Monday, May 30, 2016

Pheidippides Watches - The Porthole

Named after the Greek messenger who ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over the Persians, Pheidippides Watches announces its grand entry into the world of watch making by launching uniquely designed timepieces.

Based in the Netherlands and established by Rogier van de Ree, Pheidippides Watches started its operations in 2015 as a creative idea growing into a brand that holds creativity as a leitmotiv. For the new brand, Rogier van de Ree has designed three timepieces: The Inkpot, The Porthole and The Hourglass. The Inkpot was his first design and the first working prototype was ready in December 2015. Prototypes of The Porthole were finished in March this year, and the development of The Hourglass is on progress.

Recently, Pheidippides Watches has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the promotion of The Porthole Collection. Incorporating state of the art Swiss components and manufactured in Germany, the timepieces from the Porthole Collection stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique features.
The most attracting feature of the Porthole watch is its dial which offers a simple yet unique way of telling the time. The hour markers on the glossy blue lacquered dial resemble buoys floating on the sea surface, with dots of Superluminova lighting in the dark. The hour and minute hands have holes at the end with the matching dimensions of the luminous part of the hour markers.
When the minute hand moves over a marker it will cover it precisely and the Superluminova will glow through the matching hole. Both hour and minute hands feature Superluminova on the back, which make them visible at night in their own shadow. 
The seconds hand, which looks like a droplet of water, completes the nautical theme of the dial.
For the case, Rogier van de Ree has chosen bronze, the material associated with nautical world since centuries. Measuring 42mm in diameter, the spherical case in polished finish has a round footprint and a semi-circular side that flows seamlessly into the curve of the glass.
The polished bronze has a lively colour and develops a beautiful patina over the years making each watch unique over the time.
The moveable lugs made of polished stainless steel give a nice contrast to the bronze case and matching the polished hands. The innovatively designed crown echoes the shape of case.
Turning the case, you can find the screw in caseback fitted with a transparent sapphire crystal that offers the view of mechanical automatic movement equipped with customised rotor.
The movement that powers the timepiece is STP5-15 Swiss Made automatic calibre produced by Swiss Technology Production, a Fossil group venture.
Parts of the watches such as Glasses, hands, dials and movements are supplied from Switzerland. The case is custom build in a German workshop which is specialised in the jewelry making. The final assembly of the watch will be conducted in Germany by a master watchmaker along with Rogier van de Ree, founder of Pheidippides Watches.
Tested for a water resistance up to 100 meters, each timepiece will come fitted with a French brown genuine leather or black silicone tapered strap featuring a custom made stainless steel pin buckle.
Rogier van de Ree has recently launched a indiegogo campaign to raise funds to produce a limited series of 300 watches from the Porthole Collection. Pre-order price starts from 695 Euros.

For more details please visit the indiegogo link:

Technical details
Polished bronze case and screw-in see-through back, 42mm in diameter and 12.3mm thick
Polished stainless steel movable lugs, stretched out lug-to-lug size is 55mm, 22mm wide
Blue lacquered dial
Polished nickel hands and hour markers filled with C5 Superluminova
Sapphire glasses top and bottom
Swiss mechanical movement: STP5-15 by Swiss Technology Production
French brown genuine leather or black silicone tapered strap, size 22/20mm
Custom made stainless steel pin buckle
10 bar water resistance

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