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Jacopo Dondi - Classic, 24-hour Watch with Single Hand

Jacopo Dondi is a new entrant to the club of emerging young watch brands. Debut timepiece from the brand is a single handed, classically styled wristwatch featuring a 24 hour dial.
Established by young couple Jake and Carmen, this new brand takes its name from Jacopo Dondi dell'Orologio (1290–1359), a pioneer in the art of clock making who designed and supervised the construction of the famous Astronomical clock in Padua, Italy.
The replica of the astronomical clock of Jacopo Dondi dell'Orologio in the Torre dell'Orologio, Padua, Italy
Built in 1344 by Jacopo Dondi, the original clock installed in the tower of the Palazzo Capitaniato, Padua had a 24 hour dial featuring zodiac signs and a single hand to display time. In 1390, both the tower and the clock were destroyed, and later on in 1428, a replica of the clock was built in the Torre dell'Orologio of Padua, standing in its place today as a faithful copy of the original.
Based in Australia, Jake and Carmen, with assistance from the famous watch design and development company Pacific Watchworks, have created a wristwatch inspired from the famous clock built by Jacopo Dondi. Like this legendary astronomical clock, this modern wrist watch features a 24 hour dial and a single hand to indicate time.
Today, single handed watches are being manufactured by a couple of brands only, mainly based in Germany. These creations are however quite expensive as they are equipped with priced mechanical movements. Equipped with a quartz movement, the Jacopo Dondi watch is an affordable option for price conscious watch enthusiasts who love watches with single hand indication or 24 hours dial.
Measuring 42mm diameter and a mere 8 mm thickness, this wrist watch boasts a unisex appeal and suits to the wrists of both ladies and gentlemen. Two dial versions are available: Black and White.
A single leaf-style, non-luminous hand, which takes 24 hours for a full rotation of the dial, indicates the time in its unique style. The beating heart that powers the movement of this elegant single hand is the Swiss-made, Ronda 515.24h Quartz calibre. This timepiece comes with a choice of silicone or leather strap, both offered in different strap colours.
Jacopo Dondi has recently launched its first line of 24-hour watches on Kickstarter, the popular online crowd funding platform which enables the start ups to fund their initial production runs. This everyday wear, classic wristwatch is now available through Kickstarter with a price starting from $120 AUD ($89 USD).
Technical details
316L stainless steel
Water resistant: 5 ATM, 50 meters
Glass: mineral glass
Size (diameter / thickness): 42mm / 8mm

Black or white dial with 24 hours display with Arabic numeral hour markers
Hands: leaf-style, non-luminous

Swiss-made, Ronda 515.24h Quartz

Material: silicone / genuine leather
Available strap colours: black silicone / blue silicone / black leather / tan leather
Buckle: stainless steel pin buckle
Strap width: 2cm

Weight (with strap)
55g silicone, 46g leather

2 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Kickstarter link:


  1. I love the concept of 24 hours watches and wonder why they don't enjoy more popularity. They do tend to be on the pricey side but these watches certainly have a lot of appeal in both pricing and the design. Impressed!

  2. Other interesting crowdfunding project with 8(!) models of 24-hour watches from single-handed up to four handed (GMT) see on Indiegogo:

  3. A lot of more good looking 24 hour single hand models available at and


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