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KHAMAMA Haute Art de Papillon – Exceptional timepieces Incorporating Butterfly Wing Marquetry

Founded by the Hornstein family, KHAMAMA, the luxury brand specialised in the art of Haute Art de Papillon (butterfly wing marquetry), presents a collection of unisex dress/jewellery watches featuring dials made out of butterfly wings.
Iridescent butterfly wing colours are often described as the most intense natural colours and cannot be created artificially. These exceptional butterfly wings, naturally so fragile and ephemeral, are a piece of nature preserved in our artefacts for generations to come.
For this watch collection, London based luxury brand KHAMAMA has partnered with Parisian Haute Joaillerie designer Yann Llorens, who had previously worked for LV Joaillerie, Van Cleef & Arpels and Lorenz Bäumer. The dial of each KHAMAMA timepiece is created with the precious art of butterfly marquetry by incorporating magnificent, iridescent butterfly wings, sustainably and ethically sourced from KHAMAMA butterfly farms around the world.
 The watch case renders a picture frame encasing each a unique piece of art - Haute Art de Papillon. Mystical natural colours, shapes and patterns are contrasted by perfect symmetry and an architectural design. The dial is freed from numbers so that owner of each timepiece can focus on artistic beauty of the watch.

Depends upon the shade of butterfly wing marquetry and specific species, the Haute Art de Papillon watch collection is available in six unique models, each mentions the year in which that particular species of butterfly was discovered.
KHAMAMA TURQUOISE 1758: The butterfly marquetry of the KHAMAMA TURQUOISE 1758 creates a naturally shaped gleaming horizontal stripe through the black dial. In 1758 this specific butterfly species was discovered in the deep South American rainforest. Carolus Linnaeus described this butterfly for the first time scientifically in Sweden. Haute Art de Papillon, handmade in England with farmed butterfly wings from South American Tropics.
KHAMAMA BLUE 1874: Depending on the perspective, the artefact shimmers from deep-water hue to sparkling electric blue. From a flat viewing angle, there occurs a reddish-violet gleam cascades over the intense butterfly blue, as if warm evening sunlight stroked gentle ocean waves. In 1874 the butterfly species was first discovered in South America and then scientifically described by Carl Heinrich Hopffer in Germany.  Haute Art de Papillon, handmade in England with farmed butterfly wings from South American Tropics.
KHAMAMA CELESTE 1773: The organically black spotted V, which dominates the dial, emerges kaleidoscopically from the vertical center line. Although the center line at first seems to mirror the dial in half, a closer look reveals the organic uniqueness of each of the dial parts. In 1773 the butterfly species of KHAMAMA CELESTE 1773 was discovered in Africa and then scientifically described by Dru Drury in England.  Haute Art de Papillon, handmade in England with farmed moth wings from Madagascar.
KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773: The opulent colours range from sparkling gold to iridescent turquoise. Its lavish colours are a celebration of sparkling gold, rich orange, light violet and luminous turquoise, while natural bands and flecks form a bold pattern. In 1773 the butterfly species of KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 was discovered in Africa and then scientifically described by Dru Drury in England. Haute Art de Papillon, handmade in England with farmed moth wings from Madagascar.
KHAMAMA PEARL 1782: The gold, pearlescent hue of the natural butterfly wings emulates the finest quality mother of pearl. The avant-grade effect renders a fascination for the pearly glow. From various angles, this artefact radiates a shimmering hint of pink and rose, a light violet sheen or a blend of warm gold. The spotted pattern is a dramatic contrast to the soft rose and gold tones. In 1782 the butterfly was discovered for the first time in the depths of the African Congo. Dru Drury then scientifically described the species in England. Haute Art de Papillon, handmade in England with farmed butterfly wings from the Central Africa.
KHAMAMA GREEN 1773: Large naturally shaped black patterns form a bold V on the Dial. Black and green striped the KHAMAMA GREEN 1773 Timepiece has a powerful appearance. In 1773 the butterfly species of KHAMAMA Green 1773 was discovered in Africa and then scientifically described by Dru Drury in England. Haute Art de Papillon, handmade in England with farmed moth wings from Madagascar.
 The 39mm case makes the KHAMAMA timepiece deliberately unisex that means it can be worn by both men and women. The KHAMAMA Timepieces are all made out of stainless steel and feature a sapphire crystal. On request, watch model is also available in a Rhodium or a 24ct gold-plating. Water resistant is up to 50m (165ft, 5atm).

Each timepiece houses a Swiss Made Quartz movement which ensures that the watch is always precise and ready for the next exclusive occasion. Watch straps are available in brown or black calf leather and in black or silver-tone coloured satin with a classy pin buckle.

The watches are handmade in the KHAMAMA Atelier in Cheshire. Each timepiece made with this exceptional art is directly supporting nature & wildlife conservation initiatives.

The brand launched a Kickstarter Campaign on 19 Nov 17 to promote the Haute Art de Papillon watch collection. By backing this project, customers can pre-order the watch in highly discounted price tag starting from $330. Please visit KHAMAMA Haute Art de Papillon Kickstarter page for more details.

