Wednesday, August 16, 2017

BOMBERG Roots 1968 Collection

At Baselworld 2017, Swiss watch brand BOMBERG launched their newest timepiece-collection – Roots 1968 for Men & Women. This collection is everything BOMBERG embodies – a statement of empowerment, very bold & daring.

BOMBERG brand was established in 2012 and since then stands out in the watchmaking & jewelry industry. Thanks to their innovative, bold designs, they have revolutionized the current market and by breaking the rules they bring freshness and innovation to the industry. In line with this philosophy, the ROOTS 1968 LADIES & MEN is another BOMBERG statement in itself. “Roots 1968” is the very first collection in the brand’s history, which does not have the ability to become a pocket or table watch.
Hence, this collection represents a more traditional piece and introduces a new watchmaking mindset to BOMBERG. For the very first time, the Swiss watch and jewelry House also launches a collection for women - a first and big step in order to satisfy the demand of the market and widen its consumer target. The versatility of the product has always been at the very heart of the brand concept, initially with the BOLT-68 and now with the ROOTS 1968.
This model offers indeed the unique possibility to change the straps, due to a very easy system. Each watch comes with two straps, which can be switched depending upon the mood, the season or the dress code of the day.  As every woman has her individuality, there are three different styles within the ROOTS 1968 LADIES collection: – The ROOTS 1968 “CHRONO” - a watch that comes in three different colours – brown, blue and purple. Its bezel is embedded with Swarovski © Stones and the dial made out of the respective Mother of Pearl hue.
Also a very nice eye catcher is the ROOTS 1968 LADIES “HIMALAYA” – a watch that must be worn and seen. Embedded with Swarovski © Stones on the bezel, this time-piece comes in four catchy colours: black, pink, blue and slate gray. Each edition is equipped with a premium leather strap.
A total MUST-HAVE and for the very daring and fashionable ones is the ROOTS 1968 Ladies “INDIAN SKULL“– a watch so bold, modern and courageous – a true statement piece. It comes in three colours, two shades of brown and one in blue jeans fabric. The dial is also made out of mother of pearl in either the corresponding colour shade for the brown and blue time-piece – or a natural mother of pearl for the golden beige version. Various Swarovski© Stones on the dial are formed into an INDIAN SKULL – a woman’s bold statement to the world.
 The year 1968 has been an important year for all women in Europe – a second-wave of feminism emerged. In various European countries, women and men walked the streets to raise awareness and fight for rights – emancipation, leadership and freedom. All values, which BOMBERG as brand itself also expresses – and in addition to the empowerment of women, celebrates also total equality. This is why this collection is not only inspired by the 68 movement but also designed for women and men alike.
The new ROOTS 1968 MEN CHRONO represents the masculine counterpart watch that is made out of stainless steel primarily and comes in six different colours and combinations, which are the following: red, green, blue, silver, black and full black.
The ROOTS 1968 MEN CHRONO, with a dial of 45 millimeters is no exception to the rest of the collection and offers the possibility to change the strap, depending on the wearer’s moods and personality. The straps are either made of silicon or of leather. The bullhead position at twelve o’clock is also a typical and distinguishing mark of BOMBERG – but it is now completely fixed.

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