Saturday, March 11, 2017

Amir Watches - Nomadic Empires Collection

Amir Watches, the boutique watch company based in Kazakhstan, presents its latest watch series, the Nomadic Empires Collection. Founded by Adil Nurgozhin and Jahn Karsybaev, Amir Watches follows the footsteps of two successful Kickstarter campaigns realised by the promoters under Stranger Watches brand name. As the name suggests, this watch collection pays tribute to Nomadic Empires, the historical empires erected by the bow-wielding, horse-riding, nomadic peoples in the Eurasian steppe, from classical antiquity (Scythia) to the early modern era (Dzungars).
Before exploring the detailed aesthetic and technical details of the collection, I want to throw some lights on one of the many traditions followed by Nomadic population in Central Asian and Eastern European countries. As a tribute to one of the great traditions of Kazakhstan, each timepiece from Nomadic Empires collection boasts an eye-catching Shanyrak design on its dial. The word Shanyrak refers to the cross piece structure positioned at the vertex of portable round tents/dwelling (known as Yurts) used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The origins of Yurt can be traced back to 600 BC from the time of Scythians, a horse riding-nomadic nation who lived in the northern Black Sea and Central Asian region. The new emblem of Kazakhstan, adopted on June 4, 1992, is also inspired by the design of Shanyrak. The tradition of handing over of Shanyrak by family head to next generations is closely associated with ancient nomadic families. With this collection, Amir Watches exposes this tradition to modern age.
The brand has chosen Titanium to craft watchcases for this new collection. A preferable material in aerospace and automobile industry, Titanium is known for its high durability, strength, low density and corrosion resistance. The watch case has a diameter of 42mm.
Based on finishing of the case and colour of the dial, and also paying tributes to the legends associated with Nomadic Empires, the collection offers some unique models: The Nomad model features silver titanium case and black matte dial. The Khan model features rosegold titanium case and black matte dial. The Conqueror model features black titanium case and black matte dial. The Eagle Hunter model features silver titanium case and white matte dial.
The Nomadic Empires timepieces tell the time in a unique way. Positioned at the centre of the dial, the rotating disc made with high grade aluminium indicates the seconds. The disc represents the Shanyrak. Hour is indicated by a diamond cut red hand symbolizing the Fire, an essential element of life and hearth for Nomadic empires. Blue minute hand symbolizes the sky. The sandwich styled, two layer dial offers a deep 3 Dimensional look. The under layer is filled with Super-Luminova, which illuminates the numerals on the dial in the dark. The Dial Ring is set at 45 degree angle to add depth to the watch. Matte finishing creates visual contrast with the glossy elements of the dial ring and the hands.
Each timepiece houses a skeletonised Automatic Miyota 8n24 calibre featuring customised rotor that can be admired through the sapphire crystal caseback. Equipped with 21 jewels this self winding movement has a power reserve of 40 hours.  The crown, positioned at 3’o clock has a cone shape for easy grip and also featured an embossed brand logo.
Amir Watches has recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to promote its Nomadic Empires watch collection and as on today approximately one month is left to finish the crowd funding project. Please visit the Nomadic Empires Kickstarter Campaign page for more details.

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