Technical details
Material: Stainless steel
Diameter: 39mm
Thickness: 7.90mm
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance:
Crystal: 50m, 165ft, 5atm
Crown with KHAMAMA Monogram

Swiss Quartz Movement

Black or brown non-stitched smooth calf leather strap
Black or brown non-stitched alligator-look calf leather strap
Classic pin buckle / buckle ardillon

Kickstarter link : To be announced on 19 Nov 17.

Armand Nicolet Black Friday Sale - Save Over 5000 CHF!

Just before the Holidays Season, traditional Swiss horology brand Armand Nicolet, announces a golden opportunity to purchase exclusive mechanical timepieces crafted by the master craftsmen of Tramelan based luxury watch manufacturer.

For this Black Friday, you can purchase Armand Nicolet watches directly from the atelier, for the best prices ever seen, using our Black Friday discount code. Please note that the code will be going live on Thursday 23rd November, at 13.00 Swiss time.
To join this sale, simply the follow the discount code ANBF17 and receive 30% off all watches. This code can be used during the secure checkout process via the website, or, if you prefer, when ordering by telephone or email, and will be valid for a week.
Whether you are buying a present for someone special, or just treating yourself to that well-deserved reward, this will be the best time to buy. Click here to see the whole collection and start planning the purchase.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ulysse Nardin Classico Dog – Chinese Zodiac “Year of the Dog” Edition

Ulysse Nardin celebrates the upcoming Chinese New Year (Beginning in February 2018) with the “Year of the Dog” timepiece, the latest addition to its popular Classico Collection. The timepiece incorporates the century old artistic traditions like Grand Feu enamelling and Champlevé techniques.
This ancient art of enameling is incredibly rare, and only a handful of craftspeople in the world have mastered this decorative technique to the degree displayed in this timepiece. For almost 30 years, Ulysse Nardin has been bringing this enamel artistry to its dials, and is in fact one of the only watchmakers devoted to the centuries-old craft. It is practiced in-house at Donzé Cadrans, a member of the Ulysse Nardin group of companies.

The Classico Collection numbers a series of original enameled pieces, beloved and collected by many. This Chinese New Year, beginning in February 2018, Ulysse Nardin presents the “Year of the Dog”. A limited edition of 88 pieces in 18-karat rose gold, the “Year of the Dog” timepiece is powered by the self-winding UN-815 movement. It boasts a 42-hour power reserve along with a COSC certification. Set in a 40-mm case, the unique Grand Feu Champlevé enamel timepiece is water-resistant to 50 m and held in place with an alligator strap.

Technical details
Reference 8152-111-2/DOG   
Limited Edition to 88 pieces

UN-815, COSC certified
Power reserve: Approximately 42 hours
Winding: Self-winding movement


Case, dial and strap
Case: 18ct rose gold
Dial: Grand Feu Champlevé enamel, «Husky Dog» motif
Diameter: 40 mm
Water-resistance: 50 m
Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Case-back: Open case-back with sapphire crystal fixed with screws
Bracelet: Leather with rose gold tang buckle

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saint Honore Haussman Quartz UAE’S 46th National Day Limited Edition

SAINT HONORE, world renowned for its unique contemporary elegance and legendary "Parisian Style", will celebrate the UAE's 46th National Day on December 2nd with a specially designed Limited Edition HAUSSMAN quartz watch designed as a tribute to the leaders and citizens of the country.

The UAE National Day HAUSSMAN watch will be issued in a limited edition of just 46 pieces. With a diameter of 41 mm, this steel model with a slim profile meets the expectations of today’s clients, putting SAINT HONORE at the heart of today's watchmaking trends.
Since its creation in 2007, both the shape and the complications of the HAUSSMAN have been revised on several occasions. Now, ten years later, a new watch makes its entrance, one that is both innovative and true to the original spirit.

Whether it is the geometric harmony created by its round shapes and right angles, or the contrast between the steel grey and white colours, the HAUSSMAN honours the architectural talent and aesthetic standards of the famous Baron. In addition to the hours, minutes, seconds and date, which are powered by a highly accurate quartz movement, the watch is eye-catching, and its natural elegance and presence is truly fascinating.
Powerful, sleek, and timeless, the new HAUSSMAN is the perfect partner for any watch lover who prizes authenticity, and prefers strength of character to ethereal charms. The resolutely patriotic UAE National Day HAUSSMAN Limited Edition features a dial in the four colors of the United Arab Emirates flag. The case back is engraved with a map of the country. Presented in a luxury gift case including a writing implement, this watch will only be available at "Paris Gallery" points of sale across the country at the retail price of AED 3246.

