Wednesday, October 5, 2016

G2T - N2 - Your Temperature, Your Music

Thanks to the advances in technology, wearable gadgets like smart watches and health monitors are becoming more popular among tech savvy generation of modern world.

Today we introduce a smarter device in this segment. It is G2T-N2, the world’s first temperature controlling wearable device that connects to your smart devices. G2T-N2’s focus on temperature control, connected, and design makes it an outstanding wearable technology to complement your everyday activities. It is like an electric scarf loaded with smart functions.
Weighing less than 12.5 ounces (350g) and comfortably snugs the neck area for maximum comfort, G2T-N2 is firstly a personal air-conditioning device that offers one-touch cooling/heating control to quickly reach the ideal temperature. Secondly, this device instantly connects to iOS or Android smart-phones, creating a personal sound space on the go.
G2T-N2 is ideal for cooling and heating, an all-in-one device. The innovative 3-Step Process allows for full control of your temperature: cooling is 12°C -> 16°C -> 20°C , heating is 37°C -> 40°C -> 43°C. By applying G2T-N2 at the temperature sensitive neck area can help regulate and help maintain safe body temperature.
When it comes to connectivity, N2 is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible which means is easily paired with any iOS or Android device. The device creates a personal sound space where users can make hands free phone calls and stream live music, radio, and podcast. One user friendly feature is that the device ensures healthy listening, which means minimal damage to the eardrums from long periods of ear-buds and headphone usage.
The sleek ergonomically designed G2T-N2 device not only feels comfortable, but is also a fashion statement. Whether it is the cold winter or hot summer, G2T-N2 helps users dress the way they like without having to adjust to uncomfortable temperature. With visible LED indicators and one-touch button access to the different available functions make G2T-N2 an extremely user-friendly wearable technology of the future.
G2T has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the mass production of G2T-N2 device. The backers of the campaign can-pre order the device by selecting the pledges starting from $99.

Technical details
Operating Environment: Temp -10 ~ 50℃
Power: 5V DC, Micro USB
Power Consumption: 3A, 15W
Dimension: H4.8* W16.2* L16.2cm
Weight: 350g (±1%)
Size: 25cm~45cm
Color: Black / White / Pink
LED Indicator: Blue for Cooling and Orange for Heating

Kickstarter campaign page:

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