Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wristwatch Revival - A Traditional Wristwatch in a Digital Age

We live in an age where technology is everywhere; we are connected to a screen at almost every second throughout our day. With the digital clock on our phones blinking up at us it’s no surprise many millennials are abandoning the custom of investing in traditional timepieces, but the watches we wear are so much more than a simple instrument for telling the time. They have the power to make a personality statement about the person wearing it. So why should you wear a classic timepiece in place of reaching for your phone?

Anti-Social Screen checks
It’s no secret we are a nation of technology addicts, we’re connected from the minute we wake up until the minute we go to sleep. Though have you ever experienced a friend or colleague glancing at their phone whilst talking to you? We’ve all been there and suffered offence through their lack of manners, however, those who choose to invest in a watch avoid this social faux pas and can check the time subtly.

Why root around haplessly in a dusty pocket to anxiously check the time? When in a meeting or having a lunch with a friend looking at your phone is the height of bad manners, but all this can be avoided. A smart wristwatch allows for subtle time checks, without the obviousness of staring at a screen.

82% of people in a recent survey expressed they found those who use mobile phones in social situations are detrimental to the conversation. Before falling into the trap of checking your phone for the time, stop to consider how this action will make you look. Avoid aggravated sideways glances from others by looking at your watch instead.

Not only does checking your phone when in company upset those around you, it can also infringe on your day when alone. Many of us have looked to our phone with the intentions of doing nothing more than checking the time, though we’ve then found ourselves half an hour later completely lost in Youtube or Facebook having wasted our day staring into the infinite oblivion of the internet. The watch you wear has one unique purpose which it does expertly, rather than being distracted by the technological interruptions of today’s world you should consider investing in a timepiece that allows you to live in the present. Today where it seems all our products have amalgamated into one super-product, it’s refreshing to look down at your wrist and see one item that does just one job perfectly.

Battery Anxiety 
Studies show that 34% of 25-34-year-olds have felt overwhelmed by the technological based lifestyle we live, with knots appearing in our stomachs as our battery trickles towards zero. Why not ditch the smartphone as your time source and invest in a wrist piece that has little or no chance of losing its battery compared to its technologically advanced counterpart.  Kinetic watches are powered using the energy of motion; the wearer operates the engine by natural movements such as waving, walking or shaking hands.

This energy is then stored in the watches capacitor and released over time.  Kinetic watches are often known as automatic-quartz watches as they combine the best parts of automatic and quartz watches. Like an automatic, a kinetic timepiece has a self-winding mechanism but it also uses a quartz mechanism to time keep, which is more accurate than mechanical. These low maintenance pieces save you money on batteries and is perfect for those with an aim to live a life with minimal technology interruptions and an anxiety-free life. Wearing a watch instead of carrying a phone is also a convenient way to check the time when a phone is inappropriate to carry, such as funerals or summer days on the beach. 

Showcase your Style 
Watches are not just the ideal escape for the technological age we live in, but can be used as an extension of our personalities. This is especially true for men as their options for accessorising are minuscule in comparison to women’s choices. Other than cufflinks or a wedding band there are not many other ways to communicate a man’s sense of style through accessories. Your watch can communicate who you are without words, whether sporty, simplistic or a lover of luxury, with a range of timepieces coming with the ability to change their straps for different occasions you can instantly change your outfit through accessorising. Today it’s common practice for husbands to be to receive a luxury watch from their fiancé to be cherished for years to come.

Ideal Heirlooms
With the rise of technology we’ve seen our physical possessions deplete, with the outlooks of heirlooms looking grim. The decision to purchase a luxury watch is an investment, not only due to the fact that you will get many years of pleasure and use from it personally, but it’s also an investment for the future emotionally and in a monetary sense. Watches made of precious metals hold long term value and the gift of an heirloom is invaluable to those who have lost a loved one. While the gift of money offers little comfort to a child or relative who has lost a loved one, a quality watch is a heartfelt reminder that can be carried with them daily after you’re gone and for generations to come.

Investing in a timepiece is just that, like anything else of value it’s important it is cared for correctly to ensure it’s in its best working condition. With the right expert care, your watch will last not only during your lifetime but throughout the lives of your loved ones and beyond. It's recommended your watch is serviced every five years or so, but your manufacturers guarantee will have specific instructions. Today we all live incredibly busy lives so utilise reliable watch repair and servicing companies that operate by post meaning there will be no inconvenience to your schedule. Of course, prevention is better than cure so follow these simple tips to preserve your timepiece.
  • Follow manufactures instructions for maintenance. 
  • Have the watch expertly fitted to avoid damage and excess wear. 
  • Avoid wearing the watch during situations where it can be damaged, such as sporting events. 
When you invest in a high-quality wristwatch you make a statement about yourself, separating yourself from the technology obsessed boys of the modern word and branding yourself as a man, committed to the investment and status of a wristwatch. A watch is a chance to express your personality, remove yourself from technology and ensure a thoughtful heirloom is ready to be passed down to your loved ones. With all these benefits is it time you invested in a timepiece that will sit proudly on your wrist and ready to be admired by all?

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