Technical details
  • Stainless steel case
  • Diameter 41 mm
  • Silver dial
  • Date at 6h
  • Fluted crown
  • Quartz movement 
  • Water-resistant to 50 m
  • Metal strap with special folding clasp
  • Swiss Movement

Moritz Grossmann “Extreme-Dubai” Special Edition in Association with Ahmed Seddiqi& Sons

In association with Middle East based luxury watch retailer Ahmed Seddiqi& Sons, German watch manufacture Moritz Grossmann present has created an exclusive theme model, the “Extreme-Dubai”, which made its debut at Dubai Watch Week opened on 16 November this year.
The “Extreme-Dubai” watch was crafted in the Glashütte manufacture with an exotic finish and an exclusive limited edition of 17 ½ pieces.
Here, for the first time, Moritz Grossmann’s pure watchmaking artistry stands out with a chic “used look” in a unique configuration: lacking a dial, with an irregularly oxidised steel case, the manufacture calibre 201.2 exhibiting a close-to-destructive surface finish, the sapphire-crystal glass visually cracked, the strap timeworn. The “Extreme-Dubai”, created in 2017, looks like a vintage timepiece from the 19th century even though it is brand new.
The 17 ½ pieces made for Ahmed Seddiqi& Sons stand for the friendship and affiliation between the two companies that in 2017 culminated with this shared project. The 18th “Extreme-Dubai” is split: the separate halves are on display in Glashütte and Dubai.

Technical details
Model: ATUM Pure Skull Extreme Dubai
Reference: MG-001541

Limited to 17 ½ watches worldwide exclusively manufactured for Ahmed Seddiqi& Sons

Manufacture calibre 201.2, manually wound, adjusted in five positions
Diameter: 36.4 mm, height: 5.0 mm
No. of parts: 187
Jewels: 20
Escapement: Lever escapement
Oscillator: Shock-resistant Grossmann balance with 4 inertia and 2 poising screws, Nivarox 1 balance spring
Balance: Diameter 14.2 mm, frequency 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour
Power reserve: 42 hours when fully wound
Features: Grossmann balance; hand-setting override and start of movement with lateral pusher; space-saving modified Glashütte stop-work with backlash; adjustment with Grossmann micrometer screw on a cantilevered balance cock; pillar movement with 2/3 plate and frame pillars in untreated German silver; separately removable clutch winding mechanism; stop seconds for hand-setting

Hours and minutes, subsidiary seconds with stop seconds, Grossmann manual winder with pusher

Operating elements
Crown for winding the watch and setting the time, pusher to start the movement

Case, dial and strap
Diameter: 41.0 mm, height: 11.35 mm
Three-part, stainless steel or stainless steel black
Dial: without dial
Hands: Manually crafted, polished stainless steel
Crystal and display back: Sapphire crystal, antireflective coating on one side
Strap: Hand-stitched calf leather strap with prong buckle in stainless steel, irregularly oxidised


Two years after its first crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, young watch brand klokers is launching its latest timepiece, the KLOK-08.  Inspired by the spirit and aesthetic codes of 1960s, this new, unique, uni-sex wristwatch model introduces a new way of telling time.
KLOK-08 is a watch-head that clips on and off on straps and accessories through a patented fixing system. This unique system makes all the products compatible and interchangeable.
The dial of KLOK-08 is composed of two disks: one disk for hours and minutes, and one for seconds. These disks display the time on a vertical line at the top of the dial. KLOK-08 flies in the face of the traditional watchmaking decorum: the disks turn counter-clockwise to indicate the time the right way up.
Its neo-retro design is inspired by the aesthetic codes of the Sixties. Three different colored versions will be presented: white and rose gold; black and beige; warm grey and orange. Case diameter is 39 mm. The colors and diameter make KLOK-08 truly a unisex model, that will seduce both women and men.
klokers uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies to develop its KLOK-08 and brand concept. The fixing system and time display are both patented, and the assembly architecture allows a Swiss Made product at an affordable price. The high technology components are adapted through extensive research and development to meet the requirements for the KLOK-08. An integrated lens in the triple injected dial glass ensures high legibility when reading the time.
Update: klokers launched an online crowd funding campaign on 17 Nov 2017 for the initial mass production of the KLOK-08 timepiece collection. The campaign will be online till 07 Dec 2017. The brand, so far secured an amount of €399,358 (Pledged amount was $94,327) from 1900 backers , and as of now this is the most funded watchmaking French project in the history of Kickstarter. Special Kickstarter prices start from € 199. Please visit KLOKERS KLOK-08 Kickstarter page for more details.

Technical details
Materials - 4 types of straps: leather, alcantara, textile, steel milanese
Colors - Leather: matte black, blue, caramel, ivory Alcantara: orange; Textile: mouse grey, lichen green, black; Milanese: silver, rose gold
Length: 230 mm

Klokers Key
Patented fixing system (stainless steel 316L) push-button at 8h to unlock KLOK-08 from its support (strap or accessory)
Dimensions: 39 mm diameter x 10 mm high
Weight (with strap): 60 g
Water resistance: 30 m / 3 atm

Time display

Two concentric disks turning counter clockwise to indicate the time along the vertical axis in the top of the dial

Stainless steel casing and triple injected dial glass with integrated magnifying lens
Colors: White and rose gold; black and beige; warm grey and orange

Quartz counter-clockwise - Ronda Swiss Made

Kickstarter Link :

Friday, November 17, 2017

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time

Specially made for globetrotters, the new Overseas dual time model from Vacheron Constantin houses an in-house movement and offers simultaneous reading of two time-zones governed by particularly user-friendly handling.

