Friday, November 18, 2016

ArtyA Son of Earth Butterfly Bicolor

After launching beautiful creations in captivating shades such as Chocolate (“Butterfly Delicacy”), Black (“Butterfly Pasionaria) and Blue (“Butterfly Blue Lagoon”), the Son of Earth Butterfly collection now welcomes a new version in Bicolor: Steel & Gold, “Butterfly Bicolor”.

ArtyA’s dial artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka offers a new creative take each time; for these magnificent cases, the result is a high-flying artistic composition – featuring a kaleidoscope of butterfly wing fragments. Under the strict control of the relevant authorities, and with their full consent, since 2010 artist D. Arpa-Cirpka successfully incorporated genuine butterfly wings within the dial.
The subtle butterfly wings from the Lepidoptera family are also enhanced with gold leaf. The blend of green, orange and black hues amid the gold leaf creates a unique colour balance; the interplay of the matching shades makes it look as if the gold is actually part of the wings themselves. Each tone naturally finds its place, the very particular texture of the butterfly wings reflecting light in an ever-changing way – varying with the place, the atmosphere and the time of day.  ArtyA really has outdone itself with the Butterfly, creating a living watch, alive with perpetual movement. The wearer sports a timepiece that will remain discreet when concealed by a sleeve – but which comes to life when the Butterfly is exposed to the light, displaying all-new reflections each time.

The timepiece uses a Swiss Made three-hand automatic caliber and is set on a black leather strap featuring black hand-sewn top-stitching. This sober finish creates a discreet, authentic effect – all the better to highlight the natural beauty of the butterfly wings displayed on the Farfalla’s dial.

Technical details
Bicolor Version: Bezel, crown &lateral inserts in gold 18K
Case: High grade steel 316 IL with PVD treatments in different colors, made in house
Dial made with real butterfly wings and gold leaves
ArtyA Automatic Swiss high end movement A82 in house modified
Hours, minutes, seconds
Power reserve: 46h
Size: 38mm to 47mm
Engraved and screwed back case
ArtyOr, black PVD or Gold 18k lateral inserts
Double anti-reflection sapphire
High leather strap quality, (crocodile straps available)
Unique Piece 1/1

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