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Two years after its first crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, young watch brand klokers is launching its latest timepiece, the KLOK-08.  Inspired by the spirit and aesthetic codes of 1960s, this new, unique, uni-sex wristwatch model introduces a new way of telling time.
KLOK-08 is a watch-head that clips on and off on straps and accessories through a patented fixing system. This unique system makes all the products compatible and interchangeable.
The dial of KLOK-08 is composed of two disks: one disk for hours and minutes, and one for seconds. These disks display the time on a vertical line at the top of the dial. KLOK-08 flies in the face of the traditional watchmaking decorum: the disks turn counter-clockwise to indicate the time the right way up.
Its neo-retro design is inspired by the aesthetic codes of the Sixties. Three different colored versions will be presented: white and rose gold; black and beige; warm grey and orange. Case diameter is 39 mm. The colors and diameter make KLOK-08 truly a unisex model, that will seduce both women and men.
klokers uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies to develop its KLOK-08 and brand concept. The fixing system and time display are both patented, and the assembly architecture allows a Swiss Made product at an affordable price. The high technology components are adapted through extensive research and development to meet the requirements for the KLOK-08. An integrated lens in the triple injected dial glass ensures high legibility when reading the time.
Update: klokers launched an online crowd funding campaign on 17 Nov 2017 for the initial mass production of the KLOK-08 timepiece collection. The campaign will be online till 07 Dec 2017. The brand, so far secured an amount of €399,358 (Pledged amount was $94,327) from 1900 backers , and as of now this is the most funded watchmaking French project in the history of Kickstarter. Special Kickstarter prices start from € 199. Please visit KLOKERS KLOK-08 Kickstarter page for more details.

Update 30 Nov 71:  More than 500% of its goal and klokers makes a big splash in its Kickstarter campaign: the brand now offers a Kickstarter special edition of KLOK-08 with sapphire glass.

The brand has not initially planned adding this new feature, but at the request of some backers, it has embarked on this adventure which represents a real technical challenge. Unlike most watches available on the market, the glass of KLOK-08 gets a 3D-complex rounded shape (spline-curve). This design shape gives this very specific feeling and emotion to KLOK-08.

The manufacturing of this sapphire glass, which is the synthetic version of the precious stone of the same name, highly resistant to scratches, will require a special tooling and machining of raw materials. The introduction of the sapphire option will bring KLOK-08 from a Swiss Made premium watch into a much more luxury watch.

From today and until the end of the campaign on 7 December, the backers can add the amount of €148,50 to their pledge for this upgraded KLOK-08 with sapphire glass, in a special Kickstarter edition.

Technical details
Materials - 4 types of straps: leather, alcantara, textile, steel milanese
Colors - Leather: matte black, blue, caramel, ivory Alcantara: orange; Textile: mouse grey, lichen green, black; Milanese: silver, rose gold
Length: 230 mm

Klokers Key
Patented fixing system (stainless steel 316L) push-button at 8h to unlock KLOK-08 from its support (strap or accessory)
Dimensions: 39 mm diameter x 10 mm high
Weight (with strap): 60 g
Water resistance: 30 m / 3 atm

Time display

Two concentric disks turning counter clockwise to indicate the time along the vertical axis in the top of the dial

Stainless steel casing and triple injected dial glass with integrated magnifying lens
Colors: White and rose gold; black and beige; warm grey and orange

Quartz counter-clockwise - Ronda Swiss Made

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