The new Overseas dual time watch flaunts a distinctive design epitomising Fine Watchmaking dedicated to user friendliness. A six-sided bezel inspired by the emblematic Maltese cross; in-house movements designed for smooth and easy handling; an oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose, interchangeable bracelet/straps: Overseas embodies a modern lifestyle resolutely open to the wider world.
Its new mechanical self-winding movement, Vacheron Constantin Caliber 5110 DT, stems from several years of development and enables simultaneous reading of the two timezones by means of coaxial hands. The hours hand indicates the local timezone corresponding to the user’s current location, while the hand tipped with a triangular arrow shows the time in a reference timezone, generally known as “home time”.
A 12-hour display, adjustable via the crown in both directions (position 1: local time, independent jumping adjustment; position 2: home time, dragging adjustment of both timezones and minutes), along with a day/night indication set to home time, and a pointer-type date display, adjusted and secured via a screw-lock pusher at 4 o’clock and synchronised with local time. This 234-component movement oscillates at a frequency of 4 Hz and has a comfortable 60-hour power reserve thanks to its twin barrel that also ensures its regularity.
This easily adjustable dual time caliber is housed in a 41 mm-diameter stainless steel case water-resistant to 150 metres and featuring a design that highlights the Overseas signature features.
A bezel evoking Vacheron Constantin’s famous Maltese cross emblem; a translucent lacquered dial with facetted and luminescent gold hands and hour-markers; a double graduation bearing the minutes and seconds scales; a 22 carats gold oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose; and of course the three interchangeable bracelet/straps enabling tool-free fitting: the new Overseas dual time watch continues a tradition of elegant, relaxed watches designed to offer their owners a combination of comfort and user friendliness.
Presented on a stainless steel bracelet with half Maltese cross-shaped polished and satin-brushed links, complete with a comfort-adjustment system, the Overseas dual time is delivered with two additional straps matching the shade of the dial: in blue alligator leather or rubber, equipped with an equally interchangeable stainless steel folding clasp.

This Overseas dual time model is available in three versions:
• Stainless steel case, blue dial
• Stainless steel case, silver-toned dial
• 18K 5N pink gold case, silver-toned dial

Technical details
Caliber 5110 DT
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical, self-winding
22K gold Overseas oscillating weight
30.6 mm (13¼’’’) diameter, 6 mm thick
Approximately 60 hours of power reserve
4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour)
234 components
37 jewels

Hours and minutes
Central seconds
Second timezone, set by the crown
Day/night (AM/PM) indication at 9 o’clock, synchronised with home time
Date at 6 o’clock, synchronised with local time, set by pusher

Overseas dual time with Stainless steel case
Reference 7900V/110A-B334 - blue dial/ 7900V/110A-B333 – silver-toned dial
Hallmark of Geneva certified timepieces

Stainless steel
41 mm diameter, 12.8 mm thick
Soft iron casing ring ensuring anti-magnetic protection
Screwed-down crown and quarter-turn screw-lock push-pieces
Transparent sapphire crystal caseback
Water-resistant tested at a pressure of 15 bar (approx. 150 metres)

Translucent blue/silver-toned lacquered, sunburst satin-finished base with velvet-finished flange
18K white gold hour-markers and hours & minutes hands highlighted with white luminescent material
Steel bracelet, half Maltese cross-shaped polished and satin-brushed links
Delivered with a second strap in blue/black Mississippiensis alligator leather featuring a black nubuck lining with a micro-perforated effect, hand-stitched, large square scales
Delivered with a third strap in blue/black rubber

Stainless steel bracelet secured by a stainless steel triple-blade folding clasp with push-pieces and comfort-adjustment system
Delivered with a second stainless steel triple-blade folding clasp with push-pieces and patented interchangeable system compatible with both additional straps

Overseas dual time, Pink gold case
Reference 7900V/000R-B336
Hallmark of Geneva certified timepiece

18K 5N pink gold
41 mm diameter, 12.8 mm thick
Soft iron casing ring ensuring anti-magnetic protection
Screwed-down crown and quarter-turn screw-lock push-pieces
Transparent sapphire crystal caseback
Water-resistant tested at a pressure of 15 bar (approx. 150 metres)

Translucent silver-toned lacquered, sunburst satin-finished base with velvet-finished flange
18K gold hour-markers and hours & minutes hands highlighted with white luminescent material

Brown Mississippiensis alligator leather strap featuring a black nubuck lining with a micro-perforated effect, handstitched, large square scales
Delivered with a second strap in brown rubber
Clasp: 18K 5N pink gold triple-blade folding clasp with push-pieces and patented interchangeable system compatible with both straps

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Collection Excellence Platine

