Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alpine Creative Co. Handcrafted Wooden Watches Featuring Hand-Paintings

Young watch brand Alpine Creative Co. launches a Kickstarter campaign to promote its debut collection that combines handcrafted wooden watches with local artists’ hand-paintings to create a truly unique masterpiece.  

The brand founders - Jeremy Su, Steven Mann, Hannah Newsom and Madison Oswald - are passionate about delivering distinct and exceptional art that captivates the beauty of nature in everyday life. They are inspired first by nature and second by those who capture it. In collaboration with local artists, Alpine Creative Co. merges art and fashion in order to create truly unique watches.
Inspired by the organic and tactile designs in nature, the team chose to craft their watches from 100% all-natural hardwoods from around the globe. Now on Kickstarter, they provide an opportune canvas which can be burned, painted, or stained to create unique, wearable pieces of art with character and class.
Unlike many large manufacturers, Alpine Creative Co. designs and builds everything themselves. Woods, plastics, watch movements, and screws are all bought directly from suppliers. Each watch is assembled by hand through meticulously cutting, sanding, treating, and painting every watch.
The collection comprises of rectangular wooden watches in three different sizes: Large, Medium and small. Inside each artisan watch will be a hand-painted image of either one of the designs featured on Kickstarter campaign or some other designs according to customer’s choice. The watches will be painted by local artists hired by the brand.
The Alpine Creative Co. watch is made with 100% pure hardwoods from around the globe and is designed to accentuate the wood’s grains and color. Woods are lightly treated with tung oil to enhance its properties. Crown and hands are made with stainless steel. The movement inside is a Harley Ronda quartz calibre.
By backing the Alpine Creative Co. Kickstarter campaign, customers can pre-order the watch with prices starting from $75 for standard wood watch and $150 for artisan/customised wood watch.
The Alpine Creative Co. team is based out of DFW and are composed of two UT Arlington Alumni and two John Brown University Alumni who are passionate about delivering distinct and exceptional art that captivates the beauty of nature in everyday life. They also value unique collaboration with driven and talented artists to create art pieces that are both fashionable and functional. The company recognizes the vital role of designers and illustrators and how they can bring a whole new level of beauty to accentuate art in its natural state.

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