Friday, April 21, 2017

Balmain Haute Elegance Mini

Balmain fashions the future from an haute couture heritage with the Haute Elegance Mini Time has flown since the first Balmain timepieces made their debut, precisely three decades ago.

Celebrating the success of these beautifully fashioned watches is the Balmain Haute Elegance Mini. Petite dimensions, feminine styling and Swiss made quality equip this piece to live in the moment and create new memories. Today it steps from the catwalk to the sidewalk with the grace and finesse that shaped the brand’s DNA.
Just as the fashion world draws its inspiration from an infinite spectrum of sources, each Balmain timepiece incorporates a story and significance all of its own. The collection’s talking piece lovingly salutes its haute couture origins. A perfect circle of the classic arabesque pattern, reminiscent of the sumptuous embroidery that adorned the Balmain gowns of days gone by, forms the dial’s centre. Modern shaping and materials confidently announce the here and now. The round case connects to a contemporary metal bracelet via a central attachment, alluding to a jewellery-based inspiration. A Balmain logo spans 12 o’clock as a visible label of the brand-loyal fabric of the design.
Without a hint of superstition, the Haute Elegance Mini family embraces 13 models. Facilitating diverse statements are pink-, yellow and silver-coloured metal finishes and four models offer bi-colour combinations. There are variations of the floral motif, mother of pearl finishes, as well as delicate sundial patterns that create a pretty lightshow orchestrated by wrist movement.

Elegant blue, black and brown leather straps present an alternative to the metal bracelets. The heart and soul of each watch is a Swiss made ETA 282.001 quartz movement.

Technical details
Swiss quartz movement ETA 282.001
Case in 316L stainless steel, rose or yellow PVD or bi-colour in steel and rose or yellow PVD, 24.00 mm in Ø (30.81 mm with central attachment) and 4.95 mm thick
Sapphire crystal
Choice of dials: silver with classic Arabesques, silver with modern Arabesques, white MOP
Bracelet stainless steel, rose or yellow PVD or bi-colour in steel and rose or yellow PVD and crocodile-patterned black, blue or brown leather straps
Water resistance: 50m
Recommended retail price: from 395 to 495 CHF

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