As a pre-SIHH 2018 novelty, Vacheron Constantin announces a new Traditionnelle watch from its iconic Collection Excellence Platine. This 100-piece individually numbered limited edition timepiece is made from 950 platinum and boasts a precision moon-phase function along with the completer calendar complication.
Introduced in 2006, the Collection Excellence Platine series from Vacheron Constantin has been offering collectors exceptional watches, ranging from the simplest to the most complex and issued in limited editions. The aesthetic signature of this prestigious range is the 950 platinum attiring the case, the sand-blasted dial bearing the secret “Pt950” inscription between 4 and 5 o’clock, the folding clasp and even the topstitching on the dark blue alligator leather strap. For the pre-SIHH 2018, the collection is now enriched with adding an eminently useful and refined horological complication – the complete calendar.
This new Traditionnelle complete calendar watch features all the attributes of its proud lineage. A contemporary expression of the grand Geneva watchmaking tradition, conveyed through a palette of horological complications in a classical design.
An “Etagé” case and lugs, a fluted case-back, a railway-type minute track, Dauphine-type hours and minutes hands, as well as “bâtons de Genève” hour-markers: the aesthetic codes of the Traditionnelle collection are all clearly present, complemented by the aura of exclusivity conveyed by the Excellence Platine signature. Punctuated by gold bi-facetted hands and hour-markers, the pure display makes a perfect match with the blue Arabic numerals gracing the date and other calendar indications, while the platinum moon disc sets the seal on the unique nature of this model. The visual equilibrium and legibility of the dial are accentuated by the unusual arrangement of the day and month apertures, placed around the dial periphery, while the date is indicated by a slender blue central hand.
Water-resistant to 30 metres, the 41 mm-diameter case of the Traditionnelle complete calendar Collection Excellence Platine houses the 308 components of Calibre 2460 QCL, a mechanical self-winding movement entirely developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. Equipped with a 22 carats gold oscillating weight, it beats at the frequency of 4 Hz and ensures a 40-hour power reserve while driving the central hours, minutes and seconds, complete calendar (day, date and month), precision moon phase and age of the moon. The remarkably accurate moon-phase indication requires just one adjustment every 122 years (compared with three years for a simple moon phase).
Finally, this exceptional watch crafted in a 100-piece limited edition, is fitted with a dark blue alligator leather strap, hand-stitched with 950 platinum and silk thread and secured by a polished half Maltese cross-shaped folding clasp in 950 platinum.

Technical details
Model: Traditionnelle complete calendar
Collection: Excellence Platine
Reference: 4010T/000P-B345
Hallmark of Geneva certified timepiece

Calibre 2460 QCL
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical, self-winding
29 mm (11¼’’’) diameter
5.4 mm thick
Approximately 40 hours of power reserve
4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour)
308 components
27 jewels

Hours, minutes
Central seconds
Complete calendar (day, date, month)
Precision moon phase
Age of the moon

950 platinum
41 mm diameter, 10.72 mm thick
Transparent sapphire crystal caseback
Water-resistance tested at a pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 meters)

950 platinum
“Pt950” hallmark between 4 and 5 o’clock
18K white gold applied hour-markers and Maltese cross Platinum moon phase disc

Dark blue Mississippiensis alligator leather with alligator leather inner shell, hand-stitched with platinum 950 and silk, saddle-finish, large square scales
Buckle: Platinum 950 folding clasp; Polished half Maltese cross-shaped

Limited edition of 100 individually numbered pieces
“N°X/100” engraved on caseback

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Longines Welcomes Rhythmic Gymnasts Arina and Dina Averina as Its New Ambassadors of Elegance

Swiss watch brand Longines has recently appointed rhythmic gymnasts Arina and Dina Averina as its new Ambassadors of Elegance. Since 2014 when they first entered World Cup competitions, the Russian sisters have set themselves apart and claimed many medals. These talented and elegant young athletes perfectly embody Longines’ motto “Elegance is an Attitude”.

Russian rhythmic gymnasts Arina and Dina Averina were welcomed as members of the Longines family of Ambassadors of Elegance. Born on August 13, 1998, the twin sisters discovered the world of gymnastics at the age of four thanks to their mother.
Arina and Dina first appeared in international competitions at the 2011 Russian-Chinese Youth Games where Dina won the gold medal and Arina earned 5th place in the all-around competition. After that, the two gymnasts competed in several tournaments, including the 2015 Corbeil-Essonnes International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, the 2015 MTK Budapest, the 2016 International tournament in Lisbon and the 2016 Grand Prix Final in Eilat, where they obtained outstanding results and brought home numerous medals. The twin gymnasts also claimed several medals at the 2017 World Games in Wrocław and at the 35th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Pesaro. Longines was the Official Partner and Timekeeper of this world-class event, where Dina became the new All-around Champion followed by her sister Arina who took the silver medal.
Dina and Arina Averina are in total symbiosis with Longines’ values in terms of performance and elegance. From the beginning of their career in the world of gymnastics competition, the two sisters have shown their talent in achieving great results. Longines is committed to supporting the most talented young athletes of their generation and is looking forward to the very promising career of these two gymnasts.

More generally, Longines first became involved in gymnastics in 1912, when it launched an innovative electro-mechanical timing system. For over twenty-five years, the brand has been the Official Partner and the Official Timekeeper for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics competitions organized by the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG).

H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon Concept, White Gold Model with Funky Blue Dial

In the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept, Swiss luxury watch manufacture H. Moser & Cie. has extracted the essence of a revered horological complication with both technical and aesthetic appeal, combining it with the minimalist approach characteristic of the Schaffhausen-based Manufacture to emphasise the visual impact of the tourbillon.

