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Art Mécanique AM 16-01Limited Edition Collection for Men & Women

Based in Switzerland, Art Mécanique watch brand was founded by highly experienced professionals Adriano and Fred. Both  have  a  combined  35  years  of  experience  in  the  Swiss  watch  industry  as designer/marketer  and  engineer/micro-technician.

When it compares to other luxury watch brands, there are some unique features that differentiate Art Mécanique from them. These unique features can be discovered while reading the following paragraphs.

Most of the mechanical timepieces from traditional Swiss watch brands are highly expensive. The prohibitive prices drive most of the watch enthusiasts away from purchasing a high quality Swiss made watch of their choice. In turn, this phenomenon has boosted the rise of inexpensive, Chinese made timepieces or timepieces driven by Asian movements in the market.

After working many years in Switzerland’s watch making industry and frustrated with the prohibitive prices of the Swiss Made luxury watches, both Adriano  and  Fred  have decided  to  create  their  own  watch  that  would combine what they look for in such a product: an original design, the use of traditional horology « decors » and codes, quality materials, high-end coatings, a Swiss movement and last but not least, an appropriate price point. It took more than a year of design, engineering and prototyping to finalize their first timepiece, the AM 16-01. The brand has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of its first line of watches based on the AM 16-01.
The interesting thing about the AM 16-01 timepiece is that it can be customized to more than 500 variations according to the choices of customer. These timepieces incorporate high quality materials such as solid 316L stainless steel instead of alloys and utilise modern technologies like DLC coating instead of lesser IP coatings.
With AM 16-01, Art Mécanique re-interprets the jumping hour watches of the vintage era utilising both traditional watch making techniques and modern technological methods. Equipped with a high precision Swiss made automatic movement, the AM 16-01 indicates time with the help of 3 concentric and plane discs made of solid brass.
For this timepiece Art Mécanique has chosen automatic Calibre Schild 280 manufactured by Horlogerie Schild SA, a Swiss movement manufacture who has been producing its own mechanical calibres since 1962. By taking this step, Art Mécanique has became the first brand on Kickstarter to use the Schild 280 automatic Swiss movement on wrist watches.
Measuring 26mm diameter and 4.60mm thickness, the Schild 280 calibre is self winding mechanical lever movement with 26 jewels and Glucydur balance wheel. Beating at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour, this movement delivers 40 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The movement is finished using traditional techniques like Cotes-de-Genève and Perlages.
For watch case, the brand has chosen 316L stainless steel to assure reliability and ruggedness to the timepiece. Measuring 42mm diameter and 9.4mm thickness, the watch case of AM 16-01 timepiece is available in three finishes: Polished, Sandblasted or Brushed. Some models are available in DLC coating. On screw down stainless steel case back, you can find limited edition number, brand logo and other specifications.
Entirely designed and engineered in Switzerland by the creators, the Art Mécanique AM16-01 timepiece boasts a unique face. Upper half of the dial featuring anti-glare coated sapphire crystal forms the display window of the timepiece and Lower half resembling the rotor of a self winding movement incorporates the brand logo and place to display the decorative techniques of wearer’s choice.
Timepiece on left side of the picture displays 2 hour 22 minutes and the other on right side displays 10 hour, 21 minutes
On the upper half of the dial, the time is displayed by the hour, minute and seconds discs. All 3 discs indicating hours, minutes and seconds on the same level in order to avoid the dreaded “stairs” effect, they are carefully moulded to their individual height before being machined. Color and numbers are then applied individually on every disc.
The Art Mécanique AM16-01 is the first watch to have 3 traditional watch decors to choose from and featured on the outside. Three decorative techniques can be incorporated on the lower part of watch face: Cotes-de-Genève, Clous de Paris and Perlages. In ladies’ versions, the decorative part is adorned with sparkling gems for more feminine look.
Art Mécanique is also the first brand on Kickstarter to offer women specific watch models instead of sticking to  unisex designs.
The Art Mécanique AM16-01 can be worn with interchangeable straps thanks to a quick change system. Seven combinations of straps are available: grey suede, brown natural leather, black natural leather, black technical fabric, crocodile scales style leather, synthetic snake and black suede.
Kickstarter price of the Art Mécanique AM16-01 starts at CHF 385 for men’s watch and CHF 479 for ladies’ version.

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