strap with folding clasp and push-buttons
Limited edition of 3333 pieces
Moto GP presentation box

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