Sunday, April 23, 2017

Griffin Emblem New Automatic Watch Collection

After already fulfilling three successful watch campaigns, young watch brand Griffin Emblem are returning to entice customers with their new 2017 collection of high-quality, affordable automatic watches. The new exclusive line of Griffin Emblem watches are made of top quality components, with durable automatic movements, 316L stainless steel, and the finest genuine leather. The hollowed out and naked pendulum design shows off the manufacturing process, making the series' movement perfectly functional and attractive in appearance, and a must on every watch-lovers wrist.
All Griffin Emblem watches use the Japanese Miyota 82S and 9100 series mechanical automatic movement – with exquisite workmanship, this movement is held to the highest quality standards. Power reserve, Swiss newline luminous hands, date window and calendar are new features of the Griffin Emblem watches.
Griffin Emblem was co-founded in 2013 by Alain Recuze and Raymond Jones. The brand story references Greek mythology with the Lion-Griffin being the King of mythical creatures, and the Emblem symbolises the protector of treasure.
Going by their belief that a watch should be "the only accessory on a man’s wrist", Griffin Emblem's goal is to offer stunning skeleton watches with artistic design which have been put through thorough research and development, at a reasonable price-point.
Having already successfully delivered hundreds of their watches for three successful Kickstarter campaign, with exceedingly positive feedback from backers, Griffin Emblem’s latest campaign is already overfunded. For a full rundown of the watch features, please visit the Kickstarter page.

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