Sunday, January 29, 2017

Atokalpa Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with the Sandoz Family Foundation

Switzerland based micromechanical company Atokalpa, a leading supplier of watch components to premium brands is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The company is owned by Sandoz Family Foundation. Atokalpa joined the group fifteen years ago with 26 employees, now they have 120 employees.
At the heart of the Ajoie (Jura), Atokalpa , Alle branch SFF Clocks SA Components, produced a set of watch components thanks to the expertise of 120 employees working in more than twenty different trades. Atokalpa is now recognized by major watch brands for development, industrialization and manufacturing of the complete oscillator.

Atokalpa undertakes specific developments: study, design, production to the needs of watch brands, producing the balance, the spiral or the mobile anchor and escape wheel. Further, Atokalpa reproduces traditional decorations identical to those of the past, such as diamond polishing, lapping over, polishing wings to the wheel of wood, snailing the sunburst, strapping, the softening, etc.

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