Monday, August 1, 2016

Altanus Geneve: Brand Info

ALTANUS GENEVE was born in Switzerland in 1914 as a workshop specialized in refined and exclusive products.

In a short time, thanks to the initiative of a Neapolitan family headed by Mario Casillo, it entered the panorama of international watchmaking. Today, Altanus’ worldwide distribution starts from its headquarters in Il Tarì of Marcianise (Caserta), Italy, still maintaining the Geneva workshops in Chêne Bourg, Switzerland. The company produces timepieces under its three own brands: ALTANUS GENEVE, Macteam by Altanus and PATCH by Altanus.
Altanus Master Complication Ref. 7839
The company founds its style on the creation of a watch with a definite style, determined and of contemporary taste, created with the centuries-old Swiss watch-making experience and the meticulous attention to each individual piece.

Careful to the market evolutions, Altanus’ style office, coordinated by Giuseppe Casillo, presents a wide watch collection, which together with the classic production, proposes models inspired by fashion trends and a young and contemporary taste.
ALTANUS - Macteam Driver
The company has launched the revolutionary PATCH by Altanus, the first paper watch in the world, at Baselworld 2010. The Patch watch has gained enormous international success and has won the 2010 Environment-Friendly Innovation Award of Legambiente.

In 2011, ALTANUS GENEVE unveiled the timepieces created for two famous Italian brands: E. MARINELLA, Neapolitan workshop among the most prestigious neckties’ producers in the world, and with the brand PINKO, beloved by celebrities and fashion addicts worldwide.

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