Saturday, June 25, 2016

RESSENCE Watches – Introduction

Founded in 2010 by Benoît Mintiens, RESSENCE is a unique horological start-up creating innovative mechanical fine-watches.

RESSENCE represents an independent way of thinking about fine watchmaking - no less expertly hand-crafted, but with an industrial design philosophy that seeks to be progressive with a clear, graphic aesthetic that is decidedly 21st century.
RESSENCE’s starting point is the deconstruction of the traditional watch in order to express Time in the purest possible way. Its original concept, summed up by its motto #BEYONDHANDS, is to replace the conventional horological hands with rotating discs for an intuitive reading of the Time.

All watches share the same inimitable DNA. Their sub-dials continually revolve, as does the main disc into which they are set - like moons in orbit around a planet. This means that the watch's uncluttered dial is ever-changing - as is everything in Time.
Quality and excellence is an imperative as a RESSENCE is the result of years of research and development. Each completed watch undergoes testing in RESSENCE’s headquarters to its own R500H accreditation standards - this implies 500 hours of close examination across six stringent criteria.

Thanks to its freedom to think differently, RESSENCE has already reached international recognition: Among others, Horological Revelation by GPHG in 2013 and Design Star by Watchstars in 2015.

About Benoît Mintiens
Born in Belgium, Benoît Mintiens, our founder and creative mind, dreamed as a child to be a naval engineer but decided on a career as an industrial designer. He graduated in Industrial Design in Antwerp in 1998 and took up the position of Senior Consultant at Antwerp design firm Enthoven & Associates. While he was working there, he also gained his MBA at Vlerick Business School in 2003. He had a portfolio of designs to his credit - high-speed trains, aircraft cabins, medical devices, leather goods and even hunting guns before he ever designed a watch.

Benoît had always been attracted to the idea of creating a new kind of watch. Around 2004, a friend presented him with an opportunity to do just that when he asked him to create an original design for a men's watch featuring as many diamonds as possible. Benoît chose to use diamonds for their functional attributes and in particular their refractive qualities. But while he was working on a prototype, another brand launched a model based on a similar idea to his own, and Benoît’s design was put on hold. His appetite for watch design had been whetted and in 2009 Benoît finished designing his first watch, which included RESSENCE’s now iconic patented rotating discs. Benoît’s approach to fine-watchmaking is entirely fresh and undeniably contemporary.

Contact details
Meirbrug 1 - 2000 Antwerp

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