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Monday, May 29, 2017


South Korean Haute-horlogerie atelier MOI Watch presents a unique timepiece inspired by the biblical story of David and Goliath. Crafted from mother-of-pearl, its uniquely designed dial represents the Goliath's skull, featuring a hole on the forehead struck by the stone.
The Goliath dial is manufactured by a master artisan utilising Korean Ott-Chil technology using the finest mother of pearl. Na Jeon Chil Gee technology is a very complex and sensitive technology to produce, to complete the production, it has to be painted on and dehydrated numerous times and can only be done by a skilled master artisan.

Especially, the mother of pearl of Goliath skull with a hole is 0.25mm in thickness. It has to be sliced with a fretsaw very precisely with no mistake. Also, the back of the dial is covered with Ott-Chil, it can be seen through the back sapphire glass and the harmony of the pitch black ott-chil dial and the skeletal movement is easily breathtaking.
Inside the stainless steel case of the watch you can find a hand-wound mechanical movement that powers hour and minute indication. The MOI Watch ‘GOLIATH’ is offered with an option of either ETA 6497 (Swiss Made) or PTS 9211 (Manufactured by China/Hong Kong based PTS Resources Ltd) mechanical manual winding movement.

Technical details
Material: 316L stainless steel
Diameter: 42mm / 44mm (with crown)
Thickness (With Glasses): 10mm
Water resistance: 50m

ETA 6497 / PTS 9211
Frequency: 18’000v/h
Power reserve: 40H

Hours and minutes

Lacquerware inlaid with mother of pearl Technology Artwork by MOI WATCH and masters


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