By associating it with the refined simplicity of the H. Moser fumé dials in their Concept style, without logo or indices, the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept represents an elegant yet contemporary reworking of the tourbillon.
Positioned at 6 o'clock, the eye-catching flying tourbillon takes centre stage in the pared-back dial; appearing to float weightlessly. The Endeavour Tourbillon Concept is an ode to simplicity in white gold with the famous Funky Blue dial. Refocusing the debate on genuine luxury, striking and distinctive even in the absence of a logo, H. Moser & Cie. has placed the spotlight back on the product.
Behind the skeleton bridge of the Moser minute tourbillon, the latest movement – the HMC 804 automatic calibre with three-day power reserve – can be seen beating. Powering this movement, the oscillating weight transfers the energy to the barrel via a bi-directional pawl winding system which reduces the time required to fully wind the watch. Made from 18-carat solid red gold, the oscillating weight is skeletonised to reveal the mechanism beneath.

A marvel of ingenuity, this movement is equipped with a double flat hairspring designed and produced in-house. Thanks to this pair of matched hairsprings, the movement of the point of gravity on each spring when it expands is corrected, significantly improving accuracy and isochronism in continual pursuit of perfection. In addition, the paired hairsprings also reduce the effect of friction normally experienced with a single hairspring, improving isochronism.
Finally, the tourbillon's unique design makes it an interchangeable module, assembled and regulated independently of the movement via a simple plug and play system which allows easy servicing. The result is a tourbillon better adapted to the needs of early 21st century users.

Dressed in an elegant white gold case, this timepiece is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces.

Technical details
Reference 1804-0200, white gold model with Funky Blue dial, hand-stitched and buffed kudu leather strap, limited edition of 20 pieces

18-carat white gold, three-part
Diameter: 42 mm
Height: 11.6 mm
See-through sapphire crystal case-back
Engraved with "1 of 20"

Funky Blue with sunburst pattern
Leaf-shaped hour and minute hands

HMC 804 automatic Manufacture calibre
Diameter: 32.0 mm or 14 1/4 lignes
Height: 5.5 mm
Frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour
Automatic bi-directional pawl winding system
Oscillating weight in 18-carat red gold with engraved H. Moser & Cie. logo
Power reserve: minimum 3 days
Original double hairspring
Moser minute flying tourbillon at 6 o'clock with skeletonised bridges

Hours and minutes

Hand-stitched and buffed kudu leather strap
18-carat solid white gold folding clasp engraved with the Moser logo

RJ-Romain Jerome Skylab Batman Limited Edition

Swiss luxury watch maker RJ-Romain Jerome has created the new Skylab Batman limited edition timepiece in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment. With a 75-piece limited edition, the new Skylab Batman timepiece introduces a new facet of “The Dark Knight”.
Available in the brand’s distinguishable Skylab model, transparency dominates the timepiece. The 48 mm case features a Swiss Made manual winding movement designed by RJ and characterized by straight lines and chamfered angles.
The sapphire crystal on the dial side reveals the three-layer skeleton movement as well as the vital organs of the watch, the barrel at 12h and the balance wheel at 6h. At the center of the dial, we can perceive a familiar shape blending in with the architectural mechanism, a skeletonized Batman logo.
This functional applique, acting as the motion-work, recalls both the sheerness and sophistication of the skeleton movement. But the subtlety of the Skylab Batman timepiece does not lie within the stealth and central logo, indeed the map of Gotham City has been metallized onto the back sapphire crystal glass. Looking into the dial, Batman seems to be overlooking Gotham City and when darkness comes, the bat signal shines blue to echo the previous Batman models as well as “The Dark Knight” trilogy aesthetics.

Technical details
Reference RJ.M.AU.030.04
[Collection - Generational Icons | Universe - Collaborations]

RJ004-M - Mechanical
Black chrome skeleton
Frequency rate 28,800 vph
Jewelling 21 jewels
Power reserve 48 hours

Central hours and minutes

Ø 48mm, black PVD-coated steel
Case back: Gotham City map metallised on sapphire crystal
Bezel: Black PVD-coated satin-finished steel
Water resistance: 3 atm (30 meters)
Paws: Polished steel
Lugs: Polished and satin-finished steel
Lug insert: Black PVD-coated and satin-finished steel
Crown: Steel screw-lock

Skeletonized Batman logo brass applique in black sand-blasted chrome filled with black Superluminova C1 “blue emission”
Hands Rhodiumed and satin-brushed hour and minute hands with white Superluminova C1 “blue emission”
Flank: Black PVD-coated satin-finished steel

Black alligator with steel folding clasp

Limited edition 75 pieces

Retail price
CHF 18’950.-

URWERK UR-210 Dubai Edition

Independent luxury Swiss watch maker URWERK has created the UR-210 Dubai unique watch engraved by Florian Güllert. This artistic horology creation will be unveiled at the now established Dubai Watch Week hosted by Ahmed Seddiqi& sons, retailers. On its aesthetic side, this timepiece takes inspiration from the breathtaking views and richness of the Dubai city.
Regarding the timekeeping function, the satellite indication with retrograde minutes is both original and astonishing. The prominent role is played by the three-dimensional minutes indicator — a high-tech structure that grips the hours cube and transports it from 0 to the 60th minute on the scale.

