Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rodania launches new, high-quality Belgian watch brand Manfred+Cracco

The Belgian watch brand Rodania is introducing its latest line: Manfred+Cracco. The new label combines Swiss quality, craftsmanship, affordability and a fashionable design. It is an exciting new brand with a fascinating history.

With headquarters in Belgium, Montebi supplies Belgian timepieces of Swiss Made quality in the form of brands such as Rodania 1930 and Manfred+Cracco. The brand-new Manfred+Cracco line is characterised by on-trend designs and an eye for detail. The brand pays tribute to the entrepreneurs Manfred Aebi and Philip Cracco, Aebi took charge of the Rodania brand in 1951 at young age and was key to its success. Philip Cracco, a true entrepreneur noticed the need for an individual and savvy watch brand.
Manfred+Cracco Maddis
As a young watch brand, Manfred+Cracco’s mission is to re-define the market. Not only do these watches complement each other on design and quality, they also become an extension of your personality. You can personalise your watch to match your mood, outfit, or a special occasion with the interchangeable straps.
Manfred+Cracco Morris
Manfred+Cracco watches come in a variety of combinations: the first collection consists of four styles, each with its own identity. The Maddis is a timeless classic; Jackie has been given a feminine touch with the addition of Swarovski™ stones. Morris has a hint of rawness with its brushed finish; and last but not least, the Vega is a mesh watch with a sunray brushed dial.
Manfred+Cracco Jackie
Furthermore, each case is available in three sizes and colours: stainless steel, gold and rose gold. With the interchangeable straps, which are available in a wide variety of colours, leather and dynamic patterns.

The ultimate finishing touch to each Manfred+Cracco watch is the characteristic Swiss cross, engraved in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Acting as a quality label and unique design element, the cross is also a nod to the duo Manfred+Cracco, both true entrepreneurs in the history and future of Rodania.
Manfred+Cracco Vega
The prices of the watches vary between €199 and €229; the interchangeable straps are sold separately for €29or €39.

Rodania has come a long way since it was founded in 1930. Since 2015, its parent group, the Montebi, has once again been in Belgian hands. Rodania is standing on the brink to occupy a niche in the market as strong standing SWISS MADE brand appealing to a young audience. Quality and design remain the brand’s essential cornerstones.


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