Sunday, March 6, 2016

BREEZE 2016 Collection

Feminine  but  never  predictable,  the  2016  Collection  by  BREEZE  skilfully  mixes  the brand’s sunny Mediterranean DNA with the latest fashion trends: 12 styles composed by 80 pieces, in an amazing color-pallet specially developed by BREEZE, all carrying exquisite designing details and superior quality characteristics.

With  BREEZE  2016  Collection,  the  boundaries  between  sporty  attitude  and  fashion become even more blurred: amplified unique details and a “borrowed from the boys” attitude (androgynous style, enlarged index numbers) get mixed with jet-set aesthetics and a strong Mediterranean essence resulting to an easy-chic, super-contemporary look. All BREEZE styles will be worn, in every occasion, with every look, 24 hours a day, at work, at lunch break, for a drink or for dinner, updating the look of a woman in an instance.
Quality has always been one of BREEZE ’s main features. Solid stainless steel bracelets in shiny or matt finishing, chronograph movements, two-level dials, case-attached strap architecture, screw-in crown and 100m water resistance are only a few of the characteristics in the 2016 Collection where quality and design complement one another, expressing the extremely dynamic BREEZE World.

BREEZE will never be ordinary. The new collection, defines - and redefines - once again the metropolitan, daring spirit and brings the cutting edge philosophy of the brand to any situation of a woman’s daily life: “clean” lines with one-of-a-kind embossed designs, stunning dial bases with amazing color gradations, gorgeous metallic plates in same finishing as the cases, breath-taking contrasting effects and fine, delicate patterns on silicone straps, are all part of a great BREEZE story, tailored for demanding women who want to be casual-chic in any case.

Born in Athens, in 2013, BREEZE is designed and developed by a family-based company with a 50 years watch-tradition and expertise. Despite the brand’s immediate block-buster sales story, the company has never stopped to exercise absolute control of design, sourcing, marketing and customer-service, ensuring the brand’s fashion-forward reputation and achieving a perfect balance between high-quality standards and affordability.

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