Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ali & Co - Mysterali and Alicious (Reversible Watches Equipped With Mastercard Prepaid Chip)

Ali & Co was born in 2011 as a fantastic alliance. One the one side — Ali, a man with an untrammelled imagination and the will to see his ideas made reality; and on the other side — Co, his genie, a creature of infinite curiosity and a predilection for whimsy and mischief.

This year at Baselworld, Ali & Co has presented Mysterali and Alicious, reversible watches each equipped with a MasterCard Prepaid chip, opening up a new paradigm of possibilities.

After several years of research in order to translate their dreams into a tangible reality, Ali & Co have materialised their first two horological projects, Mysterali and Alicious.
Conceived, designed and developed in Switzerland, Mysterali and Alicious incorporate a MasterCard Prepaid chip directly within their straps, bringing unprecedented flexibility to the wearer’s life. In line with this philosophy of ultimate lifestyle versatility, both Mysterali and Alicious are dual-orientation watches.
The MasterCard Prepaid chip embedded in the strap of every Mysterali and Alicious watch will define a watershed era of ease and convenience in your life. When making a purchase, simply present your Ali & Co watch to the contactless payment terminal.

For transactions where contactless payment is not available, use the traditional MasterCard Prepaid card (included with each purchase of a Mysterali or Alicious watch) that is linked with the chip in your watch. Replacement of the chip after three years is done as easily and securely as with any other credit card system.

A highly secure digital platform, protected by the latest advances in online encryption, is used to load credit to your account quickly and easily. A host of support functions and networked services, such as funds transfer, micro-credit and crowd funding will be provided for a truly fluid experience on the proprietary Ali & Co platform, available to anyone with an Ali & Co watch. For the first time, manage your purchasing and credit flow the way you’ve always dreamed of — without obstacles.

Mysterali is a Swiss-made watch with a quartz movement. It contains an EMV chip linked with a prepaid credit card that is included with initial purchase of the watch, maximising the number of payment options available to you.
The hands appear to be moving through invisible means, suspended in the middle of the fully transparent dial — a reference to the horological tradition of mystery clocks and watches, and also an allusion to the near-magical convenience that Ali & Co will bring to your life.

A patent has been awarded on the movement, which utilises an innovative mechanism to adapt the mystery time display for a quartz watch without a stabilising central axis.
Turn the watch over and the immediate shock of seeing the hands proceed anti-clockwise is undercut by the inescapable logic of it — time being kept as precisely and as impeccably as we’ve ever known, but told in a fundamentally unfamiliar way.

The first Mysterali collection will be available in four versions, each with their own personality-infused recto and verso, each designed to reflect the perfectly balanced yet diametrically opposed characteristics in human nature.

The first has a black with a red underside, sober with an undercurrent of sensuality. The next is black with a blue underside, ultimate pragmatism with a flipside of electrifying sky-high creativity. There is white with red — tranquillity in counterpoint to dynamic energy. Lastly there is the black and white, speaking the universal code of dualism.

The second collection of Ali & Co is by far the more accessible, priced at CHF 79, and designed with a friendlier approach in mind. Alicious is also reversible, with the same four colour variations as its sibling collection Mysterali.
Two analogue dials inhabit each Alicious watch, one with the expected hours and minutes indicated by hand, the other with hours indicated at the dial periphery and the minutes in a six o’clock window.

Despite having two movements in each case, the Alicious remains infinitely suited to a variety of lifestyles and wardrobe options, with a case measuring 11.8mm in height.

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