Monday, May 30, 2016

Sablier Grand Cru

Sablier is an American luxury watch company inspired by wine. The Grand Cru case is shaped like a wine glass and features the world's first and only concave sapphire crystal. This feature is patent-protected (U.S. Utility patent #8,009,521) and provides unmatched clarity of the dial.

Designed by artist and engineer, K.C. Wu, the Sablier Grand Cru is hand-assembled in Princeton, NJ and is limited to 250 watches; each watch is individually numbered.
Founder and inventor, KC Wu, is an accomplished medical device engineer which has influenced the ergonomic design of the Sablier Grand Cru.  The Grand Cru is cut from a single piece of surgical grade steel and curves towards the wrist to provide ultimate comfort.  Sablier uses a transparent case back to feature its Swiss movement, the ETF 2824-2. 
The crown of the watch is also re-positioned from "3 o'clock" to the "2 o'clock" position to prevent the crown from jamming into the wrist. The Sablier philosophy is that true luxury is time spent with loved ones.  Many times that is over a glass of wine.  Sablier used the design elements of the wine glass and corkscrew to celebrate the symbolism of wine. 

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