Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AMOT: The Customised 4-Piece Modular Watch

Singapore based watch start-up AMOT (abbreviated for A Matter Of Time) launches a customizable and easily transformable modular watch. This 4-piece modular watch brings to consumers the experience of customizing a watch and transforming it into a new design with a simple switch in component.

The brand has spent the past year and a half developing the AMOT modular concept which is a system of four interchangeable pieces – the base, dial, bezel and strap. This modular build gives consumers more than just the ability to create their watch design. It allows them to transform it. Beyond customization, the true beauty of an AMOT watch is its functional versatility. Thanks to its modular build, the watch can be transformed to suit the user’s needs. By that, any of the four interchangeable parts can be swapped for a different piece to create a new look that complements a different occasion. With such versatility, consumers can own multiple watch designs without incurring the hefty cost.
Their first collection, Collection 00:00, features classic designs and primary colours. There are two dial designs – Statuesque and Valiant – as well as a wide array of bases, bezels and straps. Each dial design is available in two colours and are limited to 333 pieces each. The Statuesque dials are powered by Seiko VH31 and the Valiant dials are powered by Seiko VK67, both of which are a unique mecha-quartz movement.
AMOT watches are available on Kickstarter starting Friday, July 7th (12AM EST) with an early bird package going at SGD258 (USD186). Click for pre-order.
On every AMOT case back is an engraving that distinguishes your creation from another. A unique running number is carved into every watch and is limited to 333 pieces per dial design. The hands of an AMOT watch were conceptualised as a surprise design element. In natural light, the hands reflect a muted shade to maintain focus on the watch face. In low light, the hands illuminate a blue glow, drawing full attention to itself.
AMOT (abbreviated for A Matter Of Time) is a Singapore watch start up founded in 2016 by three friends – Javier, Joey and Vanessa. AMOT watches are designed to provide maximum functionality and creativity through its 4-piece modular build.

Kickstarter link : http://xKgVfchx.kckb.st

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