This hourly journey through time takes place with smooth regularity along an arc of 120°, but at the end of the 59th minute, the UR-210 shows what it is capable of. With a sharp click, the structure jumps back to its starting point in less than a tenth of a second to take control of the next hours satellite.

This quick retrograde indication depends on three key mechanisms:-
  • A central shaft ensures the system’s stability. Pivoting on rubies, it is the rock on which the entire complication is constructed. A marine-chronometer spring along this axis provides the tension for the retrograde action.
  • The unconventional minutes hand, that acts like a kind of fairing around the satellite, frames the outsize hours numerals. It has been very precisely cut to tolerances of three microns. Forged out of aluminum, its total weight of 0.302 grams is perfectly poised by a brass counterbalance.
  • A double coaxial star cam governs the retrograde action. Its gearing and then its rotation will determine the trajectory of the minutes hand.
  • The dial of the UR-210 displays a conventional power-reserve indicator at 1 o'clock.
On the opposite side at 11 o'clock is the first ever indication of the winding performance of the watch during the past two hours on your wrist. Instead of showing the torque or the tension in the mainspring, it shows the winding efficiency by calculating the ratio between the energy generated to wind the watch and the energy used to keep it going.

Knowing the winding efficiency of your watch enables you to adjust the winding rate. If your UR-210 shows that not enough energy is being generated, you can turn the winding rate adjuster on the back of the watch to FULL. The winding rotor then becomes sensitive to the slightest motion, converting it into pure energy. The rotor is connected to a turbine that ensures an optimum winding rate while dampening shocks. If your activity creates too much energy, turning the adjusting wheel to REDUCED absorbs some of that energy to prevent unnecessary stress on the mechanism. A turbine mounted on ruby bearings starts to spin, acting as an air compressor and creating a resistance that slows down the winding rotor. In the STOP position, the self-winding system is disengaged and the UR-210 becomes a manually wound watch.

Technical details
Model: UR-210 Dubai

Titanium and steel, engraved by Florian Güllert
Width: 43.8mm, length: 53.6mm, thickness :17.8mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30m/100’/3ATM
Surface finishes: Satin finish; bead-blasted
Strap: Metal bracelet with deployment clasp developed by Maspoli for URWERK. Engraving by Florian Güllert
Calibre UR-7.10
Jewels: 51
Escapement: Swiss lever
Balance: Monometallic
Frequency: 28,800v/h, 4Hz
Balance spring: Flat
Power source: Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Self-winding coupled to turbines
Materials: Main plate in rhodium coated ARCAP P40; 3D minutes hand in aluminium with brass counterweight; central cylindrical spring in steel; hours satellites in aluminium; central carrousel and screws in grade 5 titanium
Surface finishes: Circular- and straight-grained main plate; satin-finished and diamond-polished satellites; bevelled and polished screw heads

Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hours and three-dimensional retrograde minutes hand; power reserve indicator; patented winding efficiency indicator
Super-LumiNova® luminous coating on hands and markers

Two-position winding crown with crown guard
On the back: winding rate selector

Longines Launches New Record Collection and Celebrates its 185th Anniversary in Beijing

On 16 November 2017, Longines celebrated its185th Anniversary in Beijing, commemorating a legacy of tradition, elegance and performance at a grand gala evening in the capital’s historic Imperial Ancestral Temple (Taimiao). Headlining the event was the official launch of the Record collection, the latest emblem of the brand’s watchmaking expertise, as well as the announcement of the new Chinese Brand Ambassador for Longines, Zhao Liying – a leading star in the Chinese cinematic universe.
Longines 185th anniversary celebration in the Tai Miao temple in Beijing, China
Announced at Baselworld 2017, the Record collection was the highlight of the celebrations, conveying a sense of timeless excellence unique to the Longines brand.With a powerful profile and advanced technical innovation, this landmark collection is symbolic of the brand’s commitment to timeless excellence.
The entire series of automatic timepieces has been awarded a “chronometer” distinction by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The models feature a single-crystal silicon balance spring with unique properties, ensuring the highest calibre of performance that can be achieved in a quality timepiece of today. The technical innovation of the Record collection will secure its place among Longines’ most classic timepieces.
The evening was also the occasion to celebrate the brand’s 185th anniversary. Timepieces from the Record collection are exhibited alongside a selection of vintage mementos in the Longines 185th Anniversary Exhibition hosted at Taimiao until 19 November. The exhibition features some of Longines’ most iconic modern timepieces as well as a curated selection of vintage pocket watches, timing devices, early wristwatches directly sourced from the Longines museum in Saint-Imier. With collections of archived photographs, achievements, advertisements and films on display, visitors are offered a unique glimpse into the company’s decorated past.
Kevin Rollenhagen, member of Swatch Group Extended Group Management Board, Susanne Chen, President of Watch Group China, Longines Ambassador of Elegance Zhao Liying, Walter von Känel, President of Longines, Dennis Li, Vice President of Longines China
Guests also witnessed the launch of “Longines through Time”,a historical book, written by Longines International Brand Heritage Manager Ms Stéphanie Lachat. Retracing the evolution of Longines since its establishment in 1832, the book delivers an insightful account of the its centuries-long devotion to elegance and performance. It serves as a tribute to the brand’s renowned approach to watchmaking and timekeeping, seamlessly embracing both heritage and innovation in the creation of all its timepieces.
Walter von Känel, President of Longines, welcomed Longines new Ambassador of Elegance Zhao Liying during a gala evening in Beijing, China
To cap the evening, Longines introduced its new Ambassador of Elegance, Zhao Liying. Adored by the audience for her pretty look and admirable professional acting skills, the Chinese actress already has an impressive list of successes despite her young age. Ranked fourth in Forbes’ 2017 Top 100 Chinese Celebrities, Ms Liying is the newest addition to the Saint-Imier company’s star-studded circle of Ambassadors that includes Kate Winslet, Simon Baker and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, among others.

Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20X Smart Watch

The WSD-F20X Smart Outdoor Watch, a new member from Casio’s PRO TREK line, is a limited-edition, 200-run timepiece is designed engineered for winter mountain climbers, skiers, and snowboarders. Available in the U.S. in December, the WSD-F20X builds on the success of the WSD-F20 with design and feature enhancements that give adventurers even more options to leverage when on the trail.

The WSD-F20X features an interchangeable band that allows the wearer to customize the fit of the watch based on the activity. The long cloth band can be worn over thick winter outerwear, while a standard length band is perfect for daily wear or when engaged in activities that call for lighter clothing. The basic black coloring of both bands is accented with PRO TREK brand green.
This timepiece is also equipped with a new original watch face named "Place," which features hues that match the black-and-green color motif of the WSD-F20X. The “Place” watch face is linked with Google Calendar and shows a map of either the target destination or current location. Users can customize the face by specifying what type of information they want shown by the sub-dials. In addition to altitude/barometric pressure and remaining battery power, the dials can show information from a Google or third-party application. Additionally, the Ski Tracks App will be available for download.  Designed specifically for winter sports, the award-winning Ski Tracks App by Core Corders Ltd. is your worldwide, ultimate ski companion to record your entire day on the slopes.

The WSD-F20X will also include the hallmark features of the WSD-F20 that have made it the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Running the Android Wear 2.0 operating system, users can tap into Low-power GPS and color maps remain available even when the watch is off line. Maps downloaded ahead of time can be accessed on the watch to guide users on their adventures. Users can also leverage the Casio original ACTIVITY app to track their ski and snowboard routes, and check top speeds, making it possible to relive the excitement of each and every run.

The PRO TREK Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20X will be available exclusively at Amazon.  Casio’s PRO TREK Smart line of watches is geared for outdoor enthusiasts. Powered by Android Wear 2.0, these timepieces are equipped with a variety of features ideal for outdoor adventures including GPS, Location Memory, Moment Setter, and more. These timepieces also boast Casio’s Triple Sensor technology, in addition to a dual-layer LCD and water resistance. Casio’s PRO TREK Smart line offers rugged, stylish and versatile timepieces with features that enhance any outdoor experience.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Xeric Trappist-1 Moonphase

With this new watch Xeric pays tribute to NASA’s recent ground-breaking discovery of the Trappist-1 solar system – a planetary system of seven planets resembling our own, located 12 parsecs (39 light years) away from us and orbiting a red dwarf star slightly larger than Jupiter.
The Trappist-1 Moonphase watch comes with some unusual design features. The large Cupola grille floating over the dial provides a window into the depths of space and time as distant planets slowly come into view amongst the star riddled void.
Two Super-LumiNova™ planets indicate hours and minutes on the dial, and the center viewing window shows the current moon phase. The watch features a domed crystal made from Hesalite, a material that was initially developed for NASA.
Hesalite is still used for watch crystals on all space missions due to its rigidity and durability even in the harshest environments of space. Additionally, the straps are made from U.S. Horween leather and the ridges are modeled after texturized space gloves. Each colorway will be limited to 2017 pieces and each watch will be individually numbered.
Xeric launched an online crowd funding campaign for the Trappist-1 Moonphase watch on October 25 on Kickstarter.

Please visit the Trappist-1 Kickstarter page for more details.

Technical details
Ronda caliber 708 with Moonphase & Date

Dial Functions
Super-LumiNova Planetary Hours / Minutes
Super-LumiNova North Star 12-hour Indicator
Super-LumiNova Star Trails Display
Center Dial Lunar Phase with Super-LumiNova Moon
Magnified Stardate Window at 6 o’clock

Hand-Finished, Saucer-Shaped 316L Stainless Steel
Domed Space-Tested Hesalite Crystal
44mm Wide x 16mm Thick (includes crystal)
5 atm Water Resistance

U.S. Horween Leather with Space-Glove Texture Design
Quick-Release Lug Docking System

MSRP $350. Kickstarter Price: $239

[Kickstarter Page :  Xeric Trappist-1 Moonphase]

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