Monday, June 27, 2016


Created in October 2013 by Alexandre Gaillard and Martino D’Esposito, both recognized designers, and located on the heights of Lausanne, SWISS KOO manufactures world famous coucou clocks. Created and produced with true values for tradition, they allow themselves to incorporate some elements of poetry and modern technology. They invented the concept of Watchmakers Picture Frame as their signature.

In the heart of L’Abbaye, a typical village of the Lake of Joux where high horology was born, the family owned CLAUDE MEYLAN company, under Philippe Belais drive, create, develop and produce mechanical pieces by capitalizing and perpetuating the inherited savoir-faire of the Maison. CLAUDE MEYLAN imposes a new interpretation of Time by unveiling and decorating each and every part of the movement. Be it a wheel, a bridge or a function, they are treated and designed in a unique and specific way. The Art of skeleton is brought to new horizons.
The workings of the CLAUDE MEYLAN FRAME are pushed to new frontier under SWISS KOO creativity.Of course, the church dome from L’Abbaye is clearly featured and just behind it, the signature mount of Joux, the Vaulion teeth as it can be seen from the CLAUDE MEYLAN workshop. Moreover, many precious details are featured, some with a hint of humour, others with intimate clin d’œil which will please lovers of beautiful objects. This new piece is named after JOO JOO, a symbol to celebrate SWISS KOO creativity and pleasure.
The production of the box, the milling of the weights, the leaf gold plating, the printing and the tuning of the tones are dealt by a corporation of artisans partnering with SWISS KOO. Made to last and built as a traditional chalet, JOO JOO is hand assembled without glue or pins and fitted with an 8 days power reserve movement.

All pieces are individually signed and achieved in the utmost attention to preserve and perpetuate undisputed quality. Noble materials like wood and solid brass are part of the SWISS KOO signature.

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