Sunday, April 3, 2016

Longines Equestrian Collection – New Models

As a token of its long-running passion for equestrian sports and its commitment to its lady customers, Longines expands The Longines Equestrian Collection with the creation of new models inspired by the rectangular buckle on the show bridle of the only Swiss horse breed, the Franches-Montagnes. While remaining true to the elegance that characterizes the winged hourglass brand, these models have been created as an allegory to the equestrian world.
Longines' history and the history of equestrian sports have been intertwined for over a century. It was therefore natural for the brand to dedicate a collection to this passion. The various models of The Longines Equestrian Collection are linked by their references to the equine world. Shapes and materials derive their inspiration from symbolic elements of this environment, like a sublime echo of the world of horse lovers. Longines thus celebrates the elegance of riders and their mounts.

These new models mirror the overall distinctive attributes of The Longines Equestrian Collection, and are dedicated to female equestrian sports lovers. On their wrist, the hands waltz to the rhythm of time and merge with the pace of the horses.
Available in four sizes, these new steel models house a quartz movement. The polished black-lacquered, white mother-of-pearl and silver-coloured checkerboard pattern dials are all decorated with diamond indexes, while the silver-coloured “flinqué” dial is decorated with blue Roman numerals and the matte white dial is adorned with black Arabic numerals.
The elegance of these timepieces is sometimes elevated by a ribbon of diamonds that enhances the harmonious curves of the case. These models are fitted with steel bracelets or leather straps; the latter stitched to match the outfits of female riders.

Technical details
Model: The Longines Equestrian Collection – Buckle

Reference numbers   
Steel models
L6.140.4.57/13/71/77/87.x    19.20 x 28.00 mm
L6.141.4.57/13/71/77/87.x    22.00 x 32.00 mm
L6.142.4.57/13/71/77/87.x    24.70 x 36.00 mm
L6.143.4.57/13/71/77/87.x    26.00 x 38.00 mm

Steel models set with diamonds
L6.140.0.57/13/71/77/87.x    19.20 x 28.00 mm
L6.141.0.57/13/71/77/87.x    22.00 x 32.00 mm
L6.142.0.57/13/71/77/87.x    24.70 x 36.00 mm
L6.143.0.57/13/71/77/87.x    26.00 x 38.00 mm

Quartz movements
L963 (ETA 280.002): 19.20 x 28.00 mm models
L178 (ETA 980.153): 22.00 x 32.00 mm models
L176 (ETA 980.163): 24.70 x 36.00 mm models & 26.00 x 38.00 mm models

Hours and minutes: 19.20 x 28.00 mm models
Hours, minutes and small seconds at 6 o’clock:
22.00 x 32.00 mm, 24.70 x 36.00 mm and 26.00 x 38.00 mm models

Rectangular, in stainless steel
19.20 x 28.00 mm
22.00 x 32.00 mm
24.70 x 36.00 mm
26.00 x 38.00 mm
Rectangular, in stainless steel set with diamonds
56 diamonds, 0.280 carats, Top Wesselton VVS: 19.20 x 28.00 mm
58 diamonds, 0.394 carats, Top Wesselton VVS: 22.00 x 32.00 mm
60 diamonds, 0.504 carats, Top Wesselton VVS: 24.70 x 36.00mm
60 diamonds, 0.624 carats, Top Wesselton VVS: 26.00 x 38.00 mm

Sapphire crystal with multilayered anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: Up to 3 bar (30 meters)

White mother-of-pearl, 13 diamond indexes
Black-lacquered polished, 13 diamond indexes
Mat white, 12 painted Arabic numerals
Silver-coloured “flinqué”, 12 painted Roman numerals
Silver-coloured “checkerboard”, 12 diamond indexes

Blued steel or rhodium-plated feather

Steel with folding clasp
Brown or black leather with buckle

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