Saturday, November 19, 2016

NOOMOON LABB - The Loopless and Buckleless Band for Your Apple Watch

With more than 70 years experience in the design and manufacture of watch straps, Switzerland based Brasport Group is leveraging its expertise and teams for its nee brand Noomoon. The fifth name in its stable of brands, Noomoon sets the Group in a totally new direction: a B2C focus, fluoroelastomer instead of leather, and a giant leap into the digital era with The LABB, a completely innovative and patented strap.
Since 1946, Brasport has grown from a fledgling strap manufacturer to a full-grown holding company, driven by the innovation that is still its greatest strength. In a tough economic climate that has hit the watch industry hard, Brasport Group CEO Alain Dubois is taking on a new market segment and new distribution circuits with the Noomoon brand. As with all his projects, his ambition is to become the name others strive to equal, tomorrow and for the long term. The LABB, the first product to come out of Noomoon, sets the ball rolling and lays the foundations for versions to come. While the Group may be expanding its horizons, it remains proud of its origins. Its headquarters are located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. As is the company that produces the straps by injection moulding. Meaning The LABB is 100% Swiss-Made.
Having mastered the watch strap from A to Z, less than a year ago the Group set itself the challenge to put a completely new spin on this familiar product, and unleashed its most out-of-the box thinkers into its offices at 10, Rue du Crêt-Rossel. These “mad scientists of the watch strap” had plenty to play with an innovative, Swiss-Made material with multiple qualities: supple, soft to the touch, odourless, waterproof, resistant and skin-friendly. Initial tests turned into prototypes, and The LABB — short for The Loopless and Buckleless Band — was born. Like the man said, no loop, no buckle, but a robust, easy-to-use fastening system: a tailor-made name for a creation in which design, technology and function become one. The overlapping halves grip along their entire surface so that the tip of the strap cannot move. Furthermore, tractive effort is spread across the multiple elements that hold the strap in place, for maximum resistance.
The LABB has been created in partnership with British designer Benjamin Hubert, a past winner of British Design Awards Design of the Year and 100% Design Blueprint Award Best New Product, among numerous other accolades. As well as looking good on paper, this talented young artist is remarkable in practice too. He has combined form and function in a complex and innovative construction whose details are virtually imperceptible to the naked eye.
As well as putting his teams and offices at Noomoon’s disposal, Alain Dubois has invested close to a million Swiss francs in this new adventure, including CHF 250,000 in the R&D centre, CHF 150,000 in identity, CHF 50,000 in distribution circuits and they have set CHF 200,000 aside for the marketing related to the launch. Noomoon will take the Group into the “smart straps” market and position it in the consumer segment, promoting its expertise and other brands in the process. The Group also chose a non-traditional platform to introduce the strap directly to the public via Kickstarter in a crowd funding campaign that launched on November 15, 2016.
While the project can exist without outside funding, the Kickstarter platform is a fantastic way to test the public’s response to this innovative strap and build excitement around Noomoon. It’s also the ideal venue for a young brand on the lookout for new ideas and eager to colour outside the lines. Unsurprisingly, Noomoon’s marketing strategy will be digital-focused. Money generated by sales will be directly reinvested to rapidly extend the range with products adapted to all types of watch along with other accessories. This high-tech gem will retail at 77 USD, putting it very much in the category of luxury accessory, version 2.0.

About Brasport Group
Brasport Group encompasses sales offices, production centres, over a thousand staff and five in-house brands:  Brasport, Noomoon, Noleti, A2i and DLC.  Brasport is a watch strap manufacturer, established in 1946. Noleti specialises in Swiss-Made leather bags and accessories. A2i is the research and development hub, and DLC is Brasport’s second production site in China. In practical terms, this gives the Group the means to do business on an international scale from locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Portugal, China, Thailand and, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

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