Friday, September 2, 2016

HYT Launches its Bespoke Department

HYT, the inventor of hydro-mechanical wristwatches and one of the most innovative luxury watch brand in the contemporary horology industry, announces the creation of its Bespoke department in order to create unique, custom made watches for elite clientele.

Based in Switzerland, HYT has been experimenting with this for several years in its laboratories, where researchers, creators and designers work side by side. Their shared goal: to open up new creative and technical avenues to create unique projects. Now, backed by experience and constantly put to the challenge by a growing number of collectors, HYT has created the HYT Bespoke department.
The goal of its team is to meet the demands of watch aficionados with a personal creative vision. HYT Bespoke offers solutions ranging from personalisation options to the creation of ultra-exclusive and unique pieces. All of HYT's artistic, scientific and technological expertise goes into these one-off creations.
Each project of this type is built around a dialog. Intense, exclusive, it must capture the essence of the customer's expectations and personality. Depending on the request, creative meetings are held, along with visits to HYT's laboratories to allow the customer to discover in detail the full potential of HYT and its ecosystem – a marriage of creativity and engineering. The customer thus enjoys a truly immersive experience throughout the development of his or her watch, from the manufacture right until the moment it is worn. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed for those customers who desire it.

The HYT Bespoke department offers two personalisation programmes:-
  • BESPOKE One: This programme has only one goal: to make the customer's dreams a reality. Personalisation and development of movements, modification of component shapes, materials, glass capillary shape, fluid colours, etc.: all options are available. If the customer wants it and it's possible, HYT will do it.
  • BESPOKE Two: This module offers customers the opportunity to personalise the appearance of their HYT by modifying some of the existing components or materials: coatings, materials, engraving, colours are some of the options available.

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