Friday, March 4, 2016

VARIO NATO Straps – Colourful and Vibrant

In place of traditional leather straps and bracelets, lots of watch lovers chose NATO straps thanks to its flexibility and reliability. However presently there are fewer options if you wish you desire a vibrant and colourful NATO straps to suit any occasion.
Singapore based professional graphic designer Ivan Chua has created some special NATO straps to customize the looks of wristwatches. Under the brand name VARIO, he presents a selection of 10 unique printed themes in 3 different sizes (18, 20,22mm) for his custom VARIO straps.
In addition to the specific qualities of Nato straps, the VARIO interchangeable straps are vibrant, colourful, and suits to wear on different occasions.
Presently these VARIO interchangeable straps are available through online crowd funding site indiegogo. Prices start from 22 USD.

Please visit the following link